The Art of Assertion and Submission

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The Art of Assertion and Submission
  THE ART OF ASSERTION & SUBMISSION  Architecture isn't stable. It morphs and changes. When it stabilises itself, it becomes dead. People yawn at an architectural proposal that re-presents the seen and the done for too many times. Architecture can be a very broad field. It draws inspiration from and influenced by anything we surround ourselves with. These include art paintings, films, sculptures, music, political articles, and architecture in media lie manifestos, diagrams, collages, montages, or motion pictures...We are taught to always brea through the present by building an opinion on it. !y stance will give me a medium to be for or against the e isting conditions. !y collection of opinionated thoughts were discovered through visitation of some inspiration around myself.#.$%rnament and &rime by Adolf (oos!anifesto $%rnament and &rime by Adolf (oos compares the perceived realm of buildings to faces. )e suggests that when a Papuan tattooed face is no longer deemed to heighten the aesthetics, then the tattoos should be reduced. #*th century +uropean men had to wear shoe rags so the authority can easily identify their social class and rule them simply based on the uality of the rags. What's important is the striping-off of ornament when it no longer represents a more humane uality in socialaspect. Thus, I would agree with (oos idea of simplicity of gestures with non-e travagant outloo. .$!aman sculpture by (ouise ourgeois/rench sculptor (ouise ourgeois symbolises the strength of her mother with her #0m tall steel sculpture $!aman that depicts a giant pregnant spider located outside of 1ehry's ilbao !useum. $!aman - a /rench word for mama, can also be interpreted as a combined word of $mama and $a man. The 2 wobbly legs are the multiplied fort to eep the egg sacs 3marbles4 inside safe. It is a fortification of a central core which is soft and intimate. 5.$)eavy !etal 6eries heels by ryan %nyansy Architect turned haute couture shoemaer ryan %nyansy was featured in (ondon/ashion Wee with his 'heavy metal' high heels series, which are made of hard te ture 3aluminium, iron4 and soft te ture 3fabric lace4. The composition of the heels  is of curvature and linear lines, conversing a dynamic balance between soft and hardmaterials to toughen the nature7beauty of the curving heels. 6imilarly to (ouise ourgeois, he buttresses the softness.8.$6isii 6howroom by 9uo :agayama ; Associates<apanese architect 9uo :agayama ; Associates created 6isii showroom7office in =obe that loosely connects and disconnects people through subtle moves by alternating height differences of floor levels. 6he also erected steel sheets to partiallypartition different spaces. It is a subtlety and sensitivity towards acute differences. 6implicity and subtlety in specific e pressions is driven by an ambivalent dynamism about ones personal stance in the world that shifts and changes. :o matter what wedo, it'll affect the other side. We now when we push, it'll pop out on the other side. 6o why not mae the move more considerate to others whilst still maing a move> It is the art of assertion and submission.
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