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Slideshow that features potential plans for Multiverse Press, a proposed 501(c)(3) which will seek to address the pervasive societal stigma, misunderstanding and fear of persons described as “mentally ill” through publishing books of narrative prose and other forms of creative writing by those affected by a psychiatric diagnosis.
  • 1. Multiverse Press Tentative Fundraising Plan 2017 J. Scott Oates Philanthropy and Resource Development - PSC 650 Dr. Tamaki Onishi, instructor Spring 2016
  • 2. Multiverse Press 2017 Fundraising Plan - Contents I. Introduction to Presentation II. Multiverse Press’s “Lifetime Donor Development Plan” III. The First Annual Fund - Solicitation Methods IV. Internal Case for Support A. Mission Statement, Goals, 2017 Objectives, Programs and Services B. Finances C. Governance D. Staffing, Service Delivery E. Planning and Evaluation, History V. Tentative Fundraising Calendar for 2017 VI. Proposed First Email Ask for 2017 Annual Fund VII. References 2
  • 3. I. Introduction “Fundraising has been the servant of philanthropy across the millennia” (Rosso, 2011, p. 8). As such, once Multiverse Press, a proposed nonprofit startup book press, has established 501(c)(3) Incorporation (hopefully by the end of 2016), it must consider how best to take advantage of its tax status, including a plan for fundraising to help support its activities. This presentation offers a brief assessment of the potential general applicability of specific fundraising programs for Multiverse Press, then proposes initial fundraising programs and strategies that seem most likely to be effective for Multiverse Press, with explanations of why the programs and strategies are thought to be the most appropriate. The presentation then proposes details pertaining to the execution of those fundraising programs and strategies, concluding with tools such as Multiverse Press’s internal case statement, tentative fundraising calendar, and a First Annual Fund email ask. 3
  • 4. II. Multiverse Press’s “Lifetime Donor Development” Plan “Not every organization can implement all aspects of a total development plan, but every organization can implement a plan that incorporates the concept of lifetime donor development” (Tempel, Seiler, Aldrich, 2011, p. 39). Multiverse Press will begin with very limited resources, and therefore will be initially unable to implement several components of the total development plan, such as a capital campaign, major gifts program, or endowment. As a grassroots nonprofit with a first-year budget of under $25,000, it will focus “on strategies for fundraising from individuals rather than foundations, corporations, or government sources” (Klein, 2011, p. 384). Multiverse Press’s lifetime donor development plan will include planned giving after its first year of operations, once the Press has established itself as accountable, transparent and worthy of such gifts. 4
  • 5. III. The First Annual Fund - MULTIVERSE PRESS’S FIRST ANNUAL FUND: ● Consists of ○ Multiverse Press’s income after expenses from book sales added with ○ Solicited donations to the annual fund, as well as ○ Any income remaining after the crowdfunding phase, first book publication, and 501(c)(3) Incorporation. ○ The Press’s first annual fund will therefore pool all income into it. ● Benefits and objectives Multiverse Press’s annual fund will include ○ providing annual unrestricted support for operations, ○ informing and involving constituents, ○ building a base of donors to be cultivated to support future fundraising activities, ○ establishing patterns of giving through regular and effective cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship, and ○ expanding the donor base by seeking donations from new prospects and constituencies (Rosso, 2011, p. 53). The annual fund “forms the base of a successful fundraising program. Not only does it provide support for the annual operating budget, but it also uses special strategies to recruit new donors, solicit repeat or renewed gifts from earlier donors, and upgrade gifts from year to year” (Tempel, Seiler, Aldrich, 2011, p. 39) 5
  • 6. III. The First Annual Fund-Solicitation Methods-Events ● Special Events Multiverse Press hopes to hold two book release events, both of which ■ The director will invite several musician friends to perform ■ Will likely take place at a restaurant/bar/music venue in downtown Raleigh ■ Hosted by the Press’s founder who will “pass the hat” for donations for the Press ■ Marketing for the events will be done via social media ■ Costs will be minimal to none ● Ongoing Events Multiverse Press hopes to hold readings and discussions throughout 2017: ○ Director will seek out venues such as independent bookstores and coffee shops throughout NC in which to hold readings to potentially interested constituents ○ At the end of these readings, he will “pass the hat” for Multiverse Press and ask participants to sign up for the Multiverse email list ○ On its website, the Press will put out notice that the founder is willing to read to organizations/people who request him to do so, in exchange for the opportunity to “pass the hat.” 6
  • 7. III. The First Annual Fund - Internet Solicitation The primary method of solicitation for Multiverse Press in its first year will be internet solicitation. ● Multiverse Press currently has no website of its own, but ● “owns” a page on Facebook that has “earned” 90 subscribers, several comments, and a handful of post “likes” and “shares” with a reach of at least 1,020 people (per Facebook’s metrics features) (https://www.facebook.com/MultiversePress/) ● A Multiverse Press Twitter page (https://twitter.com/MultiversePress) ● Multiverse Press will also establish a blog and youtube channel prior to 501(c)(3) Incorporation, in which the founder will share from his journals and books in order to promote the Press and its endeavors ● Multiverse Press will not have its own website (other than the wordpress blog) until 501(c)(3) Incorporation, when it will be able to obtain discounts on services thanks to its nonprofit status ● The Press is considering a quarterly email campaign, using the contact email information obtained from constituents (with their permission) when they purchased a book. These initial constituents will form the first prospect list for Multiverse Press’s Annual Fund 7
  • 8. IV. Multiverse Press Internal Case for Support 2017 Mission Statement - Multiverse Press believes that writing is therapeutic, and that people have the capacity to act with compassion in a given situation. Multiverse Press seeks to address the pervasive societal stigma, misunderstanding and fear of persons described as “mentally ill” through publishing books of narrative prose and other forms of creative writing by those affected by a psychiatric diagnosis. Goals - Multiverse Press seeks to publish books that demonstrate potential social value and artistic merit, with the aim of promoting freedom of speech and public awareness while fostering understanding and compassion for people with psychiatric conditions. Objectives - For 2017 (after a successful initial crowdfunding stage and 501(c)(3) Incorporation) Multiverse Press tentatively endeavors to publish, sell, and distribute two books: 1. The founder’s second book, a “sequel” to the first, detailing his further struggles with schizo-affective disorder, post- diagnosis 2. The founder would like to solicit narratives from writers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to share and publish their submissions, including a $1000 First Prize, $500 Second Prize, and five $100 Third Prizes. Programs and Services - Multiverse Press will write/edit, print, publish, and deliver books as described above, and offer an online forum for discussion of the books. 8
  • 9. IV. Multiverse Press Internal Case for Support 2017 Finances - Multiverse Press will have one main pool of money in it first year of operations after 501(c)(3) Incorporation, known as its annual fund. The basic sources of income and support will come from any monies left over from the Press’s crowdfunding campaign, an annual fund development plan that will solicit donations, and the sales of books. Basic expenses for 2017 are detailed here: 9 Expense Amount Cash Prizes for PTSD Compilation $2000 Consultants (Accounting, Law, etc) $1500 Web Presence/Social Media/Marketing $1000 Memberships, Fees, Subscriptions $500 Printing/Publishing $2500 Total Estimate of Anticipated Expenses $7500
  • 10. IV. Multiverse Press Internal Case for Support 2017 Governance - The Board of Directors of Multiverse Press will be: ● Self-perpetuating, consist of five to twelve members, seek diversity, and ● carry an initial service term of one year, at the end of which each member can choose to remain on the Board or notify the director and other Board members that he/she wishes to be replaced. The Founding Board will be ● recruited directly by the director from a network of friends and other interested community members, after which that existing Board will vote on new members. ● skills and backgrounds sought in potential Board members: nonprofit management, financial management, publishing, writing, editing, and mental health consumers/advocates. ● Functional responsibilities include supporting, evaluating, and working with the Director to approve Multiverse Press’s programs, ensuring sound financial management and stability, while establishing standards for organizational performance and holding the Press accountable to those standards. ○ While Multiverse Press is in the startup phase, the organization’s Director will serve as Board Chairperson and appoint a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer whose background matches the description for each role. ○ The Board will meet once before incorporation of Multiverse Press, and four times during the first year of operations. ○ The Director will supply the Board with an email update at least twice monthly, with financial data included in the end-of-month report. 10
  • 11. IV. Multiverse Press Internal Case for Support 2017 Staffing - First year of operations: ● Multiverse Press will have one permanent staff member, the Founder and Executive Director, who will not be compensated. ○ Currently a student in UNCG’s Nonprofit Management graduate certificate curriculum, ○ B.A. (summa cum laude) in Liberal Studies/Humanities after transferring from NCSU’s English Language and Literature curriculum. ○ Experience with bookkeeping and administrative functions as the “office manager” for a small web design company. ● Any volunteer(s) or intern(s) to share the functions of reviewing and editing potential narratives for publication, along with any other non-financial tasks, such as updating the organization’s website. Service Delivery - Multiverse Press will operate out of Raleigh-Durham, NC with no rent or utility costs. Books will likely be mass-shipped to the director who will then mail each book by hand to the person who ordered it, hopefully with help from a volunteer or intern. 11
  • 12. IV. Multiverse Press Internal Case for Support 2017 Planning and Evaluation - Multiverse Press will perform ongoing planning and evaluation on daily, bi-weekly, and monthly bases. For example, if Multiverse Press is unable to meet its $7500 fundraising goal within the first three quarters of 2017, then a total re-evaluation is in order. Each solicitation activity (email, social media, website donations, income from sales of books, special events, and readings) will be tracked for performance and that data will be referenced in subsequent evaluations for continuing planning. History - Begun as a project in UNCG’s online nonprofit management certificate program in 2015, Multiverse Press is the brainchild of J. Scott Oates, who struggled with severe and persistent symptoms of schizo-affective disorder with both psychotic and bipolar aspects. Despite these struggles, Mr. Oates has kept journals since 1996, and his desire to share his experiences and benefit others has spawned Multiverse Press, which will hopefully serve as a springboard for dialogue about the way the “mentally ill” are treated and regarded in modern society. 12
  • 13. 13 Month of 2017 Multiverse Press Fundraising Initiative(s) January Annual Fund First Fundraising Ask via email using prospect lists from first book sales February *Ongoing readings of first book with asks for donations (“pass the hat”) *Ongoing social media outreach including a (video?) blog in addition to the website March First quarter fundraising results tallied and shared with Board *Ongoing assessments of fundraising performance April Annual Fund Second Quarter Fundraising Ask via email May *Ongoing networking (with NAMI-NC constituents (Annual NAMIWalk in May) and others) June Special Event Fundraiser (Oates Book 2 Release?) July *Ongoing book readings, fundraising progress reports, and social media outreach, book sales online August *Ongoing book readings, fundraising progress reports, and social media outreach, book sales online September Annual Fund third quarter email fundraising ask October *Ongoing book sales online, with multiple opportunities to donate in addition to purchasing books November Special Event Fundraiser (PTSD Book Release?) December End of Year Fundraising Ask via email/Donor Recognition V. Multiverse Press Tentative Fundraising Calendar for 2017
  • 14. 14 VI. MULTIVERSE PRESS PROPOSED FIRST EMAIL ASK FOR 2017 ANNUAL FUND (slide 1) TO: Recipient FROM: Multiverse Press SUBJECT: Multiverse Press is Official! MULTIVERSE PRESS Dear (name of recipient), Thank you so much for your interest in startup nonprofit Multiverse Press (link to website). We have some exciting news: Thanks to your book purchases and donations, Multiverse Press has earned its 501(c)(3) Incorporation status - we are official and are able to accept tax-deductible donations!! However, the work is just starting. In 2017, Multiverse Press endeavors to publish two books: 1. My (J. Scott Oates’s) second book, further detailing experiences with schizo-affective disorder and sharing writings from the period of 2000-2005. 2. A compilation of writings from authors regarding their experiences with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder I can’t do it alone, so I’m asking for your help. Multiverse Press has a few operating needs for 2017, so I’m gratefully requesting tax-deductible donations to sustain it. (continued on next slide)
  • 15. 15 VI. MULTIVERSE PRESS PROPOSED FIRST EMAIL ASK FOR 2017 ANNUAL FUND (slide 2) In particular, the Press would like to offer monetary prizes totalling $2,000 to those who submit their writing sharing their experiences with PTSD. Also, I’m asking for your help in order to publish the resulting book which will cost approximately $1,500. Multiverse Press also has other operating budget (annual fund) needs with which your tax-deductible donation will help us. Won’t you please help us accomplish our mission, goals, and objectives for 2017? Are you willing and able to help us in our endeavors by supporting our first annual fund? DONATE (click here) Thank you so much again for your interest and support. Please drop by our website for the latest news. Best, J. Scott Oates Multiverse Press https://www.facebook.com/MultiversePress/ https://twitter.com/MultiversePress * Please add Multiverse Press to your email contacts so communications like this won’t result in a designation as spam. Please forward to friends!! You are receiving this email because you purchased a book or an ebook through Multiverse Press’s crowdfunding campaign, or otherwise signed up for our email list. If you would no longer like to receive communications from Multiverse Press, please opt-out by clicking here.
  • 16. 16 VII. References Klein, K. (2011). Fundraising for grassroots nonprofits. In E. R. Tempel, T. L. Seiler, & E. E. Aldrich (Eds.), Achieving excellence in fundraising (3rd ed., pp. 383-392). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Rosso, H. A. (2011). The annual fund. In E. R. Tempel, T. L. Seiler, & E. E. Aldrich (Eds.), Achieving excellence in fundraising (3rd ed., pp. 51-63). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Rosso, H. A. (2011). A philosophy of fundraising. In E. R. Tempel, T. L. Seiler, & E. E. Aldrich (Eds.), Achieving excellence in fundraising (3rd ed., pp. 3-9). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Tempel, E. R., Seiler, T. L., & Aldrich, E. E. (2011). Achieving excellence in fundraising (3rd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
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