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1. The Amazon Rainforest Amazon, the Amazon jungle or the Amazon are the same place. An area of ​​the central and northern part of South America that has a tropical…
  • 1. The Amazon Rainforest Amazon, the Amazon jungle or the Amazon are the same place. An area of ​​the central and northern part of South America that has a tropical rainforest in the basin of the river that bears his name. It is the world comprising more than six million square kilometers largest rainforest, and covering such a large portion of Brazil. It also extends from Peru, although Amazon is part of Colombia, of Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana and French Guiana, Suriname and Venezuela. One of the main characteristics of this forest is still usually some aspects of impenetrable and is not fully known, therefore, the number of species of flora and fauna that is known, must be added, all that has yet remained unclassified. Anyway, why not, it's no longer classified as one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. It is a place that nonetheless is highly related to trade, because, for example, most of the fish found in any household pets, were taken from the rivers of the jungle.
  • 2. Bocas del Toro It's time to talk about tourism possibilities for Panama, and in that case, you can not fail to mention Bocas del Toro, which is the same name that serves several places. To explain the situation well either go slowly. Bocas Del Toro is the name of one of the provinces of the country, whose capital is Columbus. But still there is a well-known archipelago country with the same name and belong specifically to the province, which is located to the north of the country of Panama. This island is just one of the most visited by tourists from around the world and is prepared for it since it has luxurious hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers for those who are close by. In Bocas del Toro ecotourism is also encouraged, so you can tour the island as the practice of an adventure. And one of the most important things to include those who have had the opportunity to visit, is that people are very hospitable, and it still drives like a small town and not a mega resort.
  • 3. Caribbean If you talk about the best beaches in America, with crystal clear waters, long beaches and beautiful islands, there are only a place in which to think and is in the Caribbean. Is this place brings everything mentioned above. This region consists of both the Caribbean Sea and surrounding islands have truly transparent water, with beautiful beaches where you can spend diversísimas vacation and or yes, back them bronzed. This large group of islands also binds different countries. In what is considered the Caribbean are Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and islands belonging to continental nations as some Venezuelan Colombian islands, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, among other thousands more. According to the focus countries, it was located mostly in what is called Central America, but also has the presence of American and South American countries. It is a destination visited by tourists from around the world looking for sun, sand and heat, but the truth is that is so great that usually settle on an island and then visit the neighbors. Therefore, the most comprehensive way to visit this destination is through a cruise. That way you'll know the most destinations without having to take care of you traveling or putting together a roadmap that may not be the most convenient. These boat trips take you to make the most innovative and entertaining each port.
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