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interior of the earth
  I.Multiple ChoiceDirections: Choose the best answer and write the answer before the number.1)It is the energy that radiates in all directions from the focus in the formof waves.A.nergy wavesC. focus waves!. eismic wavesD. surface waves#)$hat are the main types of seismic wavesI.!ody wavesII. urface wavesIII.%ove wavesI&.'ayleigh wavesC.I and IIC. III and I&D.I and IIID. II and I&(or uestions * and +, refer to the -gure below that shows the cross section of the arth as seismic waves travel through it.*)An wave shadow /one is formed as seismic waves travel through the arth0s body. $hich of the following statements does this wave shadow /one indicateA.2he inner core is li3uid.!.2he inner core is solid.C. 2he mantle is solid.D.2he outer core is li3uid.+)$hy are there no 4waves or waves received in the 4wave shadow /o5neA.4waves are absorbed and waves are refracted by arth0s outer core.!.4waves are refracted and waves are absorbed by arth0s outer core.C.!oth the 4waves and waves are refracted by arth0s outer core.D.!oth the 4waves and waves are absorbed by the arth0s outer core.6)A type of seismic wave where they arrive after main 4 and are con-ned to the outer layers of the arth.A. urface wavesC. eismic waves!.!ody wavesD. 'ayleigh waves7)$hat ma8es up the lithosphereA.Continental crust C. 9ceanic Crust and continental crust!.Crust and upper mantleD. pper mantle  ;)$hat are the types of surface wavesi.%ove wavesii.'ayleigh wavesiii.4wavesiv. wavesA.i and ivC. i and ii!.ii and ivD. iii and iv(or 3uestions <11, choose from the choices below.A.CrustC. outer Core!.MantleD. inner core<)It is a layer of the arth that is beneath the crust.=)2he innermost layer of the arth.1>)It is the thinnest and the outermost layer of the arth.11)Miners dig into the arth in search for precious roc8s and minerals. In which layer is the deepest e?plorations made by miners.1#)@ow do you compare the densities of the arth0s crust, mantle and coreA.2he mantle is less dense than the core but denser than the crust.!.2he mantle is less dense than both the core and crust.C.2he mantle is denser than the core but less dense than the crust.D.2he mantle is denser than both the core and the crust.1*)2he movement of the lithosperic plates is facililated by a soft, wea8 and plastic layer. $hich of the following layers is decribed in the stamentA.AsthenosphereC. %ithosphere!.AtmosphereD. Mantle(or 3uestions 1+16, the following are the dierent elements found in the layers of the arth.i. iliconii.9?ygeniii.Ironiv.Bic8el1+)$hat are the compomnents of the mantleA.i and ii onlyC. iii and iv only!.I, ii, iiid. none of the above.16)$hat are the components of the coreA.i and ii onlyC. iii and iv only!.i, ii, iiiD. none of the aboveII.Modi-ed 2rue or (alse. $rite true if the statement is true. 9therwise, change the underlined word and write the appropriate word beside the number to ma8e the statement true.1.4waves travel faster than waves.#.2he mantle is the thinnest and the outermost layer of the arth.*.2he lower part of the mantle is denser than the upper mantle.+.2he continental crust is made up of the silicon, o?ygen, aluminum, calcium and potassium.  6.2he oceanic crust is lighter than the continental crust.III.Matching type. $rite the correct answer beside the number. 'emember, aletter can be used more than once.1.2he part of the earth that is solidA.inner corebut has the ability to ow.!. wavesC. mantle#.2he layer of the earthD. 4wavesthat is madeup of li3uid iron. outer core(.surface waves*.It is mostly made up of o?ygen and silicon.. crust@. seismic waves+.2he layer that ma8es upI.%ove wavesmost of the earth0s mass and volume.E. 'ayleigh waves6.A type of body wavesthat can travel through li3uids 7.A wave that moves in asidetoside hori/onal motion;.A wave the rolls along the ground.I&.Illustrate the layers of the arth in the correct order. %abel each layer. F* points)
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