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1. Unconvention Innopitch European Young Innovator of the Year 2014 Lucas Wong, Leuven, 31/08/2014 1 2. Video-chat service providing authentic and personalized language…
  • 1. Unconvention Innopitch European Young Innovator of the Year 2014 Lucas Wong, Leuven, 31/08/2014 1
  • 2. Video-chat service providing authentic and personalized language learning experience. 2 Putting theory into practice
  • 3. The problem  Frustration because of the lack of Interactive Learning , memorization  Too much distraction while trying e-learning solutions  Specific personal needs with a deadline  Easy access to high-quality coaches  Immersive feedback fades away  Need for  Appreciative Engagement to break through the frustration barrier  Effective learning of sub skills 3
  • 4. Solution  Video-chat platform which provides:  Rapid skill Acquisition  Interactivity : clickable fields during video  Learning-analytics : clicks are stored as data and visualized in smart report  Relevant and fast feedback loop : instant transformation of progress in trend charts  Personalized approach : highlighted individual working points become notification  Engagement : 1 on 1 authentic coaching experience 4
  • 5. Business Model  Yearly subscription fee  Still needs to be fine tuned after pilots in # EU countries 5
  • 6. Competitive advantage  Focus on rapid language speech skill acquisition versus credentialing  Tailored to personalized needs, targets and daily digests  Follow up on progress towards deadline  Relevant and engaging learning experience through  Interactivity, clickable audit within the video-chat window  Personalized feedback loop of past sessions, shared with different coaches 6
  • 7. Competitors’ differentiation  Language Learning Competitors are mainly  Start from point of view of teaching and focus on knowledge transfer, not learning and practicing for proficiency  Focus on learning the language theory whereas o10tct aims to help people practice and train their skills  Are too static: learning experience is not tailored to individual needs of the user  Are not engaging enough: personalized coaching is needed for further motivation  Integration of CRM systems and monitoring by higher organization makes a specific goal within a set timeframe.  Learners corpus to benchmark and retrieve most common difficulties in group 7
  • 8. Future plans  On the lookout for initial funding of 250,000 euros  (of which 50,000 euros already personally invested in functional alpha-prototype)  Testing in collaboration with OCMW Gent, Brussels and Antwerp  Develop and test beta-prototype  Gather feedback from test-users in different countries  Create more value for unemployed, non natives over the whole European Union 8
  • 9. Team  Joris Swinnen: T-Shaped generalist, passionate about languages and multimedia. Chief Learning officer passionate about communication, e-learning and webRTC.  Kristof Taveirne: Software architect, software developer, business analyst and business developer active for 5 years at Ghent University and 4 years as IT consultant.  Lucas Wong: Networker, PR and marketing. Optimistic entrepreneur and Startup Grind Brussels Chapter Director. 9
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