Problems Jordanian Translators Face and Strategies they Use in Translating Computer Terms from English into Arabic

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The present study aimed to investigate the problems that Jordanian translators face in translating computer terms and the strategies they use in rendering them. Moreover, the study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the rendered computer terms
   Problems Jordanian Translators Face and Strategies they Use in Translating Computer Terms from English into Arabic   نىود نىجل اج ى   يل ل يل ا س    اوىمذخىسال اطم   ج   يل زو همتل Prepared by Ghassan Hazza Ezzat Hazza Supervised by Prof. Riyad F. Hussein Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for Master of Arts in English Language and Literature Department of English Language & Literature Faculty of Arts and Sciences Middle East University Amman - Jordan June, 2013  i  Authorization I, Ghassan Hazza , authorize Middle East University  to provide libraries, organizations and even individuals with copies of my thesis on request. - Name: Ghassan Hazza Ezzat - Signature: - Date: 5 th  June, 2013  ii  iii  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Praise be to Allah who gave me the will and ability to achieve this work. For Him, I owe all the blessings I enjoy. I ask Him to accept this work as an offering to help others. I am honored to express my sincere gratitude to my honorable professor Riyad F. Hussein for his continuous support and guidance. I appreciate his constant and unconditional guidance and valuable instruction which have a crucial role in making this research possible. I would, also, like to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Bader S. Dweik for all the unconditional support and guidance he showed to me. I also, extend my thanks to Professor Sabar Sultan for his guidance. I would like, also, to extend my gratitude and sincere thanks to my friends, Tariq, Saleh, and Ismael whose support and assistance paved my way to success, and many thanks to all those who helped me to make this work a reality. I, would, also, like to express my thanks to the committee of referees who  paid time and effort to evaluate the instruments of the study. Finally, I would like to express my deep love and gratitude to my family whose support and unconditional love enabled me to reach this level of education.  iv Dedication I dedicate this work to the wise, the patient, and the ones, who are always with me,  My Parents &  My beloved Wife  
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