Np presentation at wceit 2012 in china

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1. 2012-08-29 1www.boca.seNumber Portability– how to build a tailor-made NP Best PracticePresentation by Carin Johansson, BoCa Consulting, at BIT’s world congress…
  • 1. 2012-08-29 1www.boca.seNumber Portability– how to build a tailor-made NP Best PracticePresentation by Carin Johansson, BoCa Consulting, at BIT’s world congress inDalian, 28th-30th August 2012;Number Portability Best Practice
  • 2. 2012-08-29 Number Portability Best Practice 2www.boca.seShort presentation of BoCa ConsultingBoCa is a private owned, independent consultingcompany based in SwedenBoCa has over 70 years of experience within the ITenvironment, mainly from the telecom marketBoCa has over 15 years of experience of NumberPortability related issuesBoCa supplies qualified consultancy services to themarket with focus on the following areas;» Mobile & Fixed Number Portability (NP, MNP, FNP)» Advanced Program & Project Management (PM)» Corporate Development» Process Development» Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS)» Number Management» Configuration Management (CM)» Quality Assurance (QA)
  • 3. 2012-08-29 3www.boca.seAgenda for the presentationWhat is Number portability (NP)?Why Number Portability?Main incentives for Number PortabilityNumber Portability in the world, as of August 2012General Number Portability Best PracticeCan/should general NP Best Practicebe applied anywhere?Build a tailor-made Number Portability Best PracticeNumber Portability Best Practice
  • 4. 2012-08-29 Number Portability Best Practice 4www.boca.seWhat is number portability?A customer can retain his/her telephone numberwhen he/she changes telecom operatorMy Number, according to the National Numbering PlanNumber from Number to Operator…0705-600000 0705-699999 Tele10705-700000 0705-799999 Tele20705-800000 0705-899999 Tele1…My number, 0705-713464,belongs to Tele2My Number, after using Number PortabilityTele5 (Recipient)My number, 0705-713464, is now with;Tele2 (Donor)Porting process
  • 5. 2012-08-29 Number Portability Best Practice 5www.boca.seWhy Number Portability?From the customer’s point of view;» Freedom to select the telecom operator of his/her choice,without losing the number» Lower prices, better terms, new services & handsets, etc» No need to inform family, friends and customers, whenchanging operator» No need to change stationeries, car stickers and otherpromotion material, when an Enterprise customer ischanging operatorFrom a country’s point of view;» Increase competition and customer experience» Increase Quality of Service» WTO, ITU, World Bank and/or EU demands
  • 6. 2012-08-29 Number Portability Best Practice 6www.boca.seMain incentives for NP in the worldEUWTOQoSCustomer experienceCustomer experience
  • 7. 2012-08-29 7www.boca.seNP in the world, as of August 2012Fixed Number Portability was first introduced in Hong Kong in1995, and Mobile Number Portability was first introduced inSingapore in 1997.By today, NP is available in 70 out of 192 UN member states,plus some 10 different territories in the world!NP discussions are ongoing in around 50 countries all overthe world, but mainly in Central & South America, EastEurope, Middle East and Africa.NP in 3 large countries: India finally launched NP in January2011. In addition to this, two other of the larges countries inthe world are planning for, and have started tests on MNP;China and Russia.Number Portability Best Practice
  • 8. 2012-08-29 Number Portability Best Practice 8www.boca.seGeneral NP Best PracticeCentralised solutionDirect routingOne-stop-shopping processWin-back is not allowedShort porting durationtime (max 1 day)Free of charge (or avery low fee) to portFew reasons forrejection from DonorOP1OP2OP7OP6OP3OP8OP5OP4Distributed solutionOP1OP2OP7OP6OP3OP8OP5OP4 CrDbCentralised solutionOriginatingoperatornetwork(1)(2)(2a) (2b)Indirect RoutingDonoroperatornetworkTransitoperatornetworkRecipientoperatornetworkCalling subscriber(A-number)Called subscriber(B-number)Originatingoperatornetwork(2)(1a)Direct RoutingDonoroperatornetworkTransitoperatornetworkRecipientoperatornetworkCalling subscriber(A-number)Called subscriber(B-number)NPDb(1b)CrDBRecipientOtherstakeholdersSubscriberDonorOne-stop-shopping porting process1) Order NP2) Negotiate NP3) Activate NP3) Activate NP3) Activate NP2a) 2b)CrDBRecipientOtherstakeholdersSubscriberDonorTwo-stop-shopping porting process2) Negotiate NP4) Activate NP2a) 2b)1) Requestauthorisation4) ActivateNP4) Activate NP2) Order NP
  • 9. 2012-08-29 Number Portability Best Practice 9Can/should general NP Best Practice beapplied anywhere, 1?Centralised solution?» Only 2 Network Operators (NO)» No other Voice Over IP providers (VOIP)» No other telecom Service Providers (SP)» No Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)Direct routing?» Mobile-phone penetration rate is very high (more than 100%)» NP awareness is very lowOne-stop shopping process?» There is no common national ID, hence the porting process cannot be fully automated, maybe because of the fact that;▪ A majority of the inhabitants are expatriates
  • 10. 2012-08-29 Number Portability Best Practice 10Short porting duration time (max 1 day)?» Main target market for NP is the Enterprise sectorWin-back is not allowed?» Same on-net and off-net prices» Many people already have at least 2 SIM-cardsFree of charge (or a very low fee) to port?» Very high proportion of SIMs are pre-paid SIMs with low AverageRevenue Per User (ARPU)Few reasons for rejection from the Donor?» There are no credit control institutesCan/should general NP Best Practice beapplied anywhere, 2?
  • 11. 2012-08-29 11www.boca.seBuild a tailor-made NP Best Practice, 11. Decide what you want to achieve with NP, focusing on;» the Customers» the Operators» the Telecom Market» the Regulatory point of view» the Technical development2. Go thru the list of General NP Best Practice3. Analyse and compare some five other countries’different NP implementations4. Identify one country, with similar market conditions toyours, where NP has already been introduced, in orderto leverage on their unique experiences, successes,failures and outcomeNumber Portability Best Practice
  • 12. 2012-08-29 12www.boca.seBuild a tailor-made NP Best Practice, 25. Adapt the outcome of the analysis done in point 1-4to your local conditions and constraints, such as;» Maturity of the Telecom market» Political needs» Regulatory environment» Economical situation» Security demands6. Now you have built your own tailor-made NumberPortability Best Practice!Conclusion:Number Portability Best Practice is unique for each country!And it can/should not be copied, as is, from somewhereelse, when NP shall be introduced in a new country!Number Portability Best Practice
  • 13. 2012-08-29 13www.boca.seThank You for Your time and interest!My contact information:Carin Johanssoncarin@boca.seBoCa Consulting ABOstra FornasSE-590 33 Fornasa, SwedenTelephone: +46 141 700 48Mobile: +46 70 571 34 64Skype name: cajsuswww.boca.seNumber Portability Best Practice
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