Mm Zg523 Ec-3r First Sem 2016-2017

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Exam Paper
  Birla Institute of Technology & Science, PilaniWork-Integrated Learning Programmes Divisionirst Semester ! #$-! #%om'rehensive ()amination *(-+ egular Course No. : MM ZG523 Course Title : PROJECT MANAGEMENT  Nature of Exam : Ope !oo #ei$%ta$e : 5&' (uratio : 3 )ours (ate of Exam : &*+,,+2&,*-AN Q.1 (a) /ist 0o1 t%e 0ifferees et1ee 4ixe0 Prie Cotrat a0 CostPlus Cotrat6 Q.1 (b) Explai t%e ee0 of Outsouri$ a0 Carr7i$ out Retrospeti8es i Pro9et Maa$emet6 Q.1 (c) #%at are t%e elemets of Closure Report; i a Pro9et Maa$emet6 <3 = 3 = 2 > ?@ Q.2 (a) /ist t%ree moti8atioal fators ee0e0 for 9uior as 1ell as seior emplo7ees 8e0orsosultats a0 otrators i a Pro9et Maa$emet. Q.2 (b) (isuss t%e appliatio of !e%mar i$ a0 Baie i a pro9et maa$emet e8iromet. Q.2 (c) Pari0%a $armets a maufaturi$ ompa7 i apparels is exporti$ to Europea outries.Dualit7 of t%e fiis%e0 pro0ut a0 meeti$ t%e time s%e0ule is t%e ompetiti8e stre$t% of t%e ompa7. E8e t%ou$% e1 or0ers 1ere lii$ up t%e ompa7 is ot s%o1i$ iterest eause of t%e o8erloa0 alrea07 ommitte0. Reetl7 t%e ompa7 is fai$ prolems 0ue tosarit7 of eletrial po1er mapo1er a0 $o8ermet re$ulatios.As a pro9et maa$er 0ra1 t%e ris rea 0o1 struture a0 0e8elop a proper ris resposes7stem. <3 = 3 =  > ,&@ D.3. A pro0ut resear% pro9et otais t%e follo1i$ ati8ities as metioe0 i t%e tale:A// (FRATONH ARE N (AIHACTTIOPTMHTC TMEMOHT /BE/I TMEPEHHMHTC TME,  23*,5,  *25,2  3*2,3&2  25?3  55,,,K  53*,5*  K3L2K5  ?,KK  ?,L2?-a(ra1 t%e pro9et et1or  0etermie t%e ritial pat% a0 expete0 pro9et 0uratio6-(etermie t%e total sla a0 free sla of all oritial ati8ities6-#%at is t%e proailit7 t%at t%e pro9et 1ill e omplete0 i 5 0a7s6 <3 = 3 = 2 > ?@ D.. T%e follo1i$ tale $i8es t%e ati8ities i a ostrutio pro9et a0 also $i8es ot%er rele8atiformatio:Ati8it7mme0iate Pre0eessor  Normal Time -i mot%sCras% Time -i mot%s Normal Cost -i Rs.&&&Cras% Cost -i Rs. &&&A3*&L&!*,5&25&C2,3?*&(A53,5&25&EC22,&&,&&  MM ZG523 (EC-3 Regular) First Semester 2016-2017 Page 1 o 3  No. of Pa$es > 2 No. of Duestios > *  4AK5,,5,K5G( ! E2,&&2&  MM ZG523 (EC-3 Regular) First Semester 2016-2017Page 2 0iret osts 8ar7 as per follo1s:Mot%s,5,,3,2,,,&L?K*Cost -Rs.&&&*&&5&&&&25&,K5,&&K55&3525-a(ra1 a arro1 0ia$ram for t%e pro9et i0etif7 t%e ritial pat% pro9et 0uratio a0 total pro9et ost.-(etermie t%e pro9et 0uratio t%at 1ill result i miimum total pro9et ost. <3 = 5 > ?@ D.5. T%e ati8ities i8ol8e0 i a %ealt%are pro9et %a8e ee i0etifie0 as follo1s:ACTTIPRECE(NG ACTTI(FRATON -i 1ee sNo. of Me Reuire0A,!K,C?2(A53EC,4! E2GC,,2)G 4,-a4or t%e ao8e pro9et 0ra1 t%e pro9et et1or a0 timesale et1or .-f t%ere 1ere ol7 t%ree me a8ailale at a7 oe time %o1 lo$ 1oul0 t%e pro9et ta e a0 %o11oul0 7ou alloate t%e me to t%e ati8ities.-f t%ere 1ere o restritios o t%e amout of laor a8ailale explai %o1 7ou 1oul0 s%e0ule t%eati8ities. <3 = 3 = 2 > ?@ D.*. T%e EPC pro9et %as a ori$ial plae0 s%e0ule of ,K mot%s 1it% a u0$et exlu0i$ oti$e7 of  3&53,5&. !elo1 are up0ate0 reports for t%e first ? mot%s of t%e pro9et:Htatus Report for t%e mot%Plae0 alue -!C#HEare0 alue -!C#PAtual Cost -AC#P,3L&&3?5&&&&25&&&3&&&&&&3,?5&&&,*&&&&,L&&&&3,5&&&3,&&&&35&&&&5?&&&&5,&&&&523&&&*55&&&5*&&&&535&&&K**5&&&K,5&&&**&&&&??5&&&&?,3&&&K2&&&&Perform a eare0 8alue aal7sis of t%e pro9et a0 alulate for ea% reporte0 perio0:-aC H CP HP CH-ETC a0 EAC-Commet o t%e performae of t%e pro9et <3 = 3 = 2 > ?@  MM ZG523 (EC-3 Regular) First Semester 2016-2017 Page 2 o 3  QQQQQQQQ  MM ZG523 (EC-3 Regular) First Semester 2016-2017 Page 3 o 3
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