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  TM 9-2320-340-10 TECHNICAL MANUALOPERATOR'S MANUALFOR TRUCK, TRACTOR, W/WINCH, W/O CRANE,8X8M983A4NSN 2320-01-534-2228 (EIC BG3) Distribution Statement A - Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY15 OCTOBER 2008  WARNING SUMMARY GENERAL SAFETY CAUTION/WARNING SUMMARYã This list summarizes critical warnings. They are repeated here to let you know howimportant they are. ã Study these warnings carefully. ã They can save your life and the lives of personnel you work with. ã If there is any doubt about handling tools, materials, equipment, and procedures,see TB 43-0216, Safety and Hazard Warnings for Operation and Maintenance of TACOM Equipment. Table 1. Warning Icons Used In This Manual. WARNING ICONDESCRIPTION  AIR PRESSURE - human hand blocking air gun shows the needto reduce air pressure before use, or debris may injure user and/or damage equipment.BIOLOGICAL - abstract symbol bug shows that a material maycontain bacteria or viruses that present a danger to life or health.CHEMICAL - drops of liquid on hand shows that the material willcause burns or irritation to human skin or tissue.CRYOGENIC - hand in block of ice shows that the material isextremely cold and can injure human skin and tissue.TM 9-2320-340-10a  Table 1. Warning Icons Used In This Manual. - Continued  WARNING ICONDESCRIPTION ELECTRICAL - electrical wire to arm with electricity symbol run-ning through human body shows that shock hazard is present.EXPLOSION - rapidly expanding symbol shows that the materialmay explode if subjected to high temperatures, sources of igni-tion, or high pressure.EXTREMELY COLD SURFACE - hand touching object with iceformed on both shows that surface is extremely cold and candamage human tissue.EYE PROTECTION - person with goggles shows that the mate-rial will injure the eyes.FIRE - flame shows that material may ignite and cause burns.TM 9-2320-340-10b
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