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A study on stress management ABSTRACT Stress is usually symptoms that people experience when they are stressed. STRESS MANAGEMENT is a very vital aspect of every organization. Stress management can be linked to our day to day activities. Job and career related stress has been on the rise in recent years, as occupations become more complex, and workers are taking on more and more responsibility. In fact, work place stress is now considered an occupational illness. Many employees undergo stress
  A study on stress management    ABSTRACT Stress is usually symptoms that people experience when they are stressed. STRESSMANAGEMENT is a very vital aspect of every organization. Stress management can belinked to our day to day activities.Job and career related stress has been on the rise in recent years, as occupationsbecome more complex, and workers are taking on more and more responsibility. In fact,work place stress is now considered an occupational illness. Many employees undergostress as a normal part of their jobs, but some experience it more severely than others,to point that they need time away from work.The issues concerned are: ã To study the existing HR policies and procedures used to avoid stress at Thecompany ã To find the stress levels of the employee’s ã To elicit the opinions of employee’s on the existing stress they are facing due tovarious factors. ã To find the relationship between the stress levels and demographic factors likeage, experience, and designations. ã To find the stress causing factors arising out from the work atmosphere. ã To identify its merits and demerits. ã Finally to make an attempt to suggest measures and activities that helps ineffective as management and control of stress.PROCEDURE FOLLOWED:A sample of 60 employees was selected and a questionnaire was framed in a structuredand disguised form with 15 questions and survey process was conducted. Thestatistical tool used is percentage method and the analysis carried out is presented inthe form of bar diagrams. The project has been successfully carried out with thecooperation of the employees. INTRODUCTION TO STRESS MANAGEMENT Stress is usually defined in terms of the internal and external conditions that createstressful situations, and the symptoms that people experience when they are stressed.STRESS MANAGEMENT is a very vital aspect of every organization. Stressmanagement can be linked to our day to day activities.McGrath (1976) proposed a definition based on the conditions necessary for stress. Themost commonly accepted definition of stress (mainly attributed to Richard S Lazarus) is  that Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that“demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.”Williams and Huber (1986) defined stress as “a   psychological and physical reaction toprolonged internal and/or environmental conditions in which an individual’s adaptivecapabilities are over extended.”In Gestalt Therapy Verbatim (Real People Press, 1969) Perlsproposes a more general definition, where stress is a manifestation of thinking about thefuture. Anxiety is created by focusing attention away from the “here and now”. Whenanxiety finds an outlet, we say that the stress was motivating; when it doesn’t, we call itdebilitating. French, Kast, and Rosenzweig(1985) also emphasized the idea that stressit self is not necessarily bad. “The term stress can be considered neutral with the wordsdistress and eustress used for designating bad and good effects.” Corporate Stress Stress has become a part and parcel of human life and is more pronounced incorporate life. While the idea to excel in life is a great thing to have, the same should notresult in such a stressful situation where the individual is forced to devote more time insolving stress related problems than in achieving his objectives. This is what ishappening in the present day corporate environment with deadlines hanging over one’shead, day in day out. Yes a certain amount of stress is essential even in our day-to-daylife without which nothing can be achieved: it could be even at school level where astudent goes through stress while appearing for his exams, extending upto a CEO of acompany as the accounting year end approaches. This stress gives us zest for life andreleases our creativity in finding better ways of performing our tasks. But with theintense competition, work _related stress has assumed economic proportions asidentified by the WHO. Employees are experiencing work related stress a little toofrequently resulting in their inability to cope with both official and domestic lives ,since itmanifests on psychological, physiological and behavioral planes companies are doingtheir best to remedy the situation through recreational facilities, flexible timings, forcedholidays, yoga centers, gymnasiums and even with art of living programs. Whatever may be done at the organizational level to alleviate and free people from stress, unlessit is addressed at an individual level no tangible results can be achieved. Stress has got a lot to do with a person’s attitude to start with and the next isthe priority of things in life. People want to achieve too much in too short a time, in theprocess achieving too little or nothing, but landing up with lots of stress and theassociated problems. Hence, a regular introspection is the first logical step in the fightagainst stress.Stress is additive and workplace stress can become cumulative with the oneat home or vice versa thus each making the other worse. The situation is further aggravated with more and more women entering the workforce and the pressuresmount when they have to balance workplace and family responsibilities. A recentworldwide survey indicated that working women with children under the age of 13 aregetting into high stress situations.  Individual level techniques for coping with stress involve physical exercise,relaxation, getting away from work, putting off all communication gadgets , taking upmeditation and spending quality time with family. Auto suggestion is yet another technique which can be applied at an individual level to fight stress. Basically a personis free to choose his own response to any situation and perceive challenges in life either at work or at home and that’s what is going to decide whether one is getting into amanageable stress situation or the stress is getting the better of him. NEED FOR THE STUDY Stress underlies diverse condition   as psychosomatic diseases, heart diseases and canbe major contributor to disturbances in one’s emotional, social, industrial and family life.It inhibits creativity and personal effectiveness and exhibit itself in a generaldissatisfaction, so obvious in our day-to-day lives.Stress is a path of every employee’s life. however, way stress is excessive, personaland organizational performance is at best damaged. At the worst, stress is a liability anda threat to the survival of the organization. Hence the problem of stress for the businessand industry, is a substantial and serious one.It is a well-known fact that every organization has his own methods of managing or preventing stress among the employees, in this era of globalization, the organizationsshould adapt the most economical method and at the same time, a method that surfsthe purpose of the function to the fullest extent. Organizations should not blindly choosea method or a technique to reduce the stress levels of the employees just because it isin vogue in an industry. The organizations should develop and implement its ownmethods, and at the same time use the one, which fits into its area of interest andultimately servers the very purpose and helps the organization achieve its objectives. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY In order to achieve the organizational objectives and to be a successful organization,the organizations are to be manned by people who are highly qualified, skilled, andwhose strike a balance mentally and physically. The only way of achieving this is bymanaging or preventing stress prevailing among the employee’s.These imply the objective of the study to be  To study the existing HR policies and procedures used to avoid stress. The 10 Secrets of Balancing Stress in our lives 1. Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.2.Don’t die with your music still in you .Live your life to the fullest.3.Don’t give yourself away to others.4.Silence is the way to grow. Listen to yourself, listen to others.5.Surrender your past don’t make excuses, learn and move on.6.Surrender your ego, learn from your mistakes.7.Give up any anger or resentment that may be inside you.8.Live by the golden rule. Is this how you want to be remembered?9.Live for the present moment. It is a precious gift.10.Stay away from negative thoughts and people. Source: Wayne Dywer 
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