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ã (An Astrological Treatise) ã By Chandra kant R. Bhatt B. A.,LL.H. ã I ã ;hri Vivek Education Trust, Ahmedabad-8 Forward Shri Chandrakan t R. Bhatt B.A.LL.B. is a zealous resea rch student o f Astro logy. He has writt en severa l books on Astrology. Origill:1l1y he was an advocate of Sayana system of Astrology popularly known as Weste rn system , Some seven yea rs back during his frequ ent visits to me, we had a good deal o f d iscussion about the heauties and accuracy of Nirayana syste
  ã ã An Astrological Treati se) By Chandra kant R hatt A. LL.H. ã ã ;hri Vivek Education Trust Ahmedabad-8  Forward Shri Chandrakant R. Bhatt B.A.LL.B. is a ze alous research student of As tr ology. He has writt en several b ooks on Astrology. Origill:1l1y he was an adv ocate of Sayana system of Astr ology popularly known as Western system, Some seven years back during his frequent visits to me, we had a good deal of di sc ussion ab out the heauties and accuracy of Nirayana system of Astrology or Indian Astrology. He gradua lly turn ed hi s a ttention to the study of Nirayaml system of Astro logy and to- da y he has b ec ome an ardent advocate of Hindu Astrology. Nakshatra Chimamani  is his further contr i bution in the field of Astrology. Nak s hatras (Constellations) play imp or tant role in tho; lield of , not o nl y predicti ve si de of Astrology but al so in a ll the rd ig i ous ce r emoni es of the Hindus. The Vimshotlllry Dasha syst em in timing events advocated by the great Parashar is based on co nstellation and its sub divisions. Fo r pe rf ec tl y judging the strength or weakness of a house and its lord the Astrologer has to take int o consi deration the sign and the constell atio n and its s ub division, for then only he ca n evaluate the physical (Sthula), the astra l (Sukshma) and Casual ( Karan strength and weakness of the sign and its lord. Thu s the 12 signs of the Zodiac arc divided into 49 divisions of the 7 constellations. Th e (:ffec of any planet ca n be judged well if we know the place me nt in tf horosc ope, of the l or d of the house, the l ord of the onste~   ti o   and the lord of the s ub division of the co nstellation it is placed in . Thus a planet is controlled by the lord of the sign, the l ord of the conste llation and the l ord of the sub division of the constellation. F or the l ast thousand years or more the Northern part of India wa s consta ntly invaded by the invaders from Centra l Asia. Grea l centres of learning in the North were plundered and va lu able literature s were reduced to ashes. Fortunately the remote Southern part of India was saved from the plunders of these invaders and the families of the great scholars of the South preserved the rich heritage of knowledge including knowledge of Astrology propounded by great Ri sh es of India.  II With the passage of lim e co nstelia ti on; } A str olog y b c(. 'am(' a family secret of the A  ; tr oiog crs in th e So ulh and th ere was lill ie li terature in the form of books available for the general ma ss of the st udents of As tr ology. Shri Gopa l Kris hna Rao of Madra s has written thr ee parts of Nad i Astrology. Shri Seetaram Sharma of Bangalore has also writlen a hook entitled A GatCII   OY (0 Astrology . The fam il y member s of the great Shri 8. Suryan a rayana Raa of Ban galorc the f ound er of A strological lvfagad ll ( ' and par ticularly Shri B. V. Raman the princ e a mong ~ t r l og er s and the present e dito r of A s tr ological a g a~ i lle   who has es tab li shed the genuineness of ~Iin   Astr ology ,IS a perf ec t science not on ly in India but also in the world h ;lVc b roug ht Astrology to the re ach of the s tU{h :nt ~ of As tr ology. Th e late Jyotish Martand Shri K. S. Krishnamurti of Madr as ha s also eO nlributcd greatly to the s pread of the knowledge or wnstclla lionnl ~tmlogy not only by publishing boo ks and Ih i maga z ine ASfrolflgy and Alhri s llto   hut also by mo ving in evcry imp ort ant co rn er of India nd lecturing on con ste ll ation:d Asrrol os- y. He ha s t erme d this con s lellation al As tr ol ogy as Krishn:nllurti P addha ti and w hic h ac cording to him is thc on ly perfect Paddhati (sy stem). Th is claim of t he late Jyotish Martan d Silri K. S. Kris hnamurti ha s created a good deal of controversy rc g: Hding it s efficacy and perfectness. But in my humbl e op ini on the Pacldhati method) is the accumulation of the essent ia l preachings ,r the gr:. tt P  f l~ her   Gai mini, Ma ntre shwar. G anc sh Divagn . Ramua ya lu Varahm ihir . Kalid as and host of other as tro logers of the p a~t a nd il d ese rves con s iderations and furlher res e ar ch 10 eradi cl II C its short co mings. Much hidd en knowletige of Astrology yet rem a in s to be dug. out. Shri B. V. Raman. the l ea rned and the world r enowned e ditor of Astrological Magazine has been doing great service to the world of A£ tr ol og y by procuring manu scripts o thi5 sCIence and makin g them public.    Shri Chundr3kant R. Bh   \H ins pile of his failing health ha s bo ell sclcssly researching on the constell at ional Astr ology and this book ã Nakshalra Chintamo   i is the fruit of his sincere la bour anrl research. He has evolved and discussed only those pri dples of predicting which he has fou nd workable in giving co rr ect predictions. II is for the readers to judge lhe merit or otherwise of this book. S hTj Vivek Educat i on Tru st Maninag ar   Ahmedabad has underta ken to publish thi s b oo k with an humble view to contribute to the pre d of knowledge of Astrology whi ch h:I S its r oo lS in Vedas. We only re que st th e principle s of pr edi ct ing hLll ex amine them. re ader s neit her to discussed by Shri acc e pt a tt nor reject the in this b ook 2&-3 - 1975 C/o S hri Sardar Patel Swami Vivckana nd High Scho ol   Maninagar Ahmedabad 8. Shambhuprasad M Patel B A .,M.Ed. Managing Tru s tee Shri Vivek Education Tru st.
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