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www.ambamkunnukoyakafund.com Srashtavinte Sookshma Nireekshanathil Srava Srishtikalum ww w .am ba m ku nn uk oy Ambamkunnukoyaka ak af un d.c om www.ambamkunnukoyakafund.com AMBAMKUNNU KOYAKA E t r C e t o s U d rt e nie rain ne h K e O s r a i n o t eC e t r en bevto f h rao nn ku ba m am ww Published w. AMBAMKUNNU KOY AKA FUND ia) Mannarkkad, Palakkad District P. O. Mob: 9846641745, 9037189548 Thenakara, (V e-mail: ambamkunnukoyaka@gmail.com AMBAMKUNNU KOYAKA uk Sras
   www.ambamkunnukoyakafund.comSrashtavinte Sookshma Nireekshanathil Srava Srishtikalum Ambamkunnukoyaka  AMBAMKUNNU KOYAKA Entire Creations Under the Keen Observation of the Creator AMBAMKUNNU KOYAKA A message from Koyakain the light of Holy Quran and Hadith Entire Creations Under theKeen Observation of the Creator Published AMBAMKUNNU KOYAKAFUND P. O. Thenakara, (Via) Mannarkkad, Palakkad DistrictMob: 9846641745, 9037189548e-mail: ambamkunnukoyaka@gmail.com   entire creation under the keen observation of the creator [srashtavinte sookshma nireekshanathilsarva srishtikalum]authored by:ambamkunnu koyaka published by:ambamkunnu koyaka fund  p. o. thengara, (via) mannarkkad, palakkad dt. phone: 9846641745, 9037189548  printed at:regional offset printers, kottakkalcopyright reserved for ambamkunnu koyaka fund   www.ambamkunnukoyakafund.comSrashtavinte Sookshma Nireekshanathil Srava Srishtikalum Ambamkunnukoyaka
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