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  DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTIONApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited. TM 9-4940-568-10 OPERATOR’S MAINTENANCE MANUALFOR FORWARD REPAIR SYSTEM (FRS) MODEL M7 NSN 4940-01-463-7940 HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY MARCH 200 2  TM 9-4940-568-10 a The FRS has been designed to operate safely and efficiently within the limits specified inthis TM. Operation beyond these limits is prohibited IAW AR 70-1 without written approvalfrom the Commander, U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command, Attn:AMSTA-LC-AH, Warren, MI 48397-5000. Failure to comply could result in injury or deathto personnel.Personnel must not ride, rest, or sleep on or inside the FRS. Failure to comply may result ininjury or death to personnel.Do not lower/open doors in winds that exceed 30 mph. Failure to comply may result ininjury or death to personnel.Do not use shelter roof or doors (when open) for loading or storage. Failure to comply mayresult in injury or death to personnel.Keep shelter roof and doors free of accumulated snow, ice, dirt and material buildup. Do notlower doors if buildup is in excess of 1/4 inch thick. Failure to comply may result in injuryor death to personnel.Generator set engine must be shut off before performing PMCS walkaround. Severe injuryto personnel may result.Drain air compressor reservoir before servicing the air lubricator. Failure to comply mayresult in injury to personnel.The exhaust pipe and muffler can become very hot during operation. Do not touch these partswith bare hands, or allow body to come in contact with exhaust pipe or muffler. Exhaust systemparts can cause serious burns.  TM 9-4940-568-10b Fuel is very flammable and can explode easily. To avoid serious injury or death, keep fuel awayfrom open fire and keep fire extinguisher within easy reach when working with fuel. Do not work on fuel system when engine is hot. Fuel can be ignited by hot engine.Hydraulic oil may be hot and cause serious burns.Radiator coolant can be extremely hot and cause severe burns.Use extreme caution when checking radiator hoses and clamps or injury to personnel mayresult.Flatrack rollers must be supported while removing retaining pins or roller may drop causinginjury to personnel.Remove all jewelry such as rings, ID tags, bracelets, etc. If jewelry or tools contact positiveelectrical circuits a direct short may result. Damage to equipment, injury or death topersonnel may occur.Lead-acid battery gases can explode. Do not smoke, have open flames, or make sparksaround a battery, especially if caps are off. If a battery is gassing, it can explode and causeinjury to personnel.Do not operate crane unless both outrigger jacks are properly set up. Shelter could turn overcausing serious injury or death.
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