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Regenerative Biology to Regenerative Therapy, Germany
  From  RegenerativeBiology  to  ReconstructiveTherapy  Hannover Medical School & Partners Cluster of Excellence  The goal o the Excellence Initiativeis to strengthen cutting-edge researchin Germany and to improve its inter-national competitiveness. Outstan-ding projects are unded as Clusterso Excellence which ocus the researchpotential at university locations in Germany and, hence, streng-then their international visibility.With the enthusiastic support o six important partner institu-tions, Hannover Medical School (MHH) has estab-lished a Cluster o Excellence in the area o  RegenerativeBiology andReconstruc- tiveTherapies , acronym REBIRTH. REBIRTH receives unding over a peri-od o ve years with an average bud-get o 6.5 million euros per year. REBIRTH - Optimal partner  Our programme integrates excellenttraining with innovative science and ex-perimental as well as clinical medicine.Interactive basic research projects aredesigned to identiy and evaluate cellularand molecular mediators that stimulateregeneration.We test new approaches or regenerativetherapies using novel (i possible somatic) cell sources which weengineer applying genetic, epigenetic, as well as scaold-basedprinciples. Expertise in various elds o engineering, chemistry,biophotonics and nanotechnology supports and supplements ourresearch and development.Toward patient-ocused, applied studies, the existing wide ran-ge o certied/accredited acilities or Good Practice (laboratory, The Hans Borst Center  or Heart and Stem Cell Research was unded with13.5 million euros by theBraukmann-WittenbergHeart Foundation.Since May 2008 13 o 40working groups are based in the new building. Establishing an excellentcluster   manuacturing and clinical) and close industrial collaborationswill be urther expanded. Upscaling technologies and pro-activebiosaety assessment complete our translational activities.Based upon MHH’s recent key achievements and priorities weocus on disorders o  blood (including immunity), heart , lung   (respiratory tract), liver, and pancreatic beta cells. REBIRTH - Cluster o Excellence in the area o Regenerative Biology and Reconstructive Therapies. We ocus on disorders o blood (including immunity), heart, lung (respiratory tract) and liver in a disease specic way. Human Resources Established Therapy  Area A  RegenerativeBiology ã Phylogenyã Ontogenyã Milieuã Cell Proliferationã (Epi) Genetics BloodHeartLungLiver  FunctionStemness  Area B ReconstructiveTherapy ã Tissue Engineering/  FunctionalizedImplants ã Cell Therapyã Regenerative Agents Approval Reprogramming  Differentiation  Area C ã GLP, GMP, GCPã Upscaling ã MolTox/ Pathologyã Imaging  Good practice and PharmacovigilanceClinical trials Feedback   Area D ã Education   ã Ethicsã Public Relations Disease models Cultural  Diversity Gender  Equity Thereby, REBIRTH represents an optimal partner or other dome-stic and international centres in regenerative medicine.  Rational drug design producesisoorm-specic inhibitorsthat target a novel allosteric binding site in myosin. Hannover Medical SchoolMax Planck Institute or Molecular Biomedicine, Münster  Our basic research activities in AreaA are conducted by two collaborati-ve research units that ocus on StemCell Biology  and Regeneration andOrganogenesis . Key objectives o our work programme are to obtaindeeper insights into the basic mecha-nisms o genetic and epigenetic re-programming, allowing us to developnovel pluripotent cell sources potentially derived rom postnatal tis-sues, and to control their dierentiation with subsequent robust unc-tional tests. Discovering novel therapeutic targets The eld o stem cell biology will receive a new twist by addressing thebiochemical and genetic basis that orms the “sweet surace” o stemcells, with potentially immense implicationsor their homing, migration, dieren-tiation and labeling. Furthermore,we wish to identiy key playerso organogenesis and compa-re these to the regulators o milieu-dependent regene-ration. Finally, we exploreintrinsic and extrinsic limi-tations o regeneration bystudying mechanisms o cellcycle control, senescence andageing. This work is designed todiscover novel therapeutic targetsand methods. Area A has multiple in-teractions with Area B.  Area A:RegenerativeBiology andRelatedSciences
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