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1. “Teaser Questions”“India Unplugged – The India Quiz”, 2011 (Chennai)on 6th February, 2011“India Quiz”, Mukti, NIT Durgapur, 2011, 5thFebruary, 2011 2.…
  • 1. “Teaser Questions”“India Unplugged – The India Quiz”, 2011 (Chennai)on 6th February, 2011“India Quiz”, Mukti, NIT Durgapur, 2011, 5thFebruary, 2011
  • 2. Rules1 point for each questionSelf-Scoring Each question is followed by theanswer in the immediate next slide 
  • 3. Question 1According to the Indian Railways, theadvertisement (shown on next slide)depicting a twig of a plant with the facesof students embedded in it, was actuallymeant to signify the fact that studentsare the saplings for the future of thisnation and it is the moral duty of thegovernment to nurture these saplings inorder to lay the foundations of a strongand vibrant India. But this ad created afurore in Indian Politics when released.Why?
  • 4. And the answer is… It created a political controversybecause the twig of the plant shownwas strikingly similar to the pollsymbol of the Trinamool Congress(shown below), which is headed bythe Railways Minister Ms. MamataBanerjee.
  • 5. Question 2Identify these child actors
  • 6. And the answer is… By close observation, you must haveseen that they are none other thanShahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia 
  • 7. Question 3 This person may not be an Indian, but hiswork has helped India more than the work ofany other known American. He’s one of only five people in history toscore the feat of winning the Nobel PeacePrize, the US Presidential Medal of Freedomand the Congressional Gold Medal – placinghim in the company of the Rev Martin LutherKing Jr, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela andElie Wiesel. He’s also a recipient of the PadmaVibhushan, Indias second-highest civilianhonour. He died very recently. Name this distinguished scientist andvisionary.
  • 8. And the answer is… He is Mr. Norman Borlaug, whopassed away in Texas on 12thSpetember, ’09.
  • 9. Question 4 A survey was conducted in the late 1980s to findout what Bollywood heroine did the public perceivethe various beauty and skin-care brands torepresent. The survey results were interesting: The survey analysts felt people associated Niveawith her as she represented “Timeless Beauty”.But, according to the public, Nivea represented heras she was “Always desirable; Never attainable”(Nivea, in those days, was priced at a 40%premium). Which heroine was Nivea supposed torepresent?Brand Actress EquivalentCharmis Waheeda RehmanPonds RakhiLakme Madhuri DixitNivea ?
  • 10. And the answer is… Rekha 
  • 11. Question 5 Javagal Srinath recalls: “My first and only hundred came 18 yearsago in the Pentangulars. Thathundred, which went to the score-books, ball by ball, was entered by a youngX. That was way back in 1988, whenMysore zone was playing against theBangalore zone. X was 15 years then theyoungest in the side. He was not happy withthat job given to him.” Who is X?
  • 12. And the answer is… Rahul Dravid 
  • 13. Question 6 In 1890 pharmacist Lunsford Richardson took overthe retail drug business of his brother-in-law Dr.Joshua and began marketing “X” Family Remedies.The most popular remedy was Croup andPneumonia Salve, which was first compounded in1891 in Greensboro and rebranded as “Y” in 1912.The flu epidemic of 1918 increased sales of “Y”from $900,000 to $2.9 million in just one year. In1985, the entire company was sold to Procter &Gamble and P&G has since marketed the productas “The only thing more powerful than a motherstouch”. “Y” is currently manufactured and packagedin India and Mexico. Identify the name “X” and the brand name “Y”.
  • 14. And the answer is… That was Dr. Joshua Vick X = Vicks and Y = VapoRub.
  • 15. Question 7 We can all recognize this famous Indian on the GoogleDoodle below. But Indians (like Sir Rabindrabath Tagore)had already featured on Google Doodles before thisone. Why was this Google Doodle unique among theother Indo-centric doodles?
  • 16. And the answer is… This was the first Global GoogleDoodle that was Indian-Centric. Tillthen, all Indian-related GoogleDoodles were restricted to“www.google.co.in” pages. This wasthe first Indian Doodle to feature onthe global “www.google.com” page.
  • 17. Question 8Identify thegentleman and thelady.Clue: This Indiangentleman wasawarded the highestaward in anothercountry, which is arare distinction evergranted to a foreignerby that country.
  • 18. And the answer is… Biju Patnaik and Gyan Patnaik
  • 19. Question 9It seemed to have originated atGolconda in the state of AndhraPradesh in India. It has belonged tovarious Mughal, Persian and Britishrulers who fought bitterly over it atvarious points in history and seized itas a spoil of war time and again. Itwas finally seized by the East IndiaCompany. What am I talking about?
  • 20. And the answer is… The Kohinoor Diamond 
  • 21. Question 10 Lets end with another railways question. In2009, the Indian Railways Minister Ms.Mamata Banerjee announced the launch of anew type of train in India. These trains wouldhave no stoppages in between and will haveonly two or three technical halts. These trainswill travel as fast as Rajdhani express andbeing non-stop, will take less time to coverthe distance. They will have new-agestainless steel coaches having distinct colour.The maintenance of these trains has beenoutsourced on PPP (Public-PrivatePartnership) mode to private players, who willbe allowed to display their advertisementinside the coaches. Name the type of train inquestion.
  • 22. And the answer is… Duronto 
  • 23. Thank you for trying…The next presentation is up… Answersfor the next one will be out by 4thFebruary, 2011 midnight 
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