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  End-of-term test 1 1 3 Listening 1 Listen to the conversation. Write the personal qualities under the correct person. (3 marks) active adventurous ambitious artistic creative hard-working logical mathematical Pam Oliver 2 Listen again. Complete the sentences with one or more words. (7 marks)  1 Pam _____________ about Jessica Ennis-Hill for her school project because she thinks she is  _____________ . 2 Pam is from _____________ city as Jessica. 3 Pam thinks teenagers _____________ be more  _____________ . 4 Oliver _____________ keen on sports. 5 Oliver wants to work _____________ . 6 Oliver has already started to develop an  _____________ . 7 When Oliver describes the game, Pam thinks he is very _____________ . Vocabulary 3 Complete the phrasal verbs. (5 marks) 1 Can I help you _____________ up? Dinner was delicious and you look tired. 2 The box office has just opened, so you need to  _____________ up for tickets over there. 3 I won’t be able to feel at home if I can’t  _____________ up my computer here. 4 Al an didn’t _____________ up for class this morning. 5 I _____________ up my car with petrol at the last petrol station. 4 Complete the sentences with the words. There are two words that you do not need. (5 marks) audience customer ghost home joke talented tattoo 1 Everyone was laughing, but I didn’t understand the _____________. 2 Mary is very hospitable; she always makes you feel at _____________ in her house. 3 The _____________ clapped and cheered when the pop star came onto the stage. 4 Alice thinks she saw the _____________ of the woman that died in her house. 5 I want to get a _____________ on my arm but my parents won’t let me.   5 Complete the sentences. (10 marks)  1 Helen’s story idea is the most o___________ . I’ve never read anything lik e it before. 2 Maths and English are c___________ subjects at school. 3 This dish isn’t too spicy; in fact, it’s very m___________ . 4 I bought some s___________ for my friends when I was on holiday in Greece. 5 The warriors performed a special c___________ before they went out to a battle with other tribes. Practical English 6 Complete the dialogue with the words. There are two words that you do not need. (10 marks) buy getting prefer really shall suggest why Clare:   It’s Tom’s last day at school on Friday. He’s moving to New York with his family. Paul:   (1) ________ don’t we buy him something?   Clare:   That’s a good idea.   Paul:  How about (2) __________ him a new mobile phone? Clare:   That’s not a bad idea, but he already has a smartphone. Paul:  Oh, (3) __________ ? We could buy him a new skateboard. Clare:   That’s a good idea!   Paul:  (4) __________ we go shopping for it this afternoon? Clare:   That could be a bit difficult as I’ve got a dance class this afternoon. I’d (5) __________ to go tomorrow morning. Paul:  That works for me.  End-of-term test 1 2 3 Grammar 7 Correct the underlined modals in the sentences. (10 marks)   1 You will be able to go to the party because you have to study for your exam. _______________ 2 I think I can’t  buy that laptop next week because I have almost saved enough money.  _______________ 3 Tina is very talented. She won’t be able to  draw very beautiful pictures. _______________ 4 Lucy can’t  sing well when she was young.  _______________ 5 We could go to the concert on Saturday because it’s sold out.  _______________ 8 Write sentences using the prompts. Use the past simple and the past continuous (10 marks) 1 I / walk / street / when / I / see / Justin Bieber  ______________________________________  ______________________________________ 2 We / have / dinner / when / phone / ring  ______________________________________  ______________________________________ 3 The dog / run away / while / I / take it for a walk  ______________________________________  ______________________________________ 4 Thomas/ listen / music / when / he / hear / a loud crash  ______________________________________  ______________________________________ 5 The strange man / appear / when / we / look around / the castle  ______________________________________  ______________________________________ 9 Complete the sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs. (10 marks) not finish leave live not read see 1 __________ you __________ the new James Bond film yet? 2 He still ____________________ his essay. 3 They ____________________ here since 2012. 4 Sally __________ already  __________ Paula’s house. 5 Kelly ____________________ that book yet. Consolidation 10 Complete the text with the correct options. (10 marks) My free time I’m Jack and I’m from London. London is a great city to live in, because there is always something going on. It’s never (1) ____ .  I love films and all the big film premieres happen in Leicester Square in London. I (2) ____ a lot of my favourite stars, like Brad Pitt and Idris Elba. Idris is from London as well. I (3) ____ him when he (4) ____ in Regent ’ s Park. He was the (5) ____ character in the film about Nelson Mandela ’s life. I (6) ____ it last year and really enjoyed it, even though it was sad. I didn’t really know much about Nelson Mandela , so I thought the film was very (7) ____ and realistic. When I’m not at the cinema I enjoy d oing other activities. I like (8) ____ and I run in national competitions. London is an expensive city to live in, but you can find some great (9) ____ in the markets. Camden Lock market is one of my favourites. You can buy just about anything there, from food to furniture and books, and everything is quite cheap so I can (10) ____ it. 1 a dull b exciting c hilarious d enjoyable 2 a was seeing b am seeing c sees d have seen 3 a was meeting b am meeting c met d meet 4 a walks b walked c was walking d has walked 5 a star b important c main d famous 6 a have seen b saw c was seeing d seen 7 a informative b hilarious c dull d terrifying 8 a wakeboarding b rock climbing c athletics d kayaking 9 a bargains b brands c discounts d sales 10 a be worth b cost c discount d afford  End-of-term test 1 3 3 Reading 11 Read the text. Name five South American countries mentioned in the text. (5 marks)  _________________________________________ Read about these students’ experiences on a gap year before they started university. Emily is studying English. She went to India. What did you do?  I worked for a local newspaper as a trainee journalist. Journalism is very competitive and it’s difficult to find a job. I spoke to a careers advisor and she told me I should try to get some work experience. I always wanted to visit India and getting work experience over there was a bit easier than in the UK. India was fantastic; not only did I learn a lot about journalism, but I also met some amazing people and saw some beautiful places while I was travelling. My favourite place in India has got to be the Taj Mahal  –  it is the most specta cular building I’ve ever seen.   Jake is studying engineering. He went to South  America. What did you do?  Well, I started in Venezuela, where I stayed with friends of mine in Caracas. It was so helpful having somebody who knew their way around and it gave me the opportunity to do things that usually only the local people can do.  After Venezuela I went to Brazil. I worked with children in Rio for three months. I taught them English and maths and also some sports. It was great fun. Then I moved on to Argentina and I worked on a farm for two months. The work was hard and tiring, but it was fun too. After Argentina I went to Uruguay, where I did more work with children, teaching them sports. I wasn’t paid for the work I did there, so I had to be very organized with my money. Then I finished my journey in Chile. 12 Read the text again and complete the sentences with one or more words. (5 marks) 1 Emily wants to be a _____________ . 2 The careers advisor told her that she should get  _____________ . 3 Emily thought the Taj Mahal was  _____________ . 4 Jake worked with children in _____________ and _____________ . 5 Jake did _____________ work in Uruguay. Writing 13 Write a profile of your town to add to a tourism website. Use the questions to help you. Write about 125 words. (10 marks) Paragraph 1 Introduce your town. Where is it? What is it like? Paragraph 2 What are some of the attractions? If visitors are interested in certain things, where should they go? What activities can they do? Paragraph 3 What do you like best about your town? Listening _____ / 10 Vocabulary _____ / 20 Practical English _____ / 10 Grammar _____ / 30 Consolidation _____ /10 Reading _____ / 10 Writing _____ / 10 TOTAL __________ / 100
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