My Housing Manager is an Android

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This is the fourth in the recap of the sessions we hosted at House Party 15. We are publishing a slideshare for each of the main sessions. Once completed we'll be asking for participants to explore or test the models. This (slightly more light hearted) session focused on: What if my housing manager was an android?
  • 1. The Reinvention of Social Housing 4: My Housing Manager is an Android
  • 2. Meanwhile, in the not-so-distant future... Transfixed on navigating the troughs and crests of Britain's welfare system the housing sector fails to notice another threat to its existence…. In a rapidly ageing society humankind is under-resourced and unable to deliver even the most basic care standards we’re currently used to… Swathes of people are made redundant following the automation of many major industries… Escalating technological advances create a new ‘normal’ for human and object interaction - a level at which housing associations aren’t geared to operate on. How can we harness upcoming technology to survive this vision of the future? WHAT WOULD THE REACTION BE IF WE GAVE CUSTOMERS A ROBOT ASSISTANT , LIKE SIRI OR CORTANA, RATHER THAN A HUMAN INTERFACE?
  • 3. Shapeshift - Transform Appearance Model One: Big Housing 6 Have and do everything - unlimited potential Humanoid by defaultUnobtrusive
  • 4. Can measure health and wellbeing metrics Model Two: Amy – The Virtual Assistant Calendar with reminders Customizable appearance - personal avatar Hologram from wrist-watch device Task prioritization - daily scheduler Interacts with loads of stuff! (IoT enabled) Reports repairs
  • 5. Can chose hair, clothes and smell and has a cute face Model Three: Scarlet/Roxy Prevents repairs casesIncludes a jet-pack for getting up stairs and a dancing mode Hacked version of ‘Pepper’ - an existing robot assistant Knows when you’re having a bad day and will bring you booze Will conduct personal care - prevent partners getting desexualised Witty Banter - will back chat you
  • 6. Provides employment support and advice Model Four: Jobot Can help develop interview skills Robot octopus with a human face... Comes with a spray can for imitating works by Banksy Web access – for online shopping Has a pizza cutter tentacle
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