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Guide to Temporary Pipework
  ABC Guide to Temporary Pipework ABC Guide to Temporary Pipework Drilling and Well ServicesDrilling and Well Services Practices to implement EP2006-5393 Shell Global Standard for Temporary PipeworkPractices to implement EP2006-5393 Shell Global Standard for Temporary Pipework  1 Drilling and Well Services ABC Guide to Temporary Pipework Ver. 2.0 Basics for Common Understanding Pipework connected by Hammer Unions is used in chemicalprocess plants, the mining industry, on dredging vessels andin the oil industry. It is an old design (early 1950’s) createdby the Well Equipment COmpany (WECO) which wasaquired by FMC. Female / Male Unions The identification of the Female and Male parts of aHammer – type union is shown in the picture below.The union parts are “called out” using a Nominal pipe size, aFIG “designation” and a code e.g.1502.For example: 2” FIG 1502The “2” is close to the inside diameter. The meaning of “FIG”has been lost in the depths of time but is probably an abbre-viation of figure - meaning drawing, and 1502 is a code forthe working pressure rating - “15” referring to 15,000 psi.But over time the addition of larger diameter pipework andH 2 S pipework has led to the designation becoming corrupted- so beware.   Female UnionMale UnionWing Nut  2   ABC Guide to Temporary PipeworkDrilling and Well Services Ver. 2.0 The meaning of Temporary Temporary, in the context of pipework and flowline equip-ment, applies to any pipework and flowline equipment whichcan be installed or changed-out without recourse to structur-al and process engineering. [ Permanent pipework and flowline equipment (e.g. spool-pieces connected between the production wing valve and theproduction manifold) are designed, constructed and installedsubject to requirements of structural and process engineer-ing codes and reviews. Without these formal checks beingrequired for temporary pipework, the ABC Guide indicatesthe minimum precautions to be taken when working withtemporary pipework used in Drilling and Well Services oper-ations.]Temporary Pipework is commonly referred to as “Chicksan”or “Flowline Equipment”.
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