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1. Ali Babar, Anita Yuan, Iris Ma, June Hwang, Samantha Whynot 2016.04.21 2. ã Brand Introduction ã Project Objective ã Market Evaluation: Southeast Asia ã Market…
  • 1. Ali Babar, Anita Yuan, Iris Ma, June Hwang, Samantha Whynot 2016.04.21
  • 2. • Brand Introduction • Project Objective • Market Evaluation: Southeast Asia • Market Overview: Vietnam • Specific Marketing Plan • Conclusion
  • 3. • Established in 1933, Oriental Brewery has remained the leading Korean alcohol producer for more than 80 years • OB exports 40 different brands to 30 countries around the world • OB’s success has been led by the growth of their CASS product line which holds an estimated 55% market share in South Korea
  • 4. Dynamic Pleasant PassionateInnovative Trendy
  • 5. “ We serve to establish a comprehensive strategy designed to facilitate sales from local consumers in overseas markets. The analysis of potential markets will determine feasibility of strategic implementation. Using one potential market as a point of reference, the proposed strategy is used as a means of stimulating Cass brand awareness, and changing local consumer behavior.”
  • 6. • Vietnam is an active Southeast Asian trading nation • 3rd largest beer consumer in Asia right after China and Japan • Vietnamese spend 5% of annual beer on beer • High import taxes and duties for protecting local brands
  • 7. Strengths • Consumers are highly influenced by brands through marketing campaigns • Highly receptive consumer in the wealthy urban city centers • Increasing competitive pressure will drive dynamism and growth in beverage sector Weakness • The wide income disparities between urban and rural areas • Local beer still dominates the market, competition between international brands • The infrastructure is still weak, as compared to other countries Opportunities • Rising tourism will lead a positive impact on alcoholic beverage sales • Rising disposable incomes will bring new opportunities for premium branded products Treats • Rising unemployment levels in the country will influence consumer confidence • A global trend towards health consciousness may affect the sales of alcoholic beverages
  • 8. • 80% of beer are consumed in bars and restaurants rather than at home
  • 9. • Affinity to Drinking Beer Strong tradition Beer is the preferred social beverage Tropical climate • Brand Preference Loyal to local brands Regional consumption Premium beer market
  • 10. • Customer Demographics Majority age group: 25-34 years old Majority consumption city: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Premium brands trend • Recent Trend Trade relations Korean culture influence
  • 11. • Asia Pacific Breweries • Tiger • Flagship brand of APB • 25% of market share by volume • Vietnam is the largest market for Tiger • Specific marketing activities: “Tiger street football”, “UNCAGE”
  • 12. • Heineken • Young People and high income Vietnamese • 20% of market share Together 85% of premium beer segment
  • 13. • Saigon • Priced at low to medium level, 35% market share • Owned by Sabeco Corporation, 40.6% as the Vietnamese market leader • Main Products: • 333 premium and Saigon Special • Main marketing activities: TV, newspaper • Recently Campaign: Tet(Lunar New Year Experience) experience
  • 14. • Sapporo • Supported by the a joint venture with state-owned VNT corporation • Premium beer: double the price of top selling brand 333 • Focus on developing relationship with local retailers • The only one to deploy representatives in stores and supermarkets • 800 promotion girls
  • 15. • Geographic: Ho Chi Minh City, with a population of 7.2 million; Hanoi, 6.5 million hold the greatest potential for CASS • Ho Chi Minh vs Hanoi: Consumers have less of a loyalty to local brands, as compared to Hanoi, The city is located near the sea, importing a number of foreign products, and attracting FDI. However, the number of immigrants are increasing more in Hanoi • Target Market: Our consumers medium to high income level group aged between 20 to 30
  • 16. Consumer Survey and its Results Question 1: How often do you drink beer? When asked how often they drink beer, the majority of Vietnamese youth responded “other”, while 25% said 1-3 times per week.
  • 17. Question 2: Where do you typically drink beer? In order to discover where Vietnamese youth prefer drinking beer, the above question was posed. The results show the majority of respondents enjoy restaurants and events as locations to consume beer.
  • 18. Question 3: For what purpose do you drink beer? An overwhelming majority of respondents drink beer for a social purpose. This is in line with previously mentioned findings.
  • 19. Question 4: How do you typically select a beer? When selecting a beer, Vietnamese youth heavily rely on brand name, as well as the recommendation of friends. This has huge implications to Cass in their marketing strategy, as it is imperative to build strong brand awareness and create word of mouth advertising.
  • 20. Question 5: Are you familiar with Cass beer? Nearly half of the respondents were familiar with the Cass brand. This is positive for OB as there is a general awareness of Cass among Vietnamese youth. With this knowledge, we may now issue more direct marketing strategies.
  • 21. Question 6: Have you tried Cass beer? Although in the above question it was seen that Cass was familiar to Vietnamese youth, very few had actually tried the product. It will be imperative for OB to give consumers the opportunity to taste the product.
  • 22. Question 7: What is the most commonly used Social Media platform in Vietnam? In order to assess the most popular means of online advertising among Vietnamese youth, this question was asked. An overwhelming number of respondents favored Facebook over other social media platforms. Question 8: What Apps do you use the most to contact friends? Similarly to question 7, Facebook was deemed the primary means of communication between friends. This becomes important to OB in building brand awareness of Cass beer as Vietnamese highly rely on word of mouth advertising.
  • 23. Question 9: What are the most popular events Vietnamese youth like to attend? As social events are linked to drinking behaviours in Vietnam, this question was posed to seek out the most popular events in the area. Responses ranged from music events and concerts, to more athletic events such as “Color Run” or sporting events.
  • 24. Question 10: What kind of marketing activities for beer do you prefer? To consider which forms of marketing activities are well received by Vietnamese youth, the above question was asked. Reponses show that marketing campaigns and on the street marketing generate the highest level of consumer response. Discounts and Sponsorship also are well received.
  • 25. • Activities “Playable Music” “Personalized Bottle” “Selfie Challenge” • Venue Universities, big supermarkets and shopping malls in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City • Promotions: Posters in Restaurant Promote for following activities
  • 26. • Activities K-pop show: 18.30-22.30 Vinahouse: 17.30-02.00 Beer(Games: Flip Cup) • Venue: Ho Chi Minh City “Pham Ngu Lao ” in District 3 Hanoi Bia Hoi Junction • Promotion: CASS Vending Machine CASS Beer selling plan Selfie with CASS CASS Beer Selling Plan 1 beer VND 15000 2-5 beers VND 13000 6-8 beers VND 11000 9-11beers VND 9000 More than 12 beers VND 7000
  • 27. • Activities “Guerilla Marketing” CASS beer stalls • Venue Low population density area of Hanoi • Promotion: YouTube Live Facebook event page Billboards TV channel: MTV
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