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1. Malaya Cabrera 2. Who am I, you ask?ã My name is Malaya Cabreraã I am currently attending Universityof the Pacificã I am apart of the Women’s soccerteam with a…
  • 1. Malaya Cabrera
  • 2. Who am I, you ask?• My name is Malaya Cabrera• I am currently attending Universityof the Pacific• I am apart of the Women’s soccerteam with a soccer athleticscholarship
  • 3. Core Values• Determined-Willing to get the job done• Loyal- I am a reliable employer• Dedicated- I am devoted to my job and employees
  • 4. Personality Traits• Very friendly andapproachable• I am an honest person.• Outgoing, therefore I amable to engage more peopleinto my ideas
  • 5. Work Experience• Using all of those traits and values I practicethem in my working experience• I am currently working two jobs– Angl (Women’s clothing Boutique)– Cold Stone Creamery (Ice cream shop)• It is important to apply all of my values andtraits to make my job a much more successfulplace.
  • 6. Work Skills• Computer sufficient• Strong work ethic• Positive Attitude• Great Communication skills• Able to work with other employees• Learn quick and fast• Work well under pressure
  • 7. What others see in me• By previewing my accomplishments, it isclear that I am a hard worker.• I am committed and dedicated to my job orwhatever task I am given.• I am driven and determined to get my taskdone at quality time and work.• With that said, I am very goal oriented and Iam willing to do anything I can to reach thatgoal.
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