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HST 301 HST301 hst 301
  HST/301 UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION The Latest Version A+ Study uide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HST 301 Entire Course Lin   htt#s$//uo#%ourses&%o'/%ate(ory/ hst ) 301 /!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   HST 301 Week 1 Influences on the Constitution Table Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Influences on the Constitution Table. Write at least two sentences (45 wors! for each res onse. Submit  your assi#n$ent to the %ssi#n$ent &iles tab. Influences on the Constitution Table Co$ lete each section below. Inclue citations for your sources. DocumentsSummary What was its influence on the Constitution? Ma#na Carta Mayflower Co$ act %rticles of Confeeration'eclaration of Ine enence hilosophersWho was this?How !i! his writin s influence the Constitution? Tho$as obbes  )ohn *oc+e Selecte! patriotsWho was this?What were his #iews on o#ernmental structure? ,en-a$in &ran+lin %lexaner a$ilton Patric+ enryTho$as )efferson)a$es Maison)ohn %a$s'iscussion uestion: Write two ara#ra hs that aress the followin# /uestion. ,e sure to write in co$ lete sentences an use ro er #ra$$ar an style. 0ach ara#ra h shoul be at least 122 wors each. Co$ are an contrast how the &eeralists an anti3&eeralists thou#ht about the issue of feeralis$. Why i one #rou avocate for a stron# feeral #overn$ent an why i the other #rou insist on owerful state #overn$ents HST 301 Week $ %ranches of &o#ernment aper  'esources : %rticles I II an III of the Constitution locate in % enix % of Constitutional Law  Write a 12523 to 14223wor essay that aresses the followin#:  Ientify the se aration of owers between the three branches of #overn$ent. 'iscuss how each branch chec+s an balances the other branches.  6elect a current event or issue fro$ the ast five years. Possible areas inclue: health care refor$ resiential a oint$ents an national security for exa$ le.  'iscuss how the se aration of owers an chec+s an balances affect this issue. Cite  at least four references to su ort the content of your a er. (ormat your a er consistent with %P% #uielines. Submit  your assi#n$ent to the %ssi#n$ent &iles tab. HST 301 Week 3 %ill of 'i hts an! )men!ments resentation  'esources : The Unite 6tates Constitution an the 78 a$en$ents in % enix % of Constitutional Law   an a ro riate websites repare  a 123 to 173slie resentation usin# a resentation software of your choice for exa$ le Microsoft9 PowerPoint9 or Prei. Inclu!e the followin# in your resentation:  ow an why o a$en$ents beco$e art of the Constitution  What roble$s with the ori#inal ocu$ent $otivate the ao tion of the ,ill of ;i#hts  What have been the effects of the ,ill of ;i#hts  What roble$s with the ori#inal ocu$ent or chan#es in society le to later a$en$ents Choose  one of the followin# #rou s to iscuss:  Thirteenth throu#h &ifteenth %$en$ents  6eventeenth <ineteenth Twenty3Thir Twenty3&ourth an Twenty36ixth  %$en$ents  Twelfth Twenty36econ an Twenty3&ifth %$en$ents  What have been the effects of these later a$en$ents Inclu!e introuction an conclusion slies an s ea+er notes. Cite  at least three sources to su ort the content of your resentation. Submit  your assi#n$ent to the %ssi#n$ent &iles tab. HST 301 Week 3 *ou are a +ayor Simulation an! +emo Complete the si$ulation =>ou are a Mayor an <ee to Ma+e a Civil ;i#hts 'ecision.= Write a ?523wor $e$o to your staff etailin# the civil ri#hts ecisions you $ae an ex lainin# why you $ae the$. >our $e$o shoul focus on @<0 of the scenarios resente (youth curfews $inority hirin# IA ositive e$ loyees etc.! an you shoul ex lain to your staff how your actions ensure that your co$ any is in co$ liance with all civil ri#hts laws. Submit  your assi#n$ent to the %ssi#n$ent &iles tab. HST 301 Week , (I')C Worksheet 'e#iew  the si$ulation =>ou are a 6u re$e Court )ustice 'eciin# on a &ree 6 eech Case.=  'ea!  % enix ,: ,riefin# an %nalyin# Cases in Constitutional Law. Choose  a U.6. 6u re$e Court case that covers the &irst %$en$ent (free s eech reli#ion ress asse$bly an etition!. 'o not use any of the cases $entione in the =>ou are a 6u re$e Court )ustice= si$ulation. -se  the 6u re$e Court of the Unite 6tates website (www.su re$ecourt.#ov! to locate acase. (ollow  the &I;%C $oel in % enix , to brief the case. Complete  the &I;%C Wor+sheet rovie. Submit  your assi#n$ent to the %ssi#n$ent &iles tab. FIRAC Worksheet  Appendix B: Briefing and Analyzing Cases in Constitutional Law  offers a model to brief a courtcase. FIRAC stands for Facts, Issue, Rule(s, Analyze, and Conclusion. Read about t!is model andsee an example of it in Appendix B. !en, select a #nited $tates $upreme Court case on t!e FirstAmendment and complete a FIRAC analysis using t!e %or&s!eet belo%. SU*E,E COUT  case: -ACTS : 'ay out t!e facts of t!e case. ()) %ords ISSUE : Identify t!e legal issue.(*) %ords ULE : +!at proision of t!e First Amendment applies to t!e issue you !ae defined- (*) %ords ANAL.E : Analyze t!e case, applying t!e la% to t!e facts of t!e case. ()) %ords CONCLUSION : /ra% a conclusion. ()) %ords f r nc all '. 0. B &el$eier ). P. (7217!. Constitutional law: Governmental powers and individual freedoms  (7n e.!. ,oston M%: Pearson.
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