Sustainable development, human dignity and family

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1. Sustainabledevelopment, Humandignity and FamilyAlmudena Díaz Vidal 2. Human beings and quality of lifeHumanbeingsSameopportunitiesSustainableenergyFamilyHumandignity…
  • 1. Sustainabledevelopment, Humandignity and FamilyAlmudena Díaz Vidal
  • 2. Human beings and quality of lifeHumanbeingsSameopportunitiesSustainableenergyFamilyHumandignity
  • 3. Dignity• It is derived from the fact of being human.• Human rights equity: no distinction.• The oportunitty to excel yourself.• Self-esteem .• Self-commitment.• Need of change.– “ The root of a human being s dignity, lays on the self-knowledgeand awareness.” Socrates.
  • 4. Family• Has its own inalienable rights.• The basis of a strong and healthy society.• Enhances human dignity.• The human as a social being.• The pursuit of techniques or processes to obtainsustainable energy.
  • 5. • Establishment of rules and standards to controlthe use of natural resources.• The use of energy to maintain a healthyecosystem.• A better way of living.– “There is a relationship between a human being anddignity. Not only as an individual, but also as part of afamily in society, which is fundamental itsdevelopment and well-being”.
  • 6. Proposal1. Optimisation of the different energy sourcesusing new technologies.• Research.• Wiser resource consumption.• Digital systems.• Technical and humanistic training.• Warm approach to people.• Encouraging campaigns.- “ Human dignity will be exceled while promotingequity, as well as the social cooperation to maintain anenvironment full of solidarity and well-being”.
  • 7. Background• Misuse of natural resources due to the lack ofcivic education and awareness.
  • 8. Participants• Neighborhood representatives and societies.• Educational Institutions.• Volunteers.• Governments.• Private sector, mainly state of the artenterprises.
  • 9. Step by step…1. Economic resources investments from thepublic and private sectors for research (To findnew ways to obtain sustainable energy).2. Private and public sponsorships to implementthose new tecniques.3. Introduce the project to the citizens.(Sensitizing, raising awareness and educating).
  • 10. “ The human being is totally capable of finding andcreating new alternatives that allow the raising andmaintaining of the standards of living. Every nationhas resources which , if its use is wise andmeasured, can contribute to its own development.Some countries are definitely ahead. But in theend, the existence and practice of solidarity, team-work,and perseverance, will lead them tosuccess”.
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