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PCI express System Technology by Mindshare
  PCI Express Technology  Mike Jackson, Ravi Budruk MindShare, Inc. MindShare Technology Series For training, visit   mindshare.com “MindShare books are critical in the understanding of complex technical topics, such as PCI Express 3.0 architecture. Many of our customers and industry partners depend on these books for the success of their projects”   Joe Mendolia - Vice President, LeCroy Comprehensive Guide to Generations 1.x, 2.x and 3.0  PCI    Express   Technology Comprehensive   Guide   to   Generations   1.x,   2.x,   3.0  M IND S HARE  ,   I  NC . Mike    JacksonRavi   Budruk Technical   Edit   by    Joe   Winkles   and   Don    Anderson  MindShare Live Training and Self-Paced Training Are   your   company’s   technical   training   needs    being   addressed   in   the   most   effective   manner? MindShare   has   over   25   years   experience   in   conducting   technical   training   on   cutting ‐ edge   technologies.   We   understand   the   challenges   companies   have   when   searching   for   quality,   effective   training   which   reduces   the   students’   time   away   from   work   and   provides   cost ‐ effective   alternatives.   MindShare   offers   many   flexible   solutions   to   meet   those   needs.   Our   courses   are   taught   by   highly ‐ skilled,   enthusiastic,   knowledgeable   and   experienced   instructors.   We   bring   life   to   knowledge   through   a   wide   variety   of    learn ‐ ing   methods   and   delivery   options.MindShare   offers   numerous   courses   in   a   self  ‐ paced   training   format   (eLearning).   We’ve   taken   our   25+   years   of    experience   in   the   technical   training   industry   and   made   that   knowledge   available   to   you   at   the   click   of    a   mouse. training@mindshare.com 1 ‐ 800 ‐ 633 ‐ 1440 www.mindshare.com Intel Architecture ã Intel   Ivy   Bridge   Processorã Intel   64   (x86)   Architectureã Intel   QuickPath   Interconnect   (QPI)ã Computer   Architecture Virtualization Technology ã PC   Virtualizationã IO   Virtualization AMD Architecture ã   MD   Opteron   Processor   (Bulldozer)ã   MD64   Architecture IO Buses ã PCI   Express   3.0ã USB   3.0   /   2.0ã xHCI   for   USB Firmware Technology ã UEFI   Architectureã BIOS   Essentials Storage Technology ã SAS   Architectureã Serial   ATA   Architectureã NVMe   Architecture ARM Architecture ã ARM   Architecture Memory Technology ã   odern   DRAM   Architecture Graphics Architecture ã Graphics   Hardware   Architecture High Speed Design ã High   Speed   Designã EMI/EMC Programming ã X86   Architecture   Programmingã X86   Assembly   Language   Basicsã OpenCL   Programming Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) ã SMT   Manufacturingã SMT   Testing  A RBOR The Ultimate Tool to View, Edit and Verify Configuration Settings of a Computer ã Scan cong space for all PCI-visible functions in systemã Run standard and custom rule checks to nd errors and non-optimal settingsã Write to any cong space location, memory address or IO addressã View standard and non-standard structures in a decoded formatã Import raw scan data from other tools (e.g. lspci) to view in Arbor’s decoded formatã Decode info included for standard PCI, PCI-X and PCI Express structuresã Decode info included for some x86-based structures and device-specic registersã Create decode les for structures in cong space, memory address space and IO spaceã Save system scans for viewing later or on other systemsã All decode les and saved system scans are XML-based and open-format COMING SOON Decoded view of x86 structures (MSRs, ACPI, Paging, Virtualization, etc.) Feature List Decode Data from Live SystemsEverything Driven from Open Format XMLApply Standard and Custom Rule ChecksDirectly Edit Cong, Memory and IO Space mindshare.com | 800.633.1440 | training @ mindshare.com
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