Training: Professionals with deep understanding of information technology and high compete nce of helping businesses by properly managing projects

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Training: Professionals with deep understanding of information technology and high compete nce of helping businesses by properly managing projects and resources, developin g right strategies and improving
Training: Professionals with deep understanding of information technology and high compete nce of helping businesses by properly managing projects and resources, developin g right strategies and improving organizational capabilities are the most crucia l and primary need of information-driven organizations. Progressive, dynamic and information-driven organizations have realized this fac t and are investing more on human capital to reap maximum benefits. Innovative Consulting training program is uniquely positioned to prepare such or ganizations and individuals with these strategic and tactical responsibilities a nd challenges. Our coaches and trainers help organizations and professionals to expand their purview to business and industry without abandoning core IT respons ibilities. Currently we are offering following training programs - Project Management Project Management for Professionals (PMP Review Course) Project Management for Software Development Managing Software Projects with Metrics Effective Project Schedule and Cost Management Effective Project Risk Management Effective Software Efforts and Size Estimation - Software Requirements Engineering Effective Software Requirements Engineering Writing High Quality Requirements - Quality Management Effective Software Quality Assurance & Testing Assuring Software Quality with Metrics - Software Configuration Management Effective Software Configuration Management Project Management Services Our Project Consulting Services (PCS) practice helps client to get high quality IT projects faster and more cost effectively. Our best assets are our people Cer tified Project Managers, Business Analysts, Assessors, and Project performance i mprovement specialists. We proudly offer effective and efficient consulting and project management services for IT engineering projects, onshore and offshore. Project Management Consulting Services - PMI's Practitioner Our specific solutions includes: Opportunity Identification, Business Case Creat ion, and Business Process Development, Portfolio, Program, and Project Managemen t, Compliance, Controls, and Risk Management, Project Performance Improvement, a nd Service Management and Delivery. Our Project Management Professionals (PMPs) deliver projects on-spec, on-time, a nd on-budget. We help clients do the right projects, accelerate, recover, educate, coach, and improve business and project performance. If you are thinking about one of the above... ::... that means you are looking for Pakistan's best Project Management Consult ant at Innovative Consulting :: Web Portal Design & Development Services Web Development Services- More Than Meets The Eye We have arrived at best practices for the three main types of traditional site d esign: 1. Internet Sites 2. Intranets (Internally Focused Employee Web sites) 3. Extranets (Secure Customer and/or Partner Web sites) Web Site Development or Web Site Revamp? A new site can advance a company's ebusiness strategy, help a company keep up wi th new technology standards, provide access to new applications and content, int egrate with overall branding and user experience standards, reduce Web site oper ating costs, and provide consistency after acquisition or mergers. For all these reasons and more, Innovative Consulting has dozens of clients at any given time working with us to develop new product or service sites or redesigning a site i n order to increase its usefulness and relevancy. Best Web Development Consulting Services If you are looking for the company who can create your web site, e-commerce, dat abase or unique application form for web... If you are looking for Web Development professionals who can satisfy your ambiti ons and realize your ideas... If you wish to expand your business and open new horizons of e-commerce in the u nlimited field of World Wide Web... Innovative Consulting offer a wide range of web development services using innovative technologies and modern tools in varie ty of application areas: e-commerce [B2B, B2C] Custom applications [e-business] applications Database applications Affiliate and Shopping Cart applications Auction and Portal applications Peer - to - Peer applications Etc. If you are thinking about one of the above... ::...that means you are looking for Pakistan (Islamabad) Best Web Development C onsulting professionals :: Custom Application Development At Innovative Consulting, we are striving to understand changing customer needs. We want to make our customers' lives easier by simply making technology usable. We are proud to have solid Information Systems Professionals, who with the help of world class tools and equipment, study, design, develop, enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support various aspects of Information Technology. We h ave the expertise and experience to help you cut costs significantly without imp acting product quality or delivery schedules. Innovative Consulting Offshore Software Solutions, is committed to provide ever increasing levels of customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality in so ftware development, e-commerce solutions, web site design, ISP sales and after s ales and other IT enabled services. For this, we use modern software development platforms, software development tools as well as employ latest project managem ent techniques and software engineering practices like XP (Extreme Programming) and DSDM. Quality Custom Application Development Services We have top class software development professionals like project managers, soft ware engineers and programmers, testers, designers and technical writers with ex clusive skill sets for this. Besides these qualifications of our developers, all ows us to start using any other development platforms very quickly. The company gradually introduces into practice SEI-CMM Quality Assurance princip les and can duly deliver high-quality products within your budget. All software systems are properly tested and delivered with on-line help subsystems and docum entation. Transparent project management and change management practices that emphasize cu stomer communication at pre-determined intervals through , teleconferencin g and video conferencing ensure that the customer and project delivery teams car ry a consistent understanding of requirements and project status at all times IT Infrastructure Establishment Our solutions span across various domains while being able to serve the unique n eeds of any organization. Our Engineers are equipped with vast industry experien ce and immense knowledge on the latest technology. We analyze your IT Operations components to identify the best candidates for the operations. We will produce a detailed business case, project roadmap, and service level agreement (SLA) pro posal. We then use our proven knowledge transfer and change management expertise to transition those components offshore within 6-8 weeks. Our goal is to save you up to 40-50% of the cost of managing your components of IT Operation. PAKISTAN LEADING INFRASTRUCTURE/NETWORK SERVICES Network Operation Center (NOC) Solutions -- Offshore NOC Maintenance -- Switching - Configuration Maintenance -- Routing - Configuration Maintenance -- Network Monitoring Analysis Data center Solutions -- Server Monitoring -- Network Status Uptime Monitoring -- Server Maintenance Small/Medium Enterprise - Corporate Infrastructure Solutions -- IT HELPDESK -- System Administration -- Active Directory Maintenance -- User Groups Policies Maintenance -- Servers (DHCP DNS HTTP FTP) Maintenance -- Security Implementation Updation -- Internet Connectivity (Cable DSL T1 T3) Configuration Maintenance -- Local Area Network (LAN) Maintenance -- Wireless Network (WLAN Wi-Fi) -- Virtual Private Network (VPN) Configuration Maintenance Support Solutions -- Product based - Equipment Support (SOHO/Enterprise) -- Product based - Application Support -- Service provider Support Hosted Infrastructure Solutions -- Dedicated Server Hosting -- Facilities Hosting (Collocation) -- Applications Hosting -- Managed Hosting We claim to be best IT Infrastructure Establishment/Network Establishment Servic es Provider in Islamabad, Pakistan. Rely on Innovative Consulting and Our Soluti on for you will become that never-fainting star which shines brightly in the nig ht sky, shows the way in the darkness and stands out warm in the cold night! - Application Re-engineering & Integration Services With the ever-changing and ever-increasing market requirements, applications mod ernization and re-engineering initiatives have taken the front seat in devising ways to upgrade their business processes and services to keep pace with the rapi dly moving business world and business strategies. Recognizing this, organizatio ns are re-defining their IT needs and re-engineering their existing legacy appli cations to attain long-term future business objectives. Your application might need increase in speed, better usability or up-gradation to another technical platform, consolidation or defined process and methodology or a user-friendly architecture. Application re-engineering services provided by Innovative Consulting bring you the benefit of upgrading your legacy systems to the contemporary platforms and J2EE with easier navigation and at the same time retaining the basic foundation of your system. We understand your business requirements and the complexity involved within. We work with you to devise solutions that help you in attaining the future business goals and gaining a long-term edge over the competition. Attain Your Business Goal - Re-engineering Applications We help our customers in their Application Re-engineering and Modernization init iatives and provides solutions that enable them to fundamentally redesign a stra tegic roadmap for the future. Our processes and approach are focused on re-engineering our clients existing ap plications and develop future-enabled solutions that create and deliver the long -term value to our clients Application Support Maintenance Services Recognizing the value of application support and maintenance to our customers bus inesses and processes, Innovative Consulting offers a complete range of offshore outsourcing services in technical support and maintenance to our clients. Application Maintenance Service which handles all the small to big complexities pertaining to your business applications. We can correct the defect and also enh ance the capability of the application. Innovative Consulting has a proven metho dology to serve striking services and give better results. We use the global del ivery model for application maintenance which let you concentrate on other sides of your business. Innovative Consulting manages major application management en gagements using SLA (Service Level Agreements) and provides solutions at minimal rates. Our software application development, maintenance and support services such acti vities as: Error tracking and debugging End user support Technical troubleshooting Application upgrades and enhancements Web content updates Quality assurance testing Documentation development and maintenance Software Quality Assurance It is Quality that determines success or failure of a software tool. We understa nd that loopholes can cost a fortune to the businesses and economy. No wonder US economy spends nearly $60 billion annually to keep the software error free. Goi ng by the estimates an astounding $22.2 billion could be saved by bringing impro vement in the quality of products and keeping a check on defects. Innovative consulting offers software quality assurance services with rigorous t est environment and advanced automated QA tools for high quality testing in mini mum time. This helps our clients in saving their precious resources as well as t ime. With our expertise and experience in this area, combined with India advanta ge, proven delivery models, we can provide cost-effective and timely QA services within your budgets to win your internal and external customers. You can bank o n us for Time management with reliable quality testing Scalable and reliable commercial software quality assurance Minimum rework and debugging Software QA services Domains Application Performance Testing Functionality Testing Security Testing Business Continuity Testing Disaster Recovery Testing Usability Testing Network Testing Web Testing Content Management System Innovative Consulting offers a full rant of services for Enterprise Content Mana gement Systems (ECMS) and platform implementation. It will allow businesses to r educe the costs and increase operational efficiency by exercising control over t heir business processes. We provide ready to use solutions and platform customiz ation and integration of CMS systems with enterprise applications, including all types of up-gradation. Innovative Consulting is capable of merging services fro m different CMS vendors to deliver the solutions tailored to your business needs. The project on CMS integration may require development connectors to existing ap plications, Plug-ins, additional features development, legacy systems re enginee ring and other specific solutions, which can be successfully developed by Our CM S specialists. Our content management system gives you the ability to update your website as ne eded without the help of a webmaster or HTML expert. Add pages, change images, i nclude links and much more all with our advanced system that is completely user friendly. Our CMS can be customized to fit your exact needs; here are just a few of the many possible features. Add and/or edit web pages WYSIWYG Editor Add and edit articles Add, edit or delete albums Banner Adv management Job management Site usage tracking management Customer management Admin management Our Enterprise Content Management Solution can help businesses in: Managing Varied Content Streamlining Business Process Managing Multiple Websites Meeting Compliance and Legal Requirements CMS like DotNetNuke, PHP Nuke, WordPress, Vignette, Drupal, Joomla, Radiant, ez Publish enable you to manage your content and data in a managed way Business Process Outsourcing Offshore Outsourcing has come a long way from its origins as a strategic source of inexpensive talent. Innovative Consulting offers world-class offshore outsour cing and consulting services guaranteed to cut costs and improve quality. Our cl ients depend on our BPO practices to improve the bottom line and concentrate mor e efficiently on their core business activities, at the same time maintain a hig h quality of service and delivery. IT Outsourcing to Offshore Innovative Consulting is situated in Pakistan and that allows us to develop qual ity applications at significantly lower cost in comparison with USA or Western E urope. We are very concerned about providing professional support to our custome rs right through the whole development process with significant cost-effective m ethods at the same time. Benefits of Outsourcing Reduce overheads, free up resources Avoid capital expenditure Improve efficiency Offload non-core functions Get access to specialized skills Save on manpower and training costs Reduce operating costs Establish long-term, strategic relationships with world-class service providers. Spread your risks Avoid the cost of chasing technology Leverage the provider's extensive investments in technology, methodologies and p eople Benefit from the provider's expertise in solving problems for a variety of clien ts with similar requirements. Obtain needed project management and implementation consulting expertise, along with access to best practices and proven methodologies Reduce the risk of technological obsolescence and increase efficiency by consoli dating and centralizing functions Keep pace and minimize the impact of rapid changes in applications and standards Reduce the overall IT management burden while retaining control of strategic dec ision making. Speed to deploy technology solutions By augmenting your organization with selective skills or professionals in remote locations, technology solutions are implemented faster. You realize your benefits earlier. Primary reason for choosing offshore option Costs reduction: 53% Staff constraints: 22% Time to market: 16% Specific expertise: 7% Other 2% At innovative Consulting we ensure that we add value to our client's business at every opportunity. We provide you with a wide array of IT professionals across all domains to ensure smooth functioning of your business. We select super ordinate and talented professionals after an extensive screening, who can serve you customized solutions. We consider your objectives and requir ements and serve you the best IT staffing service to meet your goals. Whether it is for short term or long term, we can supply skilled and dedicated resources w ho can work on-site for you. The pool of talented people, scrutinized by us can offer you solutions for project implementation, management and monitoring. Following are a few of the areas which our IT Staff Augmentation Services includ Programmers PHP Programmers Flash and FLEX Developers/Designers Graphic and Web Designers Java, J2EE Developers Joomla Developers Project Managers Web Application Developers Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultants Search Engine Specialists Pakistan, Islamabad's Leading IT staff augmentation services Our IT Staff augmentation benefits Includes; Save Money - Reduce costs and overhead by hiring our IT consultants on a project basis instead of an additional full-time employee to your staff. No need to spe nd your IT budget on sending your current staff to extensive IT training and sem inars - our certified engineers are top in the industry and experts in informati on technologies undergoing regular training. Save Time - Eliminate the headaches from a long, drawn-out hiring process and le t us bring on one of our expert consultants best suited for your specific busine ss requirements and IT objectives. Our engineers undergo ongoing technical train ing and assessment to stay on top of the latest available technologies and save tuition time and costs to your IT staff. Guarantee Industry Expertise - Unsure whether your new-hire will be able to fulf ill your IT objectives within a project deadline? Our IT staff augmentation serv ices can relieve you of the internal pressures of implementing custom technologi es in your large enterprise environment. Our team can assist with all phases of IT projects from design and planning, project management to implementation. Technologies Expertise Whatever technology you need to make your business more successful, we can make it happen. It is our strong experience of the industry that has brought expertis e in various technologies. It is this technology expertise which enables the cli ents to harvest maximum benefit and enjoy utmost return on the investment. Today, we can provide the top notch solutions for Microsoft technologies, S harepoint Server, Dynamics NAV and Dot Net Nuke and Open Source like Joomla, Sug ar CRM, ROR (Ruby on Rails), LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and WISA (Windo ws, IIS, SQL Server and ASP). We meet the fast paced IT industry and develop with the rising technologies. In addition to this, we have a pool of employees who have know-how in all the techn ologies; be it latest developed or already acclaimed. Our Process Development Process consists of four points of intersection [stages]: Requiremen ts Collection, Design, Implementation, Testing and Deployment. We follow best so ftware Engineering methodologies and that is why we have 100% project success ra te. 1.Requirements Collection 2.Design 3.Implementation 4.Testing and Deployment 1.Requirements Collection We prefer to collect all the information regarding the project, your requirements, details of interfaces. This will help us understand the scope of the project and we can decide which functionality is important and prioritize the implementation.
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