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  Matt Uren BMETC   Introduction to Engineering Science Solving problems in mechanics and in electrical circuits  –  Course work.  1.   In the table below, for each quantity insert the conventional symbol, the SI unit of measurement and the symbol for that unit. Physical Quantity Conventional Symbol SI Unit of Measurement Unit Symbol Distance S Metre m Force F Newton n Acceleration A Metres per second squared m/s 2  Volume V Metres cubed m 3  Mass M Kilogram KG Length L Millimetre mm Weight W Kilogram KG Energy E Joule J Work W Joule J Pressure P Pascal Pa Current A Amps I Resistance R Ohms Ω  Electromotive Force EMF Volts V  2.   Alongside each case below state a suitable physical quantity corresponding to the units and write the number in the standard format, using an appropriate symbol and prefix, assuming trailing zeros are not significant:    47,210 Newtons   47.21 KN (Kilo Newtons)    56,500 Newtons per metre squared   56.5 KN/m 2  (Kilo Newtons per Metre squared)    2,500,000 Watts   2.5 MW (Megawatts)    0.0008 Kilometres   0.8 M (Metres)    756 microseconds  0.000756 s (Seconds)    Twenty-five thousand volts   25 KV (Kilovolts) 3.   Convert the following values into the units shown and enter the results below.    250cm into m: 0.25 metres.    0.036 m 2  into mm 2 : 36mm 2      45 km/hr into m/s: 12.5 m/s    75 miles/hr into m/s: 33.528 m/s    22.5 m/s into km/hr: 81 km/hr    0.370 cm 2  into mm 2 : 37 mm 2      2.75 m 2  into cm 2 : 2750 cm 2      1.26 tonnes into kg: 1260 kg    350kg into Newtons: 3432.328 n    0.045 V into Mv: 45 Mv    1350 mA into A: 1.35 A  4.   A horizontal beam 4.8m long of mass 18kg is supported by pillars 0.2m from each end. There is a man of mass 85kg standing 1.7m from one end of the beam. Overleaf draw a diagram showing the forces acting on the beam in this equilibrium condition. Calculate the magnitudes of the loads carried by each support. 4.8m MASS 18 KG0.2m0.2m1.5m85KG4.4m (1.7 x 85) + (2.4 x 18) = 4.8RB   187.7/4.8 = RB = 39.1KG103  –  39.1 = RA = 63.9KGAB  
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