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May 2008 751 AERO MECHANIC VOL. 63 NO. 4 Page MAY 2008 Negotiators Hear Issues Up Close and Personal In the shadow of Everett’s Boeing plant, the first contract…
May 2008 751 AERO MECHANIC VOL. 63 NO. 4 Page MAY 2008 Negotiators Hear Issues Up Close and Personal In the shadow of Everett’s Boeing plant, the first contract kickoff barbecue began on a cool and windy day. Hundreds of IAM members arrived to meet with the Union representatives who will be negotiating our Collective Bargaining Agreement. The barbecues were an open invitation for members to meet with Union negotiators before the Union’s formal proposal is presented to Boeing on May 9th. Members were able to sit down with District President Tom Wroblewski, Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer, all 13 Business Representatives, Joint Program and District Staff to ask questions about the process, the issues and the benefits we are demanding in contract negotiations. Discussions ranged from pensions to the starting pay to General Wage Increases, to health care, vacation and sick leave. Literally every aspect of the contract was discussed. Many members brought their families to the event. At every site, it was clear members agree “It’s Our Time, This Time!” – especially after Boeing again posted record profits for the first quarter. The barbecues, held at the Union Halls in Seattle, Auburn, Everett, Renton, and at the Sportsman’s Club of Frederickson, sought the voices of IAM members. “We’ve been collecting input from our members for the past year,” said Wroblewski. “Although we’ve had Continued on page 2 Top left: Business Reps Ray Baumgardner and Richard Jackson answer questions in Seattle. Top right: Health & Benefits Rep Joe Crockett talks with Renton members. Bottom left: District President Tom Wroblewski responds to questions on negotiations. Bottom right: Business Rep Jon Holden answers a contract question. Union Continues to Protest Boeing’s Cost Shift on Health Care The Union continues to challenge The Boeing (who already have TMP) against another group. OverCompany’s plan to switch the no-monthly premium all, it shifts costs from Boeing to employees. It should health plan from Selections to the Traditional Medical be part of the total negotiated contract package for Plan (TMP) during the May open enrollment period. members to vote on September 3rd,” declared Joe The Union has made numerous data requests and Crockett, 751 Health & Benefits Rep who is also servsought further explanation of Boeing’s data and intering on the Benefits Negotiating Committee. “It is a way pretation of the contract, in addition to filing a grievto creep the costs onto our members using an unknown, ance to protest the switch. Boeing is trying to switch unexplained and unnegotiated formula, which they from an easy to understand formula to determine the hoped would go unchallenged.” low-cost provider to something that is complicated and District 751 Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer who not negotiated. While chairs the Benefits the contract does not Committee added, specify how the Com“Members didn’t vote pany will determine on this change. If the low-cost plan, the Boeing wants to make bargaining history the change, then it can notes that the lowestbe brought up during cost plan is to be denegotiations. The termined by the plan’s Union will not allow premiums.Now Boeing without a fight Boeing has designated to force members into the Traditional Media plan with more costs cal Plan (TMP) as the (deductibles and colowest-cost plan District Secretary-Treasurer Susan Palmer, who chairs the pays) simply because Benefits Committee, answers questions on health care. based upon an entirely they have a new way different set of criteof calculating their ria – and in the middle of a contract, no less. numbers. This change is another way Boeing is trying While the Union fights this issue, members with to dismantle the benefits package Machinists members Selections who want a no-monthly premium plan will have earned over the years.” need to change to the TMP during the May open“Boeing tried to eliminate Early Retiree Medical for enrollment period (see articles page 4-5). Since negonew hires last contract, and now they are trying to shift tiations are beginning May 9th, the issue may end up medical costs onto employees during the contract, as getting resolved at the bargaining table. well as announcing their intention to go after pensions “This change pits a large portion of our members Continued on page 4 Choosing Your Health Plan Information on the various health plans at Boeing to help with open enrollment decision 4 Pension Priority Helping Hands A look at our pension history, as well as information on the IAM National Pension Plan Members recognized for community service efforts all year long 6 12 Business Rep Heather Barstow (l) applauds Debbie Anderson’s choice to invest in Machinists Custom Choices plan, which helped her financially during her cancer treatments. Insurance Pays Off on Cancer Diagnosis When 751 member Debbie Anderson was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall, she had the reassurance of $20,000 to help her through her treatments courtesy of Machinists Custom Choices Critical Illness policy. This financial safety net allowed her to focus on her cancer treatments and alleviated any financial stress, which might have resulted from her time off work. “This is a great benefit. I appreciate the fact that our Union brought this option to the members,” declared Debbie. “Getting the claim paid was easy and stress free. The Critical Illness plan eased the financial pressure on my family by providing a lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of cancer. This is one of the best investments I ever made.” When the Union introduced the Machinists Custom Choices insurance plans last spring, Debbie met with a representative and purchased the Critical Illness/CanContinued on page 3 Inside Index President's Message ...... 2 Political Action ............... 3 Health Plan Options .....4 Pension Outline ............. 6 Retirement ...................... 9 Want Ads ........................ 10 Page 2 751 AERO MECHANIC May 2008 REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT Company Showed Their Hand in Recent Interviews by Tom Wroblewski, District President I want to start off by thanking all the members who attended the contract kickoff barbecues and gave input to the Union negotiators. It was a great opportunity to have face-toface interaction with members and hear your issues. We have been meeting regularly with top Boeing executives/negotiators for months now; however, when Boeing’s chief negotiator Doug Kight recently interviewed with local reporters, we got a glimpse of how Boeing is thinking as we begin formal bargaining. This should show every member how serious the upcoming round of negotiations will be with Boeing. While the Company is experiencing record profits – an 828% increase in 5 years (not including Boeing’s first quarter profits which are up 38 percent from one year ago) – we will be fighting a battle to secure the gains we deserve, the gains we earned in our contract. It’s Our Time, This Time! In talks with reporters, Boeing chief negotiator Doug Kight laid out a proposal to eliminate the Boeing pension plan for new hires and replace it with a 401(k) plan supplemented by a Company contribution. This proposal is unacceptable. Past, present, future – it doesn’t matter. We fight for all of our members equally. We didn’t fall for this divide and conquer strategy in 2005, and we won’t fall for it this time. If Boeing is using this as a recruiting tool for other payrolls, no wonder they are having trouble enticing people to work for them. On wages, Doug Kight feels ‘at the upper end they tend to be higher than the market.’ Apparently, Boeing needs to recognize who is creating their record profits and helping them deliver the 787 – the Machinists Union members. He should also remember that despite soaring gas prices, our members have not had a General Wage Increase since 2004. Again, It’s Our Time This Time! Kight also mentioned productivity rewards to the reporters, but stopped short of saying our members should be included in the Employee Incentive Plan (EIP). The fact is Machinists Union members have done as much or more than any payroll to contribute to the Company’s success and deserve to be included in the EIP. Every other payroll received the EIP payments, in addition to wage increases – we should too! Boeing refused to give it to us last time because we would not sell out future members. We will not sell them out this time either. In the past two negotiations, we have proposed profit sharing, which the Company dismissed. We have made proposals to measure success and ensure our members receive their fair share. That in no way will take the place of general wage increases - in fact Doug Kight has acknowledged that in recent talks we have had with him. We have had 4.5 % total GWI in the past 6 years. In the past, we recognized the fact that the industry was down, but with the current success of the Company we will expect much more in the area of guaranteed general wage increases. The IAM has a good record of participation in lean activities and we have many other contracts with gain sharing plans that reward members for reduc- Members Get Face to Face at Kickoff Events Continued from page 1 polling and surveys, there is nothing like talking to our members face to face to find out the challenges everyone is facing in this current situation.” Many members asked questions on recent news articles quoting Boeing’s lead negotiator as proposing to eliminate the Boeing Pension Plan for new hires. The announcement drew a fierce response from Union leaders and Union members alike. At the Auburn barbecue Union Steward Aletha Johnson noted, “It is wonderful to get to talk to the negotiators and to see members taking advantage of the opportunity. It is awesome to be able to talk to our leaders one-on-one.” Union Steward Mike Cramer added, “I asked good questions of the negotiators and have information I can share with members in the shop.” Everett Business Representative Richard Jackson stated, “I thought the process was informative. I was excited to see all the new people and help everyone understand how the process works. It was stimulating and encouraging.” At the end of the week, Tom Wroblewski was very upbeat. Business Rep Jimmy Darrah (standing) asks a family “This is what it is all about – getting members involved,” he said. what their top issues are in the coming negotiations. “It’s Our Time This Time.” tions in cycle time, saving material, reducing scrap, reducing amounts of perishable supplies, improving the safety record and costs. These programs work but should not replace negotiated raises. Boeing has also made changes to the health care plans which the Union is fighting – changes aimed to shift costs to our members. Like their pension proposal, it is unacceptable. Finally, let’s not forget Boeing’s record profits and backlogs, which they try to downplay so they can talk about reducing costs and benefits to our members. What is Boeing paying in penalties because of their outsourcing of the 787? Perhaps they should have left that work in the hands of the skilled workers who would have built it right to begin with. Stay united, keep talking the issues in your shop because It’s Our Time This Time! District Lodge 751, International Assn. of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Tom Wroblewski President, Directing Business Representative Clifton Wyatt Vice President Susan Palmer Secretary-Treasurer James Coats Sergeant-at-Arms Tommy Wilson Paul Knebel Mark B. Johnson Ray Baumgardner Emerson Hamilton Stan Johnson Paul Milliken Ron Bradley Jimmy Darrah Heather Barstow Jon Holden Don Morris Richard Jackson Brett Coty Union Business Representatives Union Offices: At the Frederickson barbecue, Susan Palmer listens to a member’s concerns on pension and health care. Business Rep Mark Johnson (r) answers members’ questions at the Everett barbecue. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Thanks to the Union Dear Member: I have been a member for 21 years and paid Union dues all that time. Like others, I have heard people complain about paying their Union dues. I for one will never complain about that. I am very happy to have Union representation and want other Union members to know the Union is there to support them. I want to personally thank Business Representative Heather Barstow for not only getting my job back, but giving me my life back. The entire experience of having a Mail letters to the editor: 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108 or e-mail them to a class= __cf_email__ href= /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection data-cfemail= d2b1bdbcbcbbb7b992bbb3bfe5e7e3fcbda0b5 [email protected] /a script data-cfhash='f9e31' type= text/javascript /* ![CDATA[ */!function(t,e,r,n,c,a,p){try{t=document.currentScript||function(){for(t=document.getElementsByTagName('script'),e=t.length;e--;)if(t[e].getAttribute('data-cfhash'))return t[e]}();if(t&&(c=t.previousSibling)){p=t.parentNode;if(a=c.getAttribute('data-cfemail')){for(e='',r='0x'+a.substr(0,2)|0,n=2;a.length-n;n+=2)e+='%'+('0'+('0x'+a.substr(n,2)^r).toString(16)).slice(-2);p.replaceChild(document.createTextNode(decodeURIComponent(e)),c)}p.removeChild(t)}}catch(u){}}()/* ]] */ /script Boeing paycheck stop was a wake up call. I am a single mother with two daughters to support and realize it is hard in the real world out there. Business Rep Heather Barstow never gave up on me, always called me back and really came through. I want to let members know that she is not just doing her job as Business Rep, but doing it well. The situation gave me a new appreciation for my Union. I also feel lucky to have Union Steward Kenny Smith in my corner! He’s always there to listen and follows through to help each and every person who comes to him for help. Thanks again for great representation from our Union. Laurie Ballard ã 9125 15th Pl S, Seattle; 206-763-1300 ã 201 A St. SW, Auburn; 253-833-5590 ã 233 Burnett N., Renton; 425-235-3777 ã 8729 Airport Rd, Everett; 425-355-8821 ã 4226 E. Mission, Spokane (509) 534-9690 or 1-800-763-1305 Toll-free to Seattle from: Nationwide 1-800-763-1301 Tacoma 253-627-0822 Hotline: 1-800-763-1310 Web site: 751 AERO MECHANIC Connie Kelliher, Editor Member of The Newspaper Guild, CWA #37082 District 751 AERO MECHANIC ( ISSN 0894-7864, USPS 008-660) is published Monthly except Bimonthly in December/January by Aerospace Industrial District Lodge 751, 9125 15th Pl. S., SeattleWA 98108. $3.50 of the annual dues goes toward a one-year subscription to the Aero Mechanic. $4 per year for non-members by District Lodge 751, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108. Periodicals postage paid at Seattle, WA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to District 751 Aero Mechanic, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108 May 2008 Snohomish County Council Passes Tanker Resolution 751 Union Steward Steve Parsley and IAM Work Transfer Rep Jason Redrup testified to the Snohomish County Council on Wednesday, April 23 to the importance of an American-made, Boeing built Tanker. The Resolution was sponsored by long-time IAM supporter Brian Sullivan and Dave Gossett. The five members of the Council also include Democrats Mike Cooper and Chair Dave Somers, and Republican John Koster. Jason Redrup, who works on the 767 line, spoke of the tremendous job losses that will occur without the Tanker when the plane ceases production. Steve Parsley spoke of the service of his son on active duty in the military, and of the 70-year-old relationship between the IAM members and the military men and women who fly Boeing’s aircraft. Each member of the Council spoke eloquently and favorably of IAM, and the importance of securing the Tanker. Conservative John Koster, who was especially moved by the service of Mr. Parsley’s son, also thanked Jason “and all the IAM workers on the 767 line who make America proud.” The Council passed the Tanker Resolution 5-0. It was a good day made better by our Union Stewards. Above: Jason Redrup testifies at the Snohomish County Council. Photo Right: Steward Steve Parsley (far left) and IAM Work Transfer Rep Jason Redrup (far right) pose with the Council. 751 AERO MECHANIC Page 3 Policy Provides Financial Safety Net Continued from page 1 cer Coverage policy even though she had not experienced any medical issues. She had no idea her policy would payoff so quickly. Less than five months later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had the $20,000 check within a month of filing the claim. The Machinists Custom Choices Worksite Benefits program reps will be in Puget Sound the beginning of May to again offer this coverage through payroll deduction to our members. The Life, Cancer, Critical Illness and Disability products were custom made for Machinists and negotiated with features and values based on the size of our national membership. A few of these features include: ã Life insurance is guaranteed with NO health questions. ã The cost of life insurance will never go up and the death benefit will never go down. ã Critical Illness/Cancer Coverage provides tax-free $20,000 or $50,000 in cash benefits paid to you upon diagnosis of a covered medical condition. ã Long term disability benefits of up to $2,000 per month are available on a guaranteed issue basis. ã Life and Disability have a 6-month Strike Waiver of Premium feature; so if you are out on strike, your policy will remain in force up to 6 months without any payment and no payback when the strike is over. The Machinists Custom Choices Plans are designed to supplement the benefits employees receive through our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Participation in these plans is strictly voluntary (no pressure to purchase) with the cost fully paid by individual employees through payroll deduction. The policies are fully portable, designed for a lifetime, so when you leave work, cost and benefits remain the same but you pay the premium directly to the insurer, just like your auto or homeowners insurance. To schedule an appointment with a Custom Choices rep, call 1-800-763-1301. Memorial Day Honors Trust Between IAM & American Military draw the difference in pay between their IAM 751 is proud to honor our memmilitary wages and the Boeing pay they bers and the families of staff who are on received at the time of deployment. active and reserve duty, as well as those Business Representative Tommy noble veterans who have served in the Wilson, a veteran with lengthy military military. We at the International Assoservice, is most proud of his brother, ciation of Machinists and Aerospace Larry Wilson, who, in December, 2003, Workers have an intimate connection pulled Saddam Hussein out of the “Spiwith our Military. der hole.” Larry’s image was flashed There is an inherent trust between the around the world and hangs proudly, in American Worker and the American Tommy’s office. Career-Army, Larry is Armed Forces. When our country calls, on his third tour of duty in our members answer. This Iraq, but is now worried month, let us recognize about his own children who and honor the sacrifices are serving their country made by our American in the Army. Tommy’s men and women in uninephew, Jeremy Wilson, form, and the sacrifices is on his second tour in made by their families. Iraq; his niece, Denise Generations of MachinEaton is on her first. “Alists have been fighting for though I am worried sick their country – and they about having three family fight still. members in Iraq, the good Lance Corporal David Business Rep Paul news is that they are treated Gardner is the nephew of Knebel is also a veteran. so much better than those Traci Keeney, an emguys who served in Vietnam,” Tommy ployee in the financial office of the IAM said. District Lodge 751. David, who just The pay differential benefit did not turned 20 years old, already has one tour exist for Vietnam-era veterans. IAM Orof duty in Iraq with the Marine Corps. ganizer and long-ti
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