Retailer Perception of Aircel - Tabish Ashraf

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Achievements and Contributions: ã Research: Undertook an extensive field research to develop an understanding of Aircel’s position in Budgam Area of Kashmir ã Methodology: The research was carried out via Questionnaires which were supposed to be filled up by all the retailers of Aircel in Budgam area of Kashmir. Questioners filled by a total sample size 86 retailers was then analyzed and introspected upon. ã Report Creation: Using mathematical and statistical tools a final report titled “A study of retailer’s perception of Aircel limited and their satisfaction with the company” was then prepared and submitted to the Human Resources department of Aircel in Kashmir. ã Conclusion: The report was helpful in understanding of some key concerns the administration of Aircel had in regards to their position in Kashmir and relayed an understanding of their current position in the minds of the consumer and suggested some points in order for them to improve their standing in the market.
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