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THE NEWFIE NEWSLETTER IVAoAo^ -- of the Newfoundland Study Group of BNAPS January/February 1991 Number 33 MORE ON THE LAST 'JEFINITIrES OF NEWFOUNDLAND by C. A. Stil…
THE NEWFIE NEWSLETTER IVAoAo^ -- of the Newfoundland Study Group of BNAPS January/February 1991 Number 33 MORE ON THE LAST 'JEFINITIrES OF NEWFOUNDLAND by C. A. Stil l ions While these two proofs may look the same, they are considerably different for they were produced by two different security printing companies. The top one is Perkins 3acon die number 962 of the 25 cent value in the 1932 Industrial Issue. While the bottom one was proofed by Water low and Sons for the 1941 Nar printings -- the last definitives. Page 1 A, Stillions, Study Group Chairman and Newsletter Editor: . D.C. 20016-3444, U.S.-, 5031 Eskridge Terrace. N. W.. Washington NEWFIE NEWSLETTER January / February 1991 ne `he W. W . Sprague and Company's Perkins 3acn Works ^n 3r dge Road was destroyed on the night of 10 'A 3 y 194 d riig .a Nazi bombing attack on London, the owners and Managers del i v e r o n p r i n t i r g h a d t o f i n d w a y s t o f P e r : < i n s b a c o n th e 0.1tno s' The About cont acts wi thoJt 3 pr nng pla nt. -75 oy Hubb3rd .ir..d M 1 34J A IL SAILIN;S section o`_ +)RTH ATLANTiC in 9 )jerati,,i'; winter says they 'managed to survive by apportion among .many small shops. Walter Hubbard was one of the managers At this time W. W. Sprague & Company was controled by t_ne Huooard family. The Hubbard family had aquired Perkins 3 a c o n from the ^e atn family during bankrupcy proceedings at the and of 1935. Waterlow and Sons was the small shop that produced Newfounn 41 postage stamps for W. W. Sprague & Co. 4 f t e r the destruction of the printing works, some dies, some transfer rolls and possibly some printing plates were rCcovd. Sind Water1ow's presses used copper plates and Perkins 3acon's presses used steel plates, new plates had to be ,made to fit the Waterlow presses. In order to lay down the new plates , new guide marks were added to the salvaged die. Which is the reason for the compass marks and locator marks each side of the image. The reason for the hole in the die is not known , but almost all Speculation has it that Waterlow proofs have similar holes . . The T locator the dies these holes were used for storing narks at the middle of the short side also appear on proo~s by w. W. Sprague's Perkins Bacon Works. The short dash at the tip the image is the locator mark of the original °erkins 3 a c o n Company. arge die proofs of all but the 4w and 7y are known to have been The Waterlow proofs are frequently produced by Waterlow . misidentified as Perkin Bacon proofs by dealers and auction The compass marks and especially the hole are sure describers . fire identifiers of the Waterlow proofs. In addition t_a the large die proofs, small die proofs are known of the 3c, 4¢, 5 8c, 1O and 4w adult princess. The small die proof of the 4 little princess is the only proof known of this value. These seven proofs were found by Robson Lowe in some old fibs from the Waterlow archives . The condition of tnese seven is dreadful. They are ugly, dirty, creased, and most have a notch cut from the upper right margin where the cylinder number was removed. The number in the lower left is Water low's die number . Page 2 NEWFIE NEWSLETTER January/February 1991 When John Ayshford wrote up the Water low records for the Newfoundland printings in his THE LAST STAMPS OF NEWFOUNDLAND, it was noted that some of the denominations are known used prior to the first recorded printing in February 1942. These have become known as the 31itz issues (see Newfie Newsletter No. 23, May/June 1989). In fact the actual first day of use of all the last Uefinitives, except for the 4C adult princess (Scott no. 269), is not known. The following list has been tabulated from several sources. The most inportant being George Sloane's column which appeared in STAMPS magazine during the 1930's and 1940's. Frequently, Mr. Sloane only indicated that a particular value had appeared. When this occurs, the notation prior to xx xxx xx appears in the EARLIEST REPORTED DATE column and the data listed is the STAMPS magazine edition date in which Mr. Sloane's calumn appeared. Any member with earlier dates is ask to send fiat information to your Newsletter editor. Page 3 NEWSLETTER NEWFIE January/February 1991 NE'^FOCNDLAND INDUSTRIAL SERIES 4 AT =RLOW & SONS PRINTINGS (THE LAST OF_FINITIVES) EARLIEST PRINTING RECORDED EARLIEST DESCRIPTION lc Codf i sn SG SCOTT NO. NO . 233 2 76 May 42 Prior to Sloane ST!1'0PS 26 Sep 42 26 Sep 42 2c King George VI 254 3c BY REPORTED AYSHFORD DATE SOURCE 2 77 Feb 42 14 Nov 41 3oggs 17 Nov 41 Sloane ST,' 13 Dec 42 25 Nov 41 CAS coil. 278 Feb 42 15 Nov 41 3oggs Queen 255 Elizabeth Prior to Sloane STAMPS 17 Jan 42 17 Jan 42 4c Princess Elizabeth 256 279 Feb 42 Oct 41 Boggs 1 Oct 4i Sloane STOM 25 Oct 41 15 Oct 41 CAS call. 4c Princess 269 293 Mar 47 21 Apr 47 Scott's Canada Elizabeth Specialized 21 year old princess N.L. 280 Feb 42 Nov 41 Boggs 5c Caribou Q. 13.2 14 Oct 41 CAS coll. 5c Caribou 257 280a Jul 42 4Jun42 D. Paul coll. p. 12.5 7c Queen Mary 258 231 Jul 42 Jan 42 Boggs Prior to Sloane STAMPS 24 Apr 43 24 Apr 43 3c Paper mills 259 232 Feb 42 Prior to Sloane STAMP'S 26 Sep 42 26 Sep 42 lCc Salmon 260 233 Jul 42 Prior to Sloane STAMPS 24 Apr 43 24 Apr 43 30 Jun 43 CAS col'. Page 4 NEWFIE NEWSLETTER January / February 1991 ESCRI ?T:TN 14c Dog COTT NO. G NO. EAR'_TEST PRINTING RECORDED BY AYSHFORD 261 234 Jul 42 262 15c Seal 2d5 Jul 42 EARL IEST REPORTED DATE Prior to 8 Jan 44 O6RCE Sloane STAMPS 3 Jan 44 Sloane STAMPS Prior to 24 Apr 43 24 Apr 43 17 Jul 43 CAS coll. 263 2O^ Cape Race 286 Jul 42 Prior to Sloane STAMPS 8 Jan 44 3 Jan 44 24c _ oading Ore 264 237 Jul 42 Prior to Sloane STAMPS 24 Apr 43 24 Apr 43 25c Sealing Fleet 265 238 Jul 42 Prior to Sloane STAMPS 24 Apr 43 24 Apr 43 43c Fishing Fleet 266 299 Jul 42 Prior to Sloane STAMPS 8 Jan 44 3 Jan 44 24 Jan 43 CAS coll. NEWFNUNDLNNNI SEVEN CENTS 7 MINEEMEMEN u.6:Lis^'l P age 5 NEWFIE NEWSLETTER January/February 1991 REIF E=RE C_S 3oggs, W 1nthr.p S., THE POSTAGE STaM?S AND a:)STAL HIST'JP'i F NE'WFD:^ND'_2ND, Chambers Publishing Company, Kal 3n3 zoo, en'gan, 1942 Turner, George T., SL0ANE'S C0LGMN, 3ureau Issues Ass West Somerville, Massachusetts, 1961 THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BRITISH EMPIRE POSTAGE STAMPS, 1639-1952, '_Ino n, Volume V, THE EMPIRE IN NORTH AMERICA, Robson '_ owe 1973 Aysiford, Jonn, THE LAST STAMPS OF NEWFOUNDLAND, Robson '_ ;we Ltd., London, 1973 Pratt , Robert H ., Tne 1941 War Issue of Newfoundland , ESS . PROOF J'D'JRNAL , Volume 22, Number 1, Whole Number 85 , Winter '965, pp 3-13 Fraser, Colin and Lowe, Robson, THE DIE PROOFS OF WATERLOW SONS, PART I, GREAT BRITAIN & THE EMPIRE TO 1960, Ohstie's Robson Lowe, London, 1985 0aul, Derek , A Little Know n Newfoundland 5 Cent Caribou, Brig TOaICS, Volume 41, Number 2, Whole Number 400, March -April 19?, pp 33-36 Paul, Derek, Newfoundland's Five Cent Caribou Again, BNA TOPICS, Volume 44, Number 5, Whole Number 421, September-October 1987, pp 33-41 Hubbard , Walter and Winter , Richard F ., NORTH ATLANTIC MA1_ SAILINGS 1840-75, U. S . Ph i1 atelic Classics Society, Inc Canton , Ohio , 1988, pp vii-viii NEW Y^EMBERS James M. McCabe, 132 Snug Haven Court, Tonawanda, New York 14150 Robert E . Thompson , 39002 212th Street S.W., Enumclaw, WA William P . Taylor, 225 Jay Street, Johnson City, New Y 3 r K 13790 Arthur W. Sprague, 216 South Park Road, La Grange, Illinois 60525 Page 6 NEWFIE NEWSLETTER January / February 1991 COMING E'^ENT3 3`Na'EX'91 , August 29-31, 1991 , Vancouver , British Columba, 4estin 33yshore Hotel, Annual convention and exhioition of the 3ritis ii '!crib Almerica Philatelic Society , Annual meeting of t'he The program at the study group meeting +ewfoun Bland Study Group . is yet to be determined -- any volunteers? MOVING MEMBERS Mel 3oone , T 3 E 747 2711 Golan Ave. S . W., Calgary , A lberta , CANA3a SUPPORT OUR DEALER MEMBERS Gary J. Lyon, EASTERN AUCTIONS LTD., Brunswick, CANADA E2A 3Z2 P.O.Box 250 , Bathurst, New Ed Wener , INDIGO, P.O. Box 308 , Guelph , Ontario CANADA John M. Walsh, WALSH'S PHILATELIC SERVICE, 9 Guy Street, ter. John's, Newfoundland CANADA 41B jD4 Robert J . M c G i 11 ivray, STANLEY STOMP COMPANY , 1096 Richards Street, Vancouver, B.C., CANADA '16B 3E1 RECEIVED IN THE MAIL The Zurich Collection of the cents issues of Newfoundland and additional issues to be sold at puolic auction 2 March 1991 in London by Cavendish Philatelic Auctions , Ltd. Over 800 lots of proofs , trade samples , covers , large multiples and even ful l Sale catalog available from Cavendish C.A. Ltd., Sitwell sheets . Street , Derby , DE1 2JP , U.K. for $25 . 00 in JSA funds. INFOFINCEP There still are a number of copies avail able of Bob Pratt's INFOFINDER, the index to his booK THE NINETEENTH CENTURY °OSTaL HISTORY OF NEWFOUNDLAND. If you do not have one, you can get one b y s e n d i n g y o u r c h e c k t o m e , C . A . S t i1 1 ions, 5031 EsKr idge Terrace, N. W . , Washington , D.C. 20016 . The price is $5.OOIS t, study group members or $7.00 to nonmembers . Remember, Bob is donating all profits from the sale of the INFOFINDER to the study group. Page 7 NEWFIE NEWSLETTER Jan u ary/Febru ary 1991 D ATE - December 1990 BY 7almer Y ;,ff'at POST OF DEC 8* BATTLE H Dotted Box BATTLE HR . LA3. new '-RD 8 DE 45 new reporter DM new reporter JB ' in ?226 ) new :_RD 2 AU 3`: 3D)NAV:313 new _RD 13 JU 39 reporter JB 3-CHANS LRD change SA to PM HAW<E HR new LRD and reporter 20 OC 34 J3 LONG HAR30UR new ERD and reporter 04 M R 37 DW NOPRIS A'RM new '-RD and reporter 12 MY 37 DC (on C,ronation stamp) Wawv Box new '_RD and reporter 21 SP 34 J3 CL.ARK'S BEACH M_NDY POND add _RD 07 FE 29 J3 Douole Oval (?ostal Telegraphs) 22 FE 28 RS u_O new ERD and reporter new '-RD and reporter 26 FE 34 CS 07 AU 34 J3 new I_RD and reporter J40<SON'3 ARM NOR'RIS' APM , NFLD correct town spelling - apostrophe and NF'_D. 10 JUU 34 J3 new '-RD and r eporter ?,DRT A U PORT new '- RD new reporter 25 SP 34 J3 Double Oval (Post Office) F irst 77-port place before BURLINGTON , N.D.B. BE'__ -,NO M NES, NF_D 23 SR 15 OW, color 31ue, very S-1 al uppercase letter; Double O val !,Department) ors -eport, place after RENCONTRE EAST ST. 7) OHN'3, NE'WF'LD 14 NO 03 OC MONEY ORDER OFFICE/DATE/TOWN New Reporters OM Dean Mario RS Robert Soper Page 3
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