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This is a story about a girl who chose to love with an unconditional love - a mother's love. Olivia is fighting for the people she loves in a time where religion,race and wealth have power over the simple fact that we're all human.
  MOTHER  A novel written by Lucija Sipic  My dear Philippa  ,  I embrace this opportunity to tell you about my travel so far as well as to inform you on certain matters. I have spent 43 long days on this boat thus far,I modestly hope we arrive to Baheeta before the 5 day mar!. By the time my word reaches you,I will already watch as the un sets on the other  side of the world. I do have to say you made a fine point about my horehound,it certainly didn#t benefit the maritime atmosphere. $n the contrary,the mar%oram plant my papa gifted me grew delightfully. I was able to put it in good use and help an officer with his insomnia,he has been !eeping me good company in e&change. 's for the matters I mentioned earlier,I trust you will ta!e good care of my library. (o not give my boo!s for long periods of time,you !now I treasure them with all my heart.  'lso,I would be pleased if you could pay my father a visit every )od#s day,or at least until my beloved brother *acob returns home. Papa has been very silent since mother#s passing,an occasional visit does good to his soul. Please present my best wishes and compliments to your family,I loo! forward to hearing from you.$livia +iolet 'ttwood, eptember 5,-4. '' Sir,how many day until the letter are delivered!'''' e arrive in #embro$ehire in %& day Smaller boat travel (ater )ow,where do you need your letter delivered Mi!'' '' Shrewbury, Sir'''' That i a one day trip (rom #embro$ehire *'d ay your letter hould (ind it' way in about + day'''' Than$ you'' Olivia wa (ar away (rom home but relieved her beloved (riend #hilippa wa there )o matter what,he could alway rely on #hilippa The (act that he loved her o much,made it even more di((icult to undertand why -acob wouldn't marry her Olivia blamed it on -acob' heart o( a poet He ay that there i no uch thin. a a happily married poet,o all Olivia could do wa hope he would (ind hi way bac$ to #hilippa one day Olivia tood there thin$in. about her brother' love li(e when a youn. o((icer came up to her'' Am * interruptin. your!'' he a$ed Hi blue eye matched the ocean underneath them and hi dar$,unruly hair loo$ed li$e it had every wind o( the *ndian Ocean hidden in  between the curl '' )o, Mr Emery Thee are hardly valuable'' '' * wanted to than$ you a.ain (or helpin. me * can (inally .et ome leep'''' #leaed * could help -ut remember you mutn't ta$e more than three drop per Althou.h,* believe your inomnia i caued by your retle mind * omethin. botherin. you!'' he a$ed and li(ted her dre o(( o( the wooden (loor She proceeded to it on one o( thoe rutical benche every boat dec$ had Mr Emery (ollowed'' #lenty o( thin. $eep my mind buy,but *'d ay it' (ear that $eep me awa$e'''' /ear! )ow what could a man li$e yourel( poibly be a(raid o(! ''The youn. o((icer at down and .a0ed at the in(inity o( the Ocean that wa everywhere aroundthem'' hy are you doin. thi! hy are you .oin. down there! ** wa called by the Army,but you! A beauti(ul woman,twenty two year o( a.e, approachin. on her own a i(''  He topped (or a econd'' * apolo.i0e,my lady'' he continued ''* have no to 1uetion you or your deciion,epecially a(ter you've helped me $indly'''' *t''' Olivia tood up,too$ a (ew tep and then turned to Mr Emery ''2inner will be erved 1uite oon Enjoy your meal,Seth'' A he watched her wal$ away,youn. Seth Emery couldn't help but notice once a.ain how wonder(ul Olivia wa She even called him by hi (irt name That i not omethin. he would do o(ten,but MrEmery loved every time he did do it Seth wa hi parent' (irt born child,but he did have a iter Alice #eople loved Alice becaue he wa born the ame year 3ueen 4ictoria tarted her rei.n and that wa conidered .ood luc$ She had beauti(ul ha0el eye,much li$e Olivia' eye,maybe that' why he (elt in peace whenever he wa around Olivia Seth wan't able to leep well (or wee$  becaue he $new he wa .oin. away (rom home not $nowin. i( he would return to hi loved one He had met Olivia a oon a they boarded the hip Mr Emery had been o tired he didn't watch hi tep and he (ell over Olivia' uitcae '' #ardon,my lady,your humble ervant didn't pay enou.h attention to hi urroundin.'' he recalled the (irt word he aid to her A memory o( her beauti(ul ilhouette didn't want to leave hi mind '' #leae,ta$e my hand'' Olivia reached out to help him but intead o( ta$in. her hand to help himel(,Mr Emery .ot up on hi own and .ave Olivia the o(tet $i on her lace ''Than$ you,my lady 5ou are very $ind O((icer Seth Emery,at your ervice''''Hello Mr Emery Olivia Attwood,it' lovely to meet you''''E6cue my curioity,but are you lot! Thi hip tranport Army o((icer''''* am very well aware o( that *,myel(,am travelin. to the 7ritih Army port in 7aheeta''The minute he aid that,Olivia had realied that he indeed wa .oin. away (rom home Eventhou.h he only ha to .o away (or three month,he wa cared And o wa Seth''8oodbye MrEmery '' he po$e be(ore another o((icer pic$ed up her and ecorted her to her cabin They have pent 9: day to.ether on a hip but he didn't .et to enjoy her company a o(ten a he'd hoped Madame Attwood wa very intelli.ent and charmin. and there wan't a man on  board who didn't wih to $eep her entertained All o( them had one thin. in common,they didn't $now why he wa travelin. to their Army port and what in the world wa he .oin. to do there henever a man dared to a$ her,he would reply with a witty mile and ay '' *'m ma$in. the bet o( a bad bar.ain''
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