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project on nri banking
   NRI BANKING Project OnINNOVATIVE BANKING SERVICESPROVIDED TO NRIBACHELOR OF COMMERCEBANKING & INSURANCESEMESTER V200!20S"#$%tte B'(INAL)M)MEHTAROLL NO! *+S)K) SOMAI,A COLLEGE OF ARTS-SCIENCE & COMMERCEVID,AVIHAR  1   NRI BANKING CHAPTER NOTOPIC NAMEPAGE NO  ACKNO.LEDGEMENT E/ECUTIVE SUMMAR, RESEARCH METHODOLOG, OB(ECTIVES OF THE STUD, SCOPE OF STUD,001003030 INTRODUCTION ON NRI BANKING4!  .5o %6 7n Nr%8 P%o c7r 6c5e$e .57t %6 7n OCB8 Ke' #ene9%t6 T':e6 o9 7cco"nt6 O:en%n; o9 NRI A<c0=0*+=02 DEFINATION4!  De9%n%t%on o9 NRI > "ner Fore%;n E?c7n;e M7n7;e$ent Act-=== De9%n7t%on o9 PIO2+20* DEPOSITOR,@S SCHME FOR NRI@S4! 2   NRI BANKING  NRE A<c T':e6 o9 Acco"nt6 FCNR A<c NRO A<c T7? Bene9%t6 9or NRI@6*0*0*+*1+0+ SERVICES OFFERED B, VARIOUSBANK TO NRI@S4!  B7n%n; Ser%ce6 Ser%ce6 o99ere #' ICICI B7n  F7c%%t' 77%7#e 76 :er RBI<FEMA ;"%e%ne6+*+++001 RBI ISSUES GUIDELINES FOR MONE,TRANSFER SCHEME4!  Mone' tr7n69er Intern7t%on7 S.IFT tr7n69er De$7n or #7ner6 r79t UAE E?c57n;e .e6ter "n%on Mone' Tr7n69er Sen%6e Mone';r7$ 6en $one' on%ne to7' ICICI & HDFC #7n NRI $one' tr7n69er NRI INVESTMENTS4! +3+=+=0002 3   NRI BANKING  Ine6t$ent o::ort"n%t%e6 %n In%7 9or NRI RBI 9or$620 NRI INVESTMENT IN IMMOVABLEPROPERT, IN INDIA4!  R"e6 9or 7c"%6%t%on  tr7n69er #' 9ore%;n c%t%en NRI@6 Moe o9 :7'$ent Re:7tr%7t%on o9 67e :rocee613= 08 PAN CARD FOR NRI64!  A::'%n; 9or :7n c7r- nece66%t' 9or :7n c7r-c57r;e6 o9 :7n c7r De$7t 7<c1012 CASE STUD, ON NRI CONCLUSION ANE//URE FINDINGS AND SUGGESTION BIBLIOGRAPH,1102+ 4   NRI BANKING ACKNO.LEDGEMENT F%r6t 7n Fore$o6t  I thank the ALMIGHT,  for the Inspiration and strength tocomplete this project report successfully.I would firstly like to thank Dr) H7r%65 S%n;5  who has provided me the kindopportunity to do this project and to finish it in a successful manner.My heartily thanks to Dr) S":r%'7 C57"57r' the coordinator of my group andother faculties, who have right from the beginning encouraged me to do the projectwell.I consider it my proud privilege and immense pleasure working under the guidanceof S":r%'7 M7$ , who gave me a constant guidance valuable suggestions andinspiring encouragement to make my study a success.My sincere thanks toms S":r%'7 M7$ , who has done me the corrections andformatting of project report and helped me by providing details and quotations of my topic, this helped me make my project very precise and accurate to a greatextent. E/ECUTIVE SUMMAR,4! 5
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