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Valid Metrics Workshop. Ruth Pestana and Mike Daniels. 1. Importance of goal setting and measurement 2. Measuring the effect on outcomes is preferred to measuring outputs 3. The effect on business results can and should be measured where possible
Valid Metrics WorkshopRuth Pestana and Mike Daniels1. Importance of goal setting and measurement2. Measuring the effect on outcomes is preferred to measuring outputs3. The effect on business results can and should be measured where possible4. Media measurement requires quantity and quality5. AVEs are not the value of public relations6. Social media can and should be measured7. Transparency and replicability are paramount to sound measurement.Applying the Barcelona PrinciplesThe Problem with AVEsAVEs…
  • Do not capture the OUTCOMEof a PR campaign, limiting PR to simply placement in the media
  • Do not capture message delivery
  • Do not factor in photos or headline mentions
  • Do not measure new forms of social media such as Twitter
  • Are a crude measure of potential COSTSAVINGS, not an EARNED VALUE
  • 4Other Issues with Using AVEs
  • Comparisons between earned media coverage, using published rate card data, and paid media placements could be inaccurate because rate cards rarely reflect real paid rates
  • High volumes in high cost publications do not necessarily equate to a successful campaign
  • Other metrics (e.g. tone, key messaging, etc.) may trend downward…
  • Though high in cost, the publications may not be relevant for the target audience
  • It’s misleading to count all PR placements (including negative articles) as the same worth as advertisements
  • In PR, we can’t control the message
  • Use of multipliers to account for the higher (credibility) value of PR coverage is also misleading
  • There is no data to support generic use of multipliers
  • 5More Sophisticated Forms of Media Analysis6The Shift Towards Outcomes
  • Circa 1980 to Present
  • Outputs only. Traditional print media (one to many)
  • Visibility
  • Sentiment
  • Circa 1990 to Present
  • Outputs only + external data. Traditional + digital media (one to many)
  • Metrics as Stage 1
  • Linked to sales/market share
  • Tentative linking to awareness/perception studies
  • Circa 2005 to Present
  • Outputs + outcomes. Traditional + digital + social media (many to many)
  • Market mix modelling
  • Engagement
  • Market share
  • Cost savings
  • Leads generated
  • Customer loyalty
  • Brand/ ProductMarketing11Active advocates
  • Letters of support (to parliamentarians, congress, etc)
  • Registrations (to join support group)
  • Donations
  • Legislation/ regulation passed or blocked
  • Cost savings
  • Issues Advocacy & SupportSilver Anvil Award Winner 2009 Brand Marketing/ Issues Support: Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees 14Brand Marketing/ Issues Support: Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees 15Brand Marketing/ Issues Support: Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees 16Sales
  • Market share
  • Share price
  • Talent retention and recruitment
  • Cost savings
  • Customer loyalty
  • Legislation/regulation passed or blocked
  • Reputation BuildingSilver Anvil Award Winner 2008 Reputation Building:Frito-Lay – Junk Food to Good Food 19Reputation Building:Frito-Lay – Junk Food to Good Food 20Reputation Building:Frito-Lay – Junk Food to Good Food 21Active advocates
  • Brand engagement
  • Leads/sales
  • Revenue
  • Market share
  • Cost savings
  • Social/Community EngagementNOTE: Within social media, several of these metrics could straddle two rows as an Intermediary Effect and/or Target Audience Effect, depending on who’s engaged in the conversation. For simplicity, we have listed those metrics under Intermediary Effect to reflect the general conversation as you would not know if all participants are in your target audience. If the commenters are known to be in your Target Audience, you could reflect those metrics under Target Audience Effect.PR Week Award Winner 2011Social/Community Engagement:Pepsi Refresh Project24Social/Community Engagement:Pepsi Refresh Project25Social/Community Engagement:Pepsi Refresh Project26Applying the Grids
  • Once selected, the metrics should be tracked over time to identify trends
  • Consider plotting outcome metrics from the “Target Audience Effect” row against metrics from the “Intermediary Effect” row to show correlations
  • The grids are not exhaustive and there may be other metrics that are appropriate to the campaign being measured
  • 27Replacing AVEs
  • There is no single replacement metric for AVEs. Public Relations is a broad discipline that requires multiple metrics tied to well-defined objectives
  • For comparative media costs for PR in relation to other marketing disciplines, i.e. evaluating earned media results against paid media results, try using:
  • Earned impressions
  • Earned cost per thousand (CPM) impressions
  • Gross rating points (GRP) and target rating points (TRP)
  • 28Replacing AVEs
  • To provide a dollar/euro/yen or other financial denomination for PR results, try using:
  • Total value of sales/sales leads/revenue generated by PR activities
  • PR activities’ contribution to sales/sales leads/revenue (often calculated via marketing mix analysis)
  • Cost savings due to PR activities (e.g. reduced customer complaints, etc.)
  • Increased target market size due to expanded mindshare
  • Increased or decreased market capitalization
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