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Vesda guide
  VESDA Commissioning Guide December2012Document: 10195_06Part Number: 30005  VESDA by Xtralis VESDA CommissioningGuide  i Intellectual Property and Copyright This documentincludes registered and unregistered trademarks.All trademarks displayed are the trademarks of their respective owners.Your use ofthis documentdoes notconstitute or create a licence or any other rightto usethe name and/or trademark and/or label.This documentis subjectto copyrightowned by Xtralis AG(“Xtralis”).You agree notto copy,communicate to thepublic,adapt,distribute,transfer,sell,modify or publish any contents ofthis documentwithoutthe express prior written consentofXtralis. Disclaimer  The contents ofthis documentis provided on an “as is” basis.No representation or warranty (either express or implied) is made as to the completeness,accuracy or reliability ofthe contents ofthis document.The manufacturer reserves the rightto change designs or specifications withoutobligation and withoutfurther notice.Exceptasotherwise provided,all warranties,express or implied,including withoutlimitation any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded. General Warning This productmustonly be installed,configured and used strictly in accordance with the General Terms andConditions,User Manual and productdocuments available from Xtralis.All proper health and safety precautionsmustbe taken during the installation,commissioning and maintenance ofthe product.The system should notbeconnected to a power source until all the components have been installed.Proper safety precautions mustbe takenduring tests and maintenance ofthe products when these are still connected to the power source.Failure to do soor tampering with the electronics inside the products can resultin an electric shock causing injury or death and maycause equipmentdamage.Xtralis is notresponsible and cannotbe held accountable for any liability thatmay arisedue to improper use ofthe equipmentand/or failure to take proper precautions.Only persons trained through anXtralis accredited training course can install,testand maintain the system. Liability You agree to install,configure and use the products strictly in accordance with the User Manual and productdocuments available from Xtralis.Xtralis is notliable to you or any other person for incidental,indirect,or consequential loss,expense or damages of any kind including withoutlimitation,loss ofbusiness,loss ofprofits or loss ofdata arising outofyour use oftheproducts.Withoutlimiting this general disclaimer the following specific warnings and disclaimers also apply: Fitness for Purpose You agree thatyou have been provided with a reasonable opportunity to appraise the products and have madeyour own independentassessmentofthe fitness or suitability ofthe products for your purpose.You acknowledgethatyou have notrelied on any oral or written information,representation or advice given by or on behalfofXtralisor its representatives. Total Liability To the fullestextentpermitted by law thatany limitation or exclusion cannotapply,the total liability ofXtralis inrelation to the products is limited to:i. in the case ofservices,the costofhaving the services supplied again;or ii. in the case ofgoods,the lowestcostofreplacing the goods,acquiring equivalentgoods or having the goodsrepaired. Indemnification You agree to fully indemnify and hold Xtralis harmless for any claim,cost,demand or damage (including legal costson a full indemnity basis) incurred or which may be incurred arising from your use ofthe products. Miscellaneous Ifany provision outlined above is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a courtoflaw,such invalidity or unenforceability will notaffectthe remainder which will continue in full force and effect.All rights notexpresslygranted are reserved.  VESDA CommissioningGuide VESDA by Xtralisii Scope TheVESDA CommissioningGuideoutlines thecommissioningprocess fortheVESDA system. It will guideyouthroughthecommissionprocess andthecompletionof commissioningdocumentation. Theguidealsoprovides informationontheapproval andhandoverof commissionedVESDA systems.TheCommissioningGuidehelps withthecommissioningandmanagement of theVESDA system.This guideassumes that youhaveattendedaccreditedVESDA trainingoncommissioningandareknowledgeableabout theVESDA product range. This guidealsoassumes that youhaveanunderstandingof thevarious aspects of anaspiratingsmokedetectionsystemandarefully awareof thelocal codes andstandards.TocommissiontheVESDA systemyoumust havethenecessary certificationissuedby Xtralis oranauthorizeddistributor. Commissioningbeforeyoureceivetheappropriatetrainingmay voidthewarranty. Document Conventions Thefollowingtypographic conventions areusedinthis document: Convention DescriptionBold Used to denote: emphasis. Usedfornames of menus, menuoptions,toolbarbuttons Italics  Used to denote: references tootherparts of this document orother documents. Usedfortheresult of anaction.Thefollowingicons areusedinthis document: Convention DescriptionCaution: This iconis usedtoindicatethat thereis adangertoequipment. Thedangercouldbeloss of data, physical damage, or permanent corruptionof configurationdetails. Warning: This iconis usedtoindicatethat thereis adangerof electricshock. This may leadtodeathorpermanent injury. Warning: This iconis usedtoindicatethat thereis adangerof inhalingdangerous substances. This may leadtodeathorpermanent injury. Contact Us The Americas  +17817402223 Asia  +862152400077 Australia and New Zealand  +61399367000 UK and Europe  +441442242330 Middle East  +96265885622
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