Unit 1 - Understand Basics of .NET Framework

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.NET Framework
  Unit 1 Understand Basics of .NET Framework By,Asmatullah Khan,CL/CP, GIOE, Secunderabad  C!ntents 1 e#ne $E% &rame'!r( )List the *eatures !* net *rame'!r( + ra' and e-lain CL. architecture  iscuss ab!ut *rame '!r( class Library 0 e#ne icr!s!*t intermediate lan2ua2e  3 iscuss C!mm!n ty-e system C%S, c!mm!n ty-e lan2ua2e C%L 4List $E% lan2ua2es 5List the Ad6anta2es !* net !6er C, C77, 8a6a 9Intr!ducti!n t! C:$E% 1; escribe inte2rated de6el!-ment en6ir!nment in c:net 11 escribe C:$E% '!r(in2 En6ir!nment and br!'se thr!u2h menus !n the menu bar 1)E-lain the hel- system 1+List the a--licati!ns !* .net   1)/;5/13)Unit 1 < Understand Basics !* $E% &rame'!r(  $E% &rame'!r(   %he $E% &rame'!r( is a de6el!-ment -lat*!rm *!r buildin2 a--s *!r =ind!'s, =ind!'s Ph!ne, =ind!'s Ser6er, and icr!s!*t A>ure  It c!nsists !* the c!mm!n lan2ua2e runtime ?CL.@ and the $E% &rame'!r( class library, 'hich includes classes, inter*aces, and 6alue ty-es that su--!rt an etensi6e ran2e !* techn!l!2ies   %he $E% &rame'!r( -r!6ides a mana2ed eecuti!n en6ir!nment, sim-li#ed de6el!-ment and de-l!yment, and inte2rati!n 'ith a 6ariety !* -r!2rammin2 lan2ua2es, includin2 isual Basic and isual C: 1)/;5/13Unit 1 < Understand Basics !* $E% &rame'!r(+  $E% &rame'!r( Ser6ices 1.Memory management.  In many -r!2rammin2 lan2ua2es, -r!2rammers are res-!nsible *!r all!catin2 and releasin2 mem!ry and *!r handlin2 !bect li*etimes In $E% &rame'!r( a--licati!ns, the CL. -r!6ides these ser6ices !n behal* !* the a--licati!n 2.A common type system.  In traditi!nal -r!2rammin2 lan2ua2es, basic ty-es are de#ned by the c!m-iler, 'hich c!m-licates cr!ss<lan2ua2e inter!-erability In the $E% &rame'!r(, basic ty-es are de#ned by the $E% &rame'!r( ty-e system and are c!mm!n t! all lan2ua2es that tar2et the $E% &rame'!r( 3.An extensie c!ass !i rary.  Instead !* ha6in2 t! 'rite 6ast am!unts !* c!de t! handle c!mm!n l!'<le6el -r!2rammin2 !-erati!ns, -r!2rammers can use a readily accessible library !* ty-es and their members *r!m the $E% &rame'!r( Class Library #.$ee!opment frameworks and tec%no!ogies.   %he $E% &rame'!r( includes libraries *!r s-eci#c areas !* a--licati!n de6el!-ment, such as ASP$E% *!r 'eb a--licati!ns, A O$E% *!r data access, and =ind!'s C!mmunicati!n &!undati!n *!r ser6ice<!riented a--licati!ns 1)/;5/13Unit 1 < Understand Basics !* $E% &rame'!r(
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