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1. One HP Employee Award March 2015 Dear Team, Thank you for all your nominations in March. We are delighted to recognize the following employees who have all…
  • 1. One HP Employee Award March 2015 Dear Team, Thank you for all your nominations in March. We are delighted to recognize the following employees who have all demonstrated outstanding behavior in one of the following categories. Always Accountable Highly Capable and Innovative Passion for Customers People and Team Developer Will to Win
  • 2. Read more to find out what colleagues and customers said about the winners. Always Accountable Xiao-Hui Wen Xiao-Hui is senior support engineer for OMU/OMi products in China. Recently our premier customer Sing Power met a critical issue on OMU/OMi integration, Xiao-Hui took ownership of the case as this issue impacted customer's new systems' implementation and monitoring, she was working very hard with CPEs till mid-night for several days and also worked on it during the weekend. With her great effort, the problem has been solved, her always accountable work attitude is really impress and appreciated! Thanks Xiao-Hui! Highly Capable and Innovative Stefan Ceausoglu Stefan is one of the most reliable colleague that I had. Always keeps his promises and even work extra hours just to get all the things done and never give up on delivering high quality output for his work. He came up with an improvement idea to minimize the time spent by renewal reps in updating SFDC.This will also help the Sales Ops team to have more accurate SFDC reports and to save time for real value added tasks. There isn't a question that Stefan cannot answer, there isn't a process that Stefan doesn't know how to improve, and there isn't a goal that he cannot achieve. Driving the implementation of the worldwide new pipeline process,project manager of SFDCautomation initiative (to name but few), Stefan is definitely the most capable and innovative person in EMEA SW Support Sales Operations. Passion for Customers Mihai Lazar Mihai's passion for customers is exemplary - the passion with which he gets involved with our customers problems is unrivalled. He doesn't just quickly establish himself as someone who can resolve a problem for them, but he establishes himself as their trusted advisor who can give them a holistic view about how they can improve their overall environment. It doesn't matter if it's internal or external customers, the
  • 3. feedback about Mihai is the same. Thank you for your great attitude and willingness to help in even the most challenging of situations. People and Team Developer Rogerio Perez Rogerio always knows how to help everybody in the team, he knows how to address the problems, how to handle any situation, and knows almost everything about process, products and people, if we have a problem he knows how to guide people and also shows what we can do in order to improve and grow. He is a serious person that we can trust, all the time he try to help the team development. Will to Win John Geisler John has been capable of handling multiple scenarios and maintaining the same profile and approach with customers for a long time now, he demonstrated the passion to climb the hill on this turnaround, he is a highly effective engineering support agent. He takes an incredible amount of cases and is always accountable to the customer. I regard him as a very conscientious employee and a true asset to the Worksite team. Furthermore, he is a morale booster to his peers. He is willing to help his co-workers and the client to get the best support experience possible. Many congratulations to all the following colleagues who were nominated in March Mina Macias Dagoberto Delgado Denis Afonso Faouzi Dahak Roxana Tudor Daniel Morris Maria Hristova Trachev, Veselin Animesh Rajani Ravi Billimoria Tony Tattersall Reggie Polk Sorin Boca Dave Stewart Ivo Hristov Kyoung Hwan Shin (Eric) Cristina Alonso Desmedt, Uli (HP Software) Paul Matthew Angelica Rodriguez Jeremy Scheppa David Couch Ashok Kumar Goyat
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