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  Utica CollegeDefensive Playbook  2008   2 Table of Contents Section I. Introductionp. 3Terminologyp. 11Fronts p. 28Slants & Twistsp. 354-4 e!ense p. 4 4-3 e!ensep. #$oal %ine & Sort 'ardagep. 1( 3-4 e!ensep. 113)i*ard e!ensep. 1323-3 Stac+p. 13,Situation e!ensep. 14#  Red Zone 4 Minute Drill Empty Unbalanced Extra Point lit* ac+agep. 15#rea+ te onep. 1 Section II.  /ppendi0p. 1,5% osition anualp. 21 I% osition anualp. 25 % osition anualp. 285 osition anualp. 31(   3 Philosophy )e are an attac+ and +ey de!ense using a 4-2-5 e!ense. 4 e!ensie %ineman 2 Inside %ineac+ers and Fie e!ensie ac+s. Te 4-2-5 as ot 4-4 and 4-3 alignments in te ase pac+age. )e utili*e multiple *one coerages in our de!ensie sceme. 6one coerage allows !or turnoers stronger run support and limits ig plays. isguising coerage con!uses te o7ense especially te . )e also slant and lit* to disrupt te o7ense9s timing. )e are an aggressie attac+ing downill de!ense.   4 Defensive Glossary 4-3   4-3 Defense Four e!ensie %ineman: ;eys same as 4-4.S< ST =$ & )<Inside %ineac+ers: ;eys !or >oer and i+e are T< to =ear ac+. Sam same +eys as 4-4. =ote: %inemen can e an e7ectie secondary +ey. Two Sa!eties: ;eys same as 4-4 and will ary ased on coerage called.Free Sa!ety and )illTwo ?orners: ;eys same as 4-4 and will ary ased on coerage called. Field ?orner and oundary ?orner
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