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Want to view and control your internet traffic? With NetScope you can easily monitor and view your network traffic in full graphical format. Look at live data in per second resolution, then drill down and zoom in on any part of that traffic you like. Then Shape it! Prioritize important data, give lower priority to less important data and BLOCK data that should not be on your network.
  • 1. NETSCOPE Traffic monitoring, alerting, reporting, shaping.
  • 2. WHAT CAN NETSCOPE DO FOR ME?  Internet network monitoring - detailed network traffic analysis, easy to use and powerful.  Alerting - NetScope will alert you if there are problems on your network.  Reporting - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reports on all aspects of your network.  Shaping - Guarantee bandwidth to important applications like VoIP. Shape down or discard unimportant traffic.  Money Savings - Save time, save bandwidth, increase productivity.
  • 3. MONITORING - WHAT DOES IT DO?  It monitors your Internet traffic. Full visibility of the web, email, VoIP + much more
  • 4. HOW CAN I VIEW MY NETWORK TRAFFIC?  View your WAN traffic in a real time per second view.  See every single second of network traffic in graphical format. Witness the traffic as it is passing through your network.  What traffic types are hogging my bandwidth?  Split traffic into protocol type, such as Skype/VoIP, Email, Remote Desktop, Video Streaming and the Cloud.  Zoom in on one minutes worth of traffic or expand out to one year’s worth of traffic.  Select whatever segment of traffic you are interested in and drill down to find out what is going on at that time.
  • 5. ZOOM DOWN ON WEB TRAFFIC Have a look at web traffic as a whole, select the segment you are interested in and drill down on that traffic exclusively.
  • 6. ZERO IN AND DRILL DOWN FURTHER  With NetScope you can drill down further. (This is the traffic view from the above web segment)
  • 7. ISOLATE PROBLEM TRAFFIC  This allows us to see who on the local network is causing this traffic spike. Traffic destination (The image below shows the top destination addresses for the web segment selected in the previous slide)
  • 8. ALERTING - TELL ME WHEN THERE IS A PROBLEM  NetScope will alert you about unusual traffic patterns (like malicious software viruses or denial of service attacks).  Alert you when your link or a site is down.  Alert you if video streaming is hogging all your bandwidth.  Alert you if you are coming close or exceeded your download limit.  Alert you if you are not getting the bandwidth you paid for.
  • 9. ONGOING MAINTENANCE - WITH WAN TRAFFIC REPORTS  Set up summarised and detailed reports on:  Breakdown of traffic by protocol type (VoIP, Remote Desktop, Email, Web).  Traffic download totals.  Daily/weekly/monthly traffic patterns and usage.  Help you plan and budget for your network needs into the future.
  • 10. SHAPING - PRIORITISE AND CONTROL INTERNET TRAFFIC  Block or restrict unwanted recreational web sites and applications.  Guarantee resources to critical applications and tasks, for example prioritise Citrix® traffic ahead of file transfer activity.  Shape traffic efficiently to improve network performance using your existing resources. No need to provision more bandwidth.
  • 11. SHAPING - BEFORE AND AFTER  With NetScope traffic shaping you will have complete control over how network traffic passes through your connection.  Efficiently use your network connection and stop the bandwidth hogs.
  • 12. NETSCOPE - SAVE MONEY  Reduce bandwidth needs by prioritising and organising WAN traffic.  Remove unwanted traffic from your Internet link.  Improve productivity through increased application performance.  Minimise WAN traffic problems and maximise the usability of your network.
  • 13. NETSCOPE DEPLOYMENT  The NetScope service model uses an in-line hardware device which sits directly on your network from a point of input to a point of output.  NetScope utilises the advanced technology of a network failover card to ensure that your network remains safe even in the unlikely event of a complete system failure. NetScope sits transparently in-line between your router and your switch. NetScope is then accessed via a monitor port through your web browser.
  • 14.  Contact us  Developing enterprise class network management tools to Monitor, Report, Analyse and Control your network. For further information please contact us at or:  Freecall Australia 1-800-628-646  Freecall New Zealand 0508-443-467
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