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Paper Based Art. For your inspiration. Origami (since the 6 th century Japan). Hannah Hoch (1889-1978) pioneer of photocollage. How does her manipulation of these human forms alter or compromise their basic human traits? Do they seem more or less human to you?. RaoulHausmann (1886-1971).
Paper Based Art For your inspiration Origami (since the 6th century Japan) Hannah Hoch (1889-1978) pioneer of photocollage How does her manipulation of these human forms alter or compromise their basic human traits? Do they seem more or less human to you? RaoulHausmann (1886-1971) Hausmann and Hoch were Berlin Dada-ists, working from 1918, when the first dada spore left Zurich and landed in Berlin, until the end of their lives. Photo collage as a cultural phenomenon was well established – people would manipulate family & magazine images for amusement. These artists are credited with inventing it as a serious form of art and political commentary. As in the manifestos, dada is an anti-art form, so the intention is to break up the status quo. Hausmann The Art Critic. 1920 What’s he think about art critics? Note the German banknote at his neck and rather sharp pencil below. What’s it mean? Hausmann Tatlin at Home, 1920 This is an homage to Vladimir Tatlin, a Russian painter who worked during the Russian revolution (1917) and was in tune with Futurism, laid a good groundwork for abstract art. Tatlin’s head is an automobile steering wheel and drive shaft, conferring on him a status of semi-human, semi-machine. Contemporary Artists
  • Emma Van Leest
  • Emma Van Leest Born in Melbourn, 1978, works in paper and also uses them for animations and shadowplays Su Blackwell Down the Rabbit Hole, Constructions incorporating books and paper Su Blackwell, b. 1975, U.K. Pandora’s Box Su Blackwell Note the incorporation of lights, which you need to think about for your first projects. Peter Callesen, b, 1967, Denmark Peter Callesen “Half Way Through” Works are made from a single sheet of A4 Paper Peter Callesen Cradle to Grave TardoMuchablog How can a simple gesture change the meaning of an everyday object? What’s the smallest gesture you can make to affect real meaning? TardoMucha
  • How do you take something from the everyday to the strange?
  • What are the ground rules of this image and how do they change as you read from right to left?
  • TardoMucha There are 3 different scales of size at play here. How does their juxtaposition change the meaning of the image? TardoMucha Notice how a simple line of ripped paper marks the edge of the horizon for the male character and the edge of the pit for the female. A simple drawing of a star confirms the sky. Stenberg Brothers
  • 1929, Russian Constructivist film poster
  • How does the composition lead your eye around the page? What helps the movement?
  • Where is the central focus?
  • Anything important missing?
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