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Sterling Estates Community NEWSLETTER Dates to Remember February 1 Rent Due February 6 Late fees apply February 7 Late Notices go out February 10 Full Moon February 14 Valentine s Day February 20 President
Sterling Estates Community NEWSLETTER Dates to Remember February 1 Rent Due February 6 Late fees apply February 7 Late Notices go out February 10 Full Moon February 14 Valentine s Day February 20 President s Day Remember Thursday is garbage Day! Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 9-5:30 (Lunch from 12:30 to 2:00) Saturday 9:00 to Noon You can the office at Check us out at Emergency Contacts Becki {Please call the office during business hours} Steve Dennis RENT DROP BOX The rent drop box is located at 151 Concord at the back door. Either up the ramp or stairs. Please drop your check in there if you are unable to make our office hours. PLEASE DIRECT ALL CALLS TO THE OFFICE AND NOT CELL PHONES DURING BUSINESS HOURS. Check out our website Like and follow Sterling Estates on Facebook! Follow Sterling Estates on Facebook for the newest and up to date information. Service for Fees Seamstress.Karen Knisel Florez Painting.Jesse Florez A&P Cleaning Residential & Commercial Mary Kay Lucina Lerma Cazares Rentals Tables, tents & chairs Linda Ellis House Cleaning Steven Russell, RTF Floor Covering & Installation Aimee Lave Uber Driver Cazares Bounce Houses Furnace Repair Jeff Schneider The above are all residents that live in the Community! Credit Cards Sterling Estates office now takes Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. It is a $10.00 fee to use this Service. A $10.00 fee is better than a $30.00 late fee. #49 - Louisa Rosalez You will be sadly Missed by your friends and family. #132 Rhonda Holbrook Your family, friends and neighbors will miss you greatly. Shoveling Snow for a Fee Josh Hinzman Leonard Luoma Tattered Flags If you have a flag that is tattered and needs to be disposed of please bring it in the office and we will collect them and get them to a Flag disposal. Thumbs Up for the following: Storr Street you are amazing you wrapped your arms around Mitchell and his family, thank you! To all of you that got those Christmas decorations down on time. Thank you! To all of you that come in the office, with your smiles and joy, know that you appreciated. Resident referral program If you re a resident of Sterling Estates we have a referral plan that not only helps us bring quality people into the park, it can also put some cash or savings into your pocket. If you refer someone who: Rents a home site, you receive $100 towards your lot rent. Leases to buy one of our refurbished homes you receive a free home site rent for one month. Purchases one of our brand-new homes we will give you $500 in cash. What a great way to pick your neighbor and bring savings to you. Paying on Time Don t find yourself in the habitual late payer s club! If you are late more than three times in a 12-month period, you can be evicted. Your rent is important, it is a necessity, everyone needs a roof over their head. Please make it easier on everyone and make your rent a priority. New Community Room As I m writing this newsletter I can t help but think of the possibilities What would you like to see at the Community room? Coffee Hour? Crafting Classes? The possibilities are endless! Construction Zone Update Every time we walk through the new Community Room and Office it becomes more evident to me what a grand building we will have. We are getting excited to move our office back to the front and extremely excited to see the ways we can use this building as a Community. From the Desk of Steve: Cars with Expired tags will be towed Cars with flat tires will be towed. Cars parked on the grass will be towed Cars parked on the street will be towed. Please make sure that you keep your car up to date with current tags and keep your vehicles in working order or they will be towed. We have been trying to work with a few of you but the time is up. Please note that it is your responsibility and those of your guests to move cars out of the parking areas when it snows. It s tough to clean them out working around your vehicles. From the Rule Book G-22 loud talking, radio, stereo, television or other noise capable of disturbing a neighbor in any manner will not be permitted between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. Noise or any other type of nuisance that infringes on the right to quiet enjoyment of a neighbor or the Community in general will NOT be allowed at any time. Why Did You Tow My Car? No parking in your lawn, if you park in your lawn and make a third row you will be towed. If you or your guests park on the street you will be towed. If you or your guests park in the parking spaces of empty lots, you will be towed. If you drive a riding lawn mower and park it in the road to go will be towed. What is an Emergency Examples of emergencies: Your Furnace doesn t work You have a plumbing leak It important to note that the cell phones that the office and maintenance crew carry are for emergencies. If your issue can wait until the next business day, simply call the office and leave a message and we will get right on it! Please call the office during business hours, calling the maintenance crew directly interrupts what they are doing. The office takes all complaints and all work orders. This is for the Lease to Buy and Rental Homes. What do I do when? If the power goes out? Call Consumers Energy If you smell gas? Call Citizens Gas If you have an outage of any of the above, please call them first for your safety and efficiency. If your water is off? Call the office first If it s a billing issue call Sticky Fingers It seems our sticky-fingered friends are back, make sure you lock your car doors at all times. They love your change, cash and cigarettes. Every night when you go in for the evening check those locks on your cars. Isn t it a shame that people stoop that low to steal from others? Guest Parking This would seem pretty self-explanatory, but, guest parking is for guests. It is not for you as a resident to use and leave your driveway empty. Please think of others and use your driveway first and guest parking for overflow. Guest parking spots are for everyone, they are not assigned or designated to a certain person. Music Lovers, this is for you Try to remember that just because you like your music loud doesn t mean that your neighbors and half the block enjoys it. Turn down your music, stand outside your home if you can hear it out there, so can your neighbors. Work and school comes early for some, be ye kind to your neighbors! Know your Roses for Valentine s Day Red Roses -Stand for passionate Love Pink Roses Stand for Friendship White Roses For Purity Red and White together Stand for Unity Yellow Roses Send a message of appreciation and platonic love. Now you can go buy that special someone a Rose with the meaning defined. If You Build It, We Will Come I have noticed in the last three months that the cars going by on Division slow down and check out the beautiful construction that's going on. The building that will house the Sterling Estates office and community center is massive and truly spruces up the area. Everywhere I go people are inquiring about the building, they have watched from the beginning and are amazed by its grandness. It seems that places I go such as Meijer s grocery store, The Centre and even the ladies at the yarn shop downtown are Asking about this new building that's under construction. It makes me think about the movie Field of Dreams when they said if you build it, he will come, so with that thought I now feel that they have built the dream and we will come. It is our Field of dreams. As I drive by my mind wonders and before you know it I can see Birthday parties, Graduation parties and even Baby Showers. So many possibilities, and then my thoughts see a place to have the many functions that Sterling Estates hosts: the Halloween parade, pictures with Santa, the July 4th parade. Now they can be held there. Again, I think so many possibilities for our community to come together. A place that we can get to know our neighbors. Valentine s Day Many call this day a Retailers day, a hallmark Holiday. I must confess it is my most favorite holiday. In school, I couldn t wait to write Valentines to all my friends and decorate my box so I could receive my Valentines. To this day, I still have some of those very important Valentines. As I got older and married, some of my favorite Valentines from my husband were the ones written on Kleenex of poems that he made up just for me. Over the years, he started buying cards for me but between you and me, I cherish those hand-written notes and poems and keep them tucked away. Valentine s Day doesn t have to be about getting the biggest Teddy Bear or Box of Chocolates it can just be a simple note letting someone know you care. Never take your relationships or friendships for granted. Speak and show kindness to those around you! Everyone has waited a long time for this day to come, now it's time for us to come and support our Field of dreams, Our new and beautiful community center. This is an exciting time for us and Sterling Estates. Thank you for making our dream come true. Marge Coneset (Marge is a resident of Sterling Estates) Give some Love Do you have an exceptional neighbor? Does someone help you with your yard work? Do you have that neighbor that smiles whenever you pull in the drive? Let the office know about those that are exceptional neighbors we want to highlight them in our March Newsletter. Even if you bragged about them before, brag on them again.
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