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The Ultimate Male Orgasm This section on Male Orgasm is for men of all types. It is here solely to help you understand more about how your body works, specifically the male reproductive system leading up to orgasm. It's our hope that you learn something from this article, about yourself as well as your body. Premature Ejaculation: What exactly is premature ejaculation? Ejaculation that occurs prior to when a man wishes or too quickly during intercourse to satisfy
  The Ultimate Male Orgasm   This section on Male Orgasm is for men of all types. It is here solely to help you understand more about how your body works, specifically the male reproductive system leading up to orgasm. It's our hope that you learn something from this article, about yourself as well as your body. Premature Ejaculation:   What exactly is premature ejaculation?  Ejaculation that occurs prior to when a man wishes or too quickly during intercourse to satisfy the partner. When most males ejaculate they tend to quickly lose a usable erection for the simple reason that their discharge has temporarily released a state of elevated sexual tension. What are the causes of premature ejaculation?  It seems logical that our prehistoric male ancestors were all rapid ejaculators. The Homo Erectus who could couple quickly with his mate and repidly reach ejaculation was then free to deal with enemy tribesman and predatory sabre-toothed tigers. The slowpoke got clubbed or eaten. Therefore, only rapid ejaculators survived long enough to sire descendants. Thus, if speed of ejaculation were hereditary, we all should have fast ejaculatory reflexes. Obviously, the above theory cannot be proven; however, it does contain an element of truth. It is probably natural for healthy males to ejaculate quickly. Lasting longer serves no genetic function that we know of. Lasting is a learned behavior, like learning to dance. It can prolong and intensify pleasure for a man. Also, many women like to experience orgasm - or have been socially conditioned to enjoy orgasm - when the erect penis is inside them. To reach orgasm this way often requires periods of more or less continuous stimulation by the penis. Premature ejaculation is sometimes also caused or aggrivated psychological factors such as guilt, fear, and performance anxiety. The first thing a male must hold in mind is that good sex is unhurried sex. The longer he spends in foreplay prior to his first orgasm, the stronger and more enjoyable that first orgasm will be. The compacting of blood in the sex organs builds slowly, inflating the tissues and sensitizing the millions of nerve endings in and around the genitals. Think of an orgasm like a balloon: the longer you blow air into it, the bigger it gets and the louder the bang when it pops.  Orgasm consists of two stages. One begins with the prostate gland, which encircles the urethra like a tiny donut above the base of the penis, contracts and releases its fluids, along with the contents of the seminal vesicle, into the urethra. To most  males this feels like you are going to start a good sneeze, but it's too late to stop. Stage two is similar to the sneeze itself. The pelvic muscle contract strongly around the bulb, forcing the fluid out under considerable pressure. Orgasm is what a man feels when all this is happening. He has probably learned for himself that it is possible to ejaculate without having an orgasm, but he may not yet realize that he can also have an orgasm without ejaculating. That's exactly what you want to learn to do. The average male in his twenties takes less than three minutes from the time of insertion till he comes. This cheats him of a lot of fun and satisfaction and doubly cheats the unfortunate female he prematurely has an orgasm into. How do I prevent premature ejaculation from happening?  The most common treatment of premature ejaculation is to become more familiar with the feelings and sensations surrounding the time leading up to ejaculation. By learning to become more familiar with these sensations, you can slowly learn how to predict when the upcoming ejaculation will occur and gain more control over them. This is known as your point of no return. If you want to be able to enjoy long periods of intense pleasure without ejaculation, you need to discover your point of no return. Masturbate and concentrate on you feelings. There is a point at which you will not be able to control your ejaculation anymore. At that point, as hard as you try, you cannot stop yourself from ejaculating. You will have to ejaculate because ejaculation is a reflex: your brain sends messages through your spinal cord to your sex organs and orders ejaculation. Once you have successfully discovered your point of no return do not let your arousal reach this point. You can eithr change your position or stop moving. Other techniques you may consider are the stop and start and the squeeze methods.  The stop and start method. When, during thrusting, you feel yourself getting closer, cease all movement and press the pubic bone (under your pubic hair) against your mate's pubic bone, thus pushing your penis in all the way. Then both stop moving. (Tell her, Resting time, love. ) When the urgency to ejaculate subsides, start thrusting again. Do this several times in a row. It can also be practiced solo, using your hand instead of a vagina. A varation of this technique is to make several voluntary twitching movements of the penis while you are resting. This can be done by rapidly flexing and relaxing the muscles that control the flow of urine. Try to identify this muscle contraction next time that you urinate. This muscle is known as the PC muscle and is described clearly in the Multiple-Orgasm section below. The squeeze technique method. This method, which has been proven highly successful in training men to last longer described in a book by Dr. Herbert E. Vendervoort and Rev. Ted Mcilvenna. This technique can also be practiced alone during masterbation. One stimulates himself until he has had a firm erection for a while, squeezes, and repeats the process several times. After several squeezes, one should have much more intense ejaculation than usual.  During the no-intercourse period, the couple should explore one another sensually, caressing one another's bodies with hands and mouth or by any other means, short of intercourse, that are pleasurable to both. If the man's penis becomes erect while his mate is caressing it, she can, at any time that feels right to her, apply the squeeze to his penis. Preferably this should take place before the man feels himself on the verge of ejaculating. IF the women does the squeeze several times at her descretion, it can become part of her lovemaking technique. Multiple Orgasms:  The vast majority of men do not reach sexual maturity with an ability to enjoy multiple climaxes. This unusual ability is a talent that must be developed. Dr. William E. Hartman, one of the nation's most respected sex researchers said The control of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is probably the most simple and the most direct answer to a man becoming multiply orgasmic. The PC is the largest of the muscles in the pelvis. It gets its weird name from the fact that it stretches from the pubic bone in front to the coccyx or tailbone in back. In most men it is a very weak muscle because they use it only when they come, and they come only infrequently and not powerfully. The process of strengthening your PC muscle consists of a series of flexing or tightening the muscle, then trying to hold, so at the moment of orgasm the male is able to hold back the fluid and refrain from ejaculating while still having orgasm. You need to experiment with it as you approach orgasm by tightening. The worst that can happen is that you'll ejaculate , and with continued training you'll no longer slip until you want to. Why is this beneficial? Well, aside from the obvious reasons of increased male pleasure, it seems to me that the male's inability to function over long periods has been one of the major contributing factors to the poor state of sex in America. And the fact that he's been taught that he's all through when he comes, rather than that he could go on indefinitely. If you simply spend a few minutes a day exercising the right muscle, then you would doubtlesly have many grateful partners through the years, rather than having trouble erecting, coming too fast and so on. The two exercises that you will need to be doing to enhance your sexual power are named cut-offs and Kegels or PC Flexes. All males and females more or less unconsciously perform a few cut-offs when they are through passing urine and forcefully expel the last few drops. When you perform a forceful cut-off you are literally turning off a a faucet; so when the machinery within your faucet (PC muscle) becomes powerful you will easily be able to turn it off at the point of orgasm. Discharged semen causes a loss of tension, but when the semen flow is cut off and retained, you can keep your member in good standing and come again and again (without ejaculation). Cut-offs will help you identify your PC muscle and become familiar with its strength. Every time you urinate, stop the flow forcefully at least six times. The first time you try this, don't worry if all you can manage is a momentary interruption in the flow. PC Flexes can be performed anywhere at any time. They consist of tightening the anal sphincter (rectum) and the muscles at the base of the penis. When you do a correct PC Flex your penis will move slightly. You are doing PC Flexes when you have  an erection and you tighten to make your penis move up and down. Once you get use to tightening and flexing your PC muscle there are other ways this can be performed using your erection and a bath towel; you simple hang the towel over your erection and forcefully raise and lower your penis from 50 to 100 times. The idea is to give the penis some extra work to do. As the muscles get stronger, the erection will get harder, partly from the increased blood supply the exercise is causing your body to provide. Go slowly at first, but within a week or 10 days you should be able to perform 300 forceful PC Flexes a day and within two months your muscle will be several times as strong as when you started. PC Flexes can be unobtrusively performed (without an erection) while walking, sitting or lying down. If you do them with an erection it's a good idea to hold a warm wet towel or wash cloth over the top base of the penis afterwards; this soothes and relaxes the vigorously used attachment muscles. Within approximately six weeks after you've begun doing cut-offs and PC Flexes daily, you'll be having longer, stronger, and better orgasms than ever before and closer to both climax control and the sustained pleasure of multiple orgasms. Cut-offs will give you the feel of turning off your faucet and they will enormously benefit your control. The PC Flex will further develop control and your PC; without a powerful pubococcygeus muscle you cannot hope to become multiorgasmic. The male who possesses a really powerful PC can maintain a firm erection for hours and enjoy more ecstatic orgasms during one sex episode then most men enjoy in a month. So get started on this simple sex-strengthening program and turn your female's fantasies into fact.  
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