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  • 1.   1       HEALTH  AND   SAFETY   COMPLAINTS   THAT  I’VE   MADE  TO  MY   EMPLOYER,   SJCM&VCD       MATTER   INVOLVED       LAW  OR  CODE   VIOLATED     EMPLOYER’S   RESPONSE     ULTIMATE   CONCLUSION     ULTIMATE  HARM  TO  ME     6/7/2004       DWC-­‐1     First  exposure,  rash     All  medical  records   available     Employer  failed  to  treat   this  as  a  chemical   exposure,  neither  I  nor   the  attending  physician   were  told  it  could  be  a   chemical  exposure     Sent  me  to  Dameron   Occupational  Health   and  claims  forwarded   to  their  self-­‐insurance,   Bragg  &  Associate  in   Roseville,  CA       Released  from  care,   with  symptoms.     Employer  attempted   to  minimize  incident   as  “poison  oak”  but   cause  is  indeterminate.             As  a  new  hire  I  was  unaware  of  the  risks  of   the  job.    My  immune  system  and  nervous   system  were  affected.    My  pre-­‐employment   physical  would  show  no  pre-­‐existing   condition  except  migraine  headaches.         1/25/2005       DWC-­‐1     Second  exposure,  full   body  exposure,  at   White  Slough  site     Neither  the  employer   nor  the  medical   provider  can  provide   these  records       Employer  failed  to  treat   this  as  a  chemical   exposure,  neither  I  nor   the  attending  physician   were  told  it  could  be  a   chemical  exposure,   violation  of  Title  VIII,   Prop  65       Sent  me  to  Dameron   Occupational  Health   and  claim  accepted  by   third-­‐party   administrator  AIMS.       Matter  treated  as  my   second  Worker’s   Compensation  case  by   Manager  Stroh  and   Assistant  Manager   Lucchesi.             Released  to  return  to  full  work  duties  on   1/27.    Full  medical  discharge  on  2/28  over   my  objections.    Sought  out  my  own  care  with   my  personal  insurance,  Kaiser  Permanente.     My  internal  systems  were  further   compromised.    Experiencing  hostile  work   environment.         10/1/2005       DWC-­‐1     Third  exposure,  fell   into  ditch  water  when   a  dirt  bank  gave  way     Employer  failed  to  train   me  about  the  risks  and   dangers  involved  with     wastewater.         Sent  me  to  Dameron   Occupational  Health   the  following  Monday   and  claim  sent  to   third-­‐party   administrator  AIMS.     Matter  treated  as  my   third  Worker’s   Compensation  case  by   Manager  Stroh  and   Assistant  Manager   Lucchesi.           Released  from  care,  with  symptoms.     Employer  thereafter  continuously   complained  to  me  about  using  up  my  “sick   bank”  despite  my  job  being  the  source  of  my   illnesses.    In  none  of  these  three  exposure   case  did  I  seek  or  receive  any  benefit  other   than  medical  care.       10/13/2006                      to   8/10/2010     Assistant  Supervisor   Meidinger’s  heart   attack  and  later  his   stress  claims  against     Supervisor  Durham     Management   investigated  the  verbal   argument  between   supervisors  and  chose   to  side  with  the  party  at   fault,  Durham.       Management  ignored   Durham’s  actions  and   took  his  side  after  a   handful  of  employees   are  interviewed  and   recorded  by  the  AIMS   investigator.    I  tell  the   investigator  things   that  are  detrimental  to   upper  management:   that  they  have  failed  to   control  Durham’s   behavior.      Meidinger   is  deemed  the  bad  guy   by  management  and   all  employees  followed   suit.       I  am  under  subpoena   by  Meidinger’s   attorney  as  I  would   have  told  the  truth  and   given  detrimental   testimony  to  upper   management.       Management  is   unhappy  with  my   presence  at  his   hearing.    That   Meidinger  matter   ultimately  settled  out   of  court,  my  testimony   in  court  was  not   needed,  and  Meidinger   returned  to  work  after   recovering  from  his   heart  attack.           Two  weeks  after  I  speak  with  the  AIMS   investigator,  I  am  placed  under  the   supervision  of  Durham,  the  supervisor  that  I   gave  information  against.    I  took  as  much   time  off  as  I  could  to  avoid  the  very  tense  and   hostile  work  enviroment  that  ensued.    The   extreme  hostility  that  atmosphere  of   animosity.    I  was  given  a  very  negative   performance  review  by  my  new  supervisor   Durham  despite  receiving  three  prior   satisfactory  evaluations.           6/16/2007     My  new  supervisor,   against  whom  I   provided  testimony  in   December,  finally   spends  supervisory   time  with  me  in  our   zone  after  five  months.     Afterwards,  my    co-­‐ worker/his  girlfriend   threatens  to  beat  me   up  for  spending  work   time  with  him.       My  employer  fails  to   follow  its  own  policy   regarding  conflict  of   interest  in  relation  to   this  office  affair.    This   affair  also  creates  an   actual  threat  to   employees  and  is  the   root  of  employees  no   longer  working  in  teams   of  two.     I  verbally  request  an   ERMA  mediation  for   sexual  harassment  due   to  this  affair,  but   Assistant  Manager   Lucchesi  says  "no."     My  employer  protects   the  supervisor  and   subordinate  who  are   having  the  affair.     The  husband  of  my  female  co-­‐worker   threatens  Mosquito  Abatement  employees   over  suspicion  of  his  wife's  affair,  the  threat   is  made  through  another  co-­‐worker.    All  field   technicians  are  on  edge  as  they  are  followed   by  this  angry  husband.    My  supervisor   refuses  to  spend  any  more  time  with  me  for   risk  of  his  girlfriend’s  wrath.    This  leads  me   to  losing  out  on  professional  development   that  other  employees  were  receiving  and  in   working  alone  put  me  at  risk  for  serious   injury.  
  • 2.   2       6/9/2008     Surprise  meeting  with   Manager  Stroh,   Assistant  Manager   Lucchesi,  and   supervisor  Neinhuis     My  employer  attempted   to  terminate  my   employment  without   my  union   representative  being   present.     Management  brought   in  Gary  Preciado  of   Risk  Management  to   put  on  an  ERMA   training:    Improving   the  Workplace,  One   Misunderstanding  At  A   Time       My  employer  backed   off  from  any  sanctions   when  my  union   representative  stepped   in  to  protect  me.     My  employer  tried  to  have  me  fired  during  a   Skelly  Hearing  over  supposedly  misreported   time  on  my  time  sheets.    They  fail  at  that  and   the  workplace  hostility  and  animosity  is   raised  to  an  even  higher  level.    It  is  a  very   hostile  work  environment.          
  • 3.   3     6/20/2008         Right  Knee  Injury  #1       Lack  of  safety  training   or  preventative   measures  to  reduce  the   risk  of  injuries     My  employer  was   aware  of  the  danger   that  my  job  posed  to   knees  in  particular   having  had  prior   employees  get  injured   in  the  same  way.       Pending  with  WCAB     9/22/2008  was  my  first  surgery.    I  return  to   work  on  1/5/09  from  my  first  knee  surgery.     3/26/2009     Right  Knee  Injury  #2         As  Above     Employer  takes  me  off     duty  for  approximately   two  months.     Pending  with  WCAB     No  surgery  is  involved  for  this  second  knee   injury.    I  return  to  work  5/28/2009.    My  time   off  from  work  makes  co-­‐workers  pick  up  the   slack  and  resent  my  presence  when  I  return   to  work.         7/2/2009     Right  Knee  Injury  #3         As  Above     Employer  takes  me  off   duty  for  approximately   two  months  then  gives   me  one  month  of  light   office  work  /  modified   duties,  then  no   accommodation.       Pending  with  WCAB     3/8/2010  was  my  second  right  knee  surgery   and  return  to  work  on  8/30/2010.     11/17/2009     Whistleblower   complaint       Phone  number   1-­‐800-­‐576-­‐5262   organization’s  code   number  10112       Harassment  complaint   against  Manager  John   Stroh     Posting  in  the  break   room  and  handing  out   of  a  risk  management   “Employee  Protection   Line”  flyer  rather  than   posting  the  state   attorney  general’s   whistleblower  hotline   number.       The  telephone  hotline   number  that  I  called,   that  I  was  given  at   work,  resulted  in     being  contacted  by     attorney  Chris  Eley,   who  is  the  legal   counsel  for  my   employer.    He   interviewed  me  and   claimed  that  he  would   conduct  an   investigation.       Results  of   investigation,  if  any,   have  never  been   shared  with  me.     I  was  eventually  told  by  the  investigating   attorney  Eley  to  not  directly  contact  my   employer’s  Board  of  Directors  again.         6/29/2011     Right  Knee  Injury  #4   and  Fourth  Exposure           Delay  in  WC  forms   being  filed     Employer  very   hesitant  to  even   recognized  this  event   as  two  work-­‐related   injuries.    Employer   takes  me  off  duty  from   about  August  19  to   September  19.       Pending  with  WCAB     11/28/2011  was  my  third  right  knee  surgery   and  I  do  not  return  to  work,  am  never  offered   modified  duties  again.    Permanently  partial   disability.       3/31/2014         Urged  union   representative  to  do   his  job  and  inform  the   employees         I  wrote  to  Union   Representative  Bob   Phibbs  asking  him  to   share  with  his  members   (my  fellow  co-­‐workers)   information  that  I  have   gathered  regarding  the   harmful  effects  of   formaldehyde       Not  Applicable;    my   union  representative  is   not  under  the  control   of  my  employer.         I  have  not  heard  (as  of   April  17,  2014),  that   my  union  rep.  has   passed  on  any  of  this   information  to  my  co-­‐ workers.     Not  a  harm  to  me  but  a  harm  to  my  co-­‐ workers  who  I  still  care  about.      
  • 4.   4   HEALTH  AND   SAFETY   RELATED   RETALIATION   COMPLAINTS   THAT  I’VE   MADE   AGAINST  MY   EMPLOYER  TO     GOVERNMENT   AGENCIES       GOVERNMENT   AGENCY   CONTACTED   AND  THE   MATTER   INVOLVED       LAW  OR  CODE   VIOLATED     AGENCY’S  RESPONSE(S)     ULTIMATE  CONCLUSION     REFERRED  TO  ANOTHER   AGENCY  ?  ?     6/17/2008                      to   10/23/2009     Department  of   Fair   Employment   and  Housing,     #E12855AT333,   #E35301AT329,   #44168AT263       Employer  retaliated  against   me  for  bringing  up  on   7/25/2007  the  fact  that  a   supervisor  was  having  an   affair  with  a  married   subordinate.     My  complaint  was  initially   denied  out  of  hand.    Then,   after  receiving  my  Pre-­‐ Complaint  Questionnaire   and  interviewing  me  over   the  telephone  on   10/1/2009,  I  was  again   denied.       I  met  with  Etiny  &  Brenda  Barnes   on  10/23/2009  and  was  told  that  I   “didn’t  fit  into  a  box”.     I  was  referred  to  the  Labor   Department.     9/12/2009                      to            2013     2009-­‐2010  San   Joaquin  County   Civil  Grand  Jury         Mismanagement  by   Manager  John  Stroh.     Employees  facing   retribution,  blackballing,   retaliation,  and  harassment.     Withholding  of  the  correct   chemicals  to  do  my  job.     Board  of  Directors  being   apathetic,  receiving  health   care,  and  possibly  violating   the  Brown  Act.       2011-­‐2012  San  Joaquin   County  Civil  Grand  Jury     “Sexual  harassment  had   been  committed  in  the   form  of  rude,  vulgar,  and   lewd  remarks.    These   remarks  were  made  on   several  occasions  in  the   presence  of  several   employees  .  .  .”         2012  –  2013  San  Joaquin  County   Civil  Grand  Jury     “The  Board  of  Trustees  failed  to   comply  with  the  Government  Code   Section  54954.2(a)  (1)  by   providing  an  inadequate   description  of  agenda  items   proposed  for  discussion  and  action   at  a  public  meeting.  Specifically,  it   violated  the  Brown  Act  at  its   January  15,  2013  District  Board   meeting  by  having  an  inadequate   description  of  Item  No.  6  Review  of   Current  Trustee  Health  Insurance   Plan,  under  consideration  and  the   proposed  action  to  be  taken  by  the   Board.”         The  current  2013-­‐2014  San   Joaquin  County  Civil  Grand   Jury  may  or  may  not  be   further  investigating  my   employer.    I  am  uncertain  as   their  procedures  are   confidential.     12/9/2009                      to   4/4/2014     OSHA  /  DOSH     No  training,  Problems   gaining  access  to  properties,   Employees  are  not  receiving   safety  training,  No  training   for  new  assignments,  No   hazard  communication,  No   MSDS’s  for  all  the  chemicals   being  applied,  Not  reporting   workers  accidents/injuries,   no  PPE  for  employees  being   exposed  to  dairy  fecal   water,  Poor  training,  Work   in  and  around  water  with   no  flotation  device,   Supervisors  stopped   supervising  employees,  Not   informing  employees  of   chemicals  exposure,  Pulling   80  pound  manhole  covers,   copied  them  with  records   request  of  my  employer  that   was  actually  their   responsibility  to  enforce.       An  investigation  was   conducted  and  no  citations   were  issued  per  a  letter  I   received  around   3/14/2012.       OSHA  /  DOSH  apparently  relied   upon  the  representations  and  the   written  procedures,  as  opposed  to   the  manner  in  which  the  actual   work  is  performed.           I  was  referred  to  the  Division   of  Labor  Standards   Enforcement  (Labor   Commissioner)  if  I  felt  I  had   been  discriminated  against   because  of  making  a   complaint  to  DOSH      
  • 5.   5     4/19/2012                      to   3/13/2004       EEOC     I  listed  the  reasons  for  my   claims  on  the  Intake   Questionnaire:    Disability,   Retaliation,  Sex,  Filed  Sexual   Harassment  2007,  Work   Comp,  and  Grand  Jury  2008-­‐ current       “.  .  .EEOC  is  unable  to   conclude  that  the   information  obtained   establishes  violations  of   the  statutes  .  .  .”     After  many  phone  conferences  and   much  correspondence  with  the   EEOC,  the  most  they  could  suggest   was  that  I  write  my  employer  to   request  active  work  status.    I   wrote  that  letter  but  received  a   letter  back  denying  that  a  position   exists  that  I  could  fulfill.               Received  a  Right  to  Sue  letter   dated  3/13/2014     8/27/2013                      to            2014     Cal/EPA   Complaint   Record  #11992   and     Department  of   Toxic   Substances       Air,  Solid  Waste,  Pesticides,   Toxic  Substances,  Water,   Prop  65     Despite  writing  to   Secretary  Matt  Rodriguez   on  10/27/2013,  this   agency  has  not  followed   up.         As  of  April  2014,  this  is  unknown,  I   have  not  been  updated  on  any   findings  or  investigation.       11/25/2013     California   Department  of   Pesticide   Regulation   (CDPR),   Pesticide   Enforcement   Branch       Failure  to  provide   appropriate  employee   safety,  disclose  the   exposure  to  certain   chemicals  to  employees,   ensure  that  the  district   educates  and  trains   employees  on  the  chemicals   used,  ensure  that  the   employer  is  reporting  all   chemical  treatments  to  the   appropriate  governmental   agencies.       Investigation  began  on   9/11/13  with  MSDS  label   for  Parasite-­‐S  being   provided  by  the  employer;   not  requiring  an  EPA   registration  number  but   rather  regulated  by  DOSH.     Lack  of  proper  signage  at   the  White  Slough.    All   paperwork  was  deemed  to   be  in  order  and  safety   precautions  in  place.         Parasite-­‐S  was  last  used  on   3/12/2009  and  it  is  not  a  pesticide   per  the  California  Food  and   Agricultural  Code  (FAC)  sections   12753  and  12754.5(b).    5  page   investigative  report  was  also   written  by  Kimberly  D  Martin.     Only  cited  for  violation  of  pesticide   storage  area  on  10/2/2013.       The  Agricultural   Commissioner’s  Office  does   not  have  the  authority  to  test   bodies  of  water  for   chemicals,  pathogens,   parasites,  and  human  viruses.     California  Department  of   Pesticide  Regulation  does  not   consider  Parasite-­‐S  (the   material  with  the  formalin)  a   pesticide.       12/10/2013     San  Joaquin   County   Agricultural   Commissioner       My  letter  raised  many  safety   and  environmental   concerns  at  the  White   Slough  facility  and   specifically  the  use  of   formalin.         In  a  letter  dated  12/18/13   they  report  that  the  White   Slough  facility   immediately  corrected   their  signage  violation  and   was  told  that  Parasite-­‐S   was  last  used  on   3/12/2009.    Also,  it  is  not   a  pesticide  because  it  is   only  used  to  control   external  parasites  of   mosquito  fish  raised  at  the   facility.         No  further  investigation  will  be   conducted.    Letter  was  signed  by   Kimberly  D  Martin,  Agricultural   Biologist  on  behalf  of   Commissioner  Scott  Hudson.     Pointed  out  that  letter  was   identical  to  one  sent  to  Cal/EPA   Secretary  Rodriguez  on   8/27/2013.    CC’d  this  final  closure   letter  to  13  recipients,  including   Cal/EPA.     The  Agricultural   Commissioner’s  Office  only   exercises  regulatory   authority  over  workplace  and   environmental  issues   involving  pesticides.     12/12/2013     California  Water   Boards       Hazardous  conditions  at  my   employer  that  could  affect   the  health  and  safety  of   employees  and  potentially   the  surrounding   environment.       On  1/12/2014,  they   acknowledged  receiving  a   similar  complaint  in  early   9/2013  through  the   Cal/EPA  online   environmental  complaint   system.       “Upon  investigating,  staff   determined  that  your  concerns  are   related  to  the  use  of  hazardous   materials  and  the  safety  of  the   District’s  employees.    The  Water   Board  does  not  have  jurisdiction  in   this  area.”     Department  of  Toxic   Substances  Control  /     San  Joaquin  County   Environmental  Health   Department  /     San  Joaquin  County   Agricultural  Commissioner     1/13/2014     San  Joaquin   County,   Environmental   Health   Department       Complaint  of  improper   hazardous  material/waste   handling  is  occurring  at  the   White  Slough  facility  and   concern  that  employees  are   not  being  properly  trained.     Additionally,  Formalin  was   improperly  handled  at  this   location.       On  1/13/2014  an  on  site   inspection  was  done.    One   minor  violation  and  three   Class  2  violations  are   noted.    Improper  handling   could  not  be  verified.     Formalin  has  reportedly   not  been  used  since  2009.       No  testing  of  the  White  Slough   ground  or  pond  water  has  been   done,  as  of  April  2014.            
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