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1. Safe Surfing: VPNs 2. In Public ã Phones do not necessarily always have the best connection depending on your service provider and where you are at the moment, in…
  • 1. Safe Surfing: VPNs
  • 2. In Public • Phones do not necessarily always have the best connection depending on your service provider and where you are at the moment, in this example the mall. Sometimes there’s what seems to be a light of hope which is a unlocked Wi-Fi with the name of one of the store of café near you, however this could be very hazardous to you. • There it is possible for one of these connections to be that of a hacker who might steal your personal information from your device when you connect with a confirmation which little to no one reads. In the fine print could say that you gave confirmation and that they can look through your information and passwords. • This has now become more risky for the people trying to connect since today’s modern technology has allowed people to be able to connect their bank account, credit cards, and many other things to their phone. Making it a treasure trove for the hackers. • Ways to prevent such from happening from any public setting • The easiest way is to not connect to the Wi-Fi in the first place • I mean you are at the mall, there’s other things to do put away the phone • Keep up with updates since some are security updates • Use a VPN( virtual private network) which can help add an additional barrier
  • 3. At Home • The place where you would expect to be the safest and you would have the most privacy. Well, it’s true in most cases, but you might not be able to say the same for your computers. There are so many programs online today from games, computer security systems, and editing software. With so many websites claiming to be able to do the same or better however could have less then a reputable site. There are many things crawling around some of these sites that could infect your computer if you nonchalantly cruise around the internet and download whatever. • For example lets say if someone wanted to play something that was no longer being manufactured by their creating company. There are places online where you can download an emulator as well as the game to play online. The websites where you can download however are often crowded with links and ads which can lead you to a much less reputable site which can trick you into downloading the wrong file which can infect your computer. • which has happened to me, unfortunately… • These are called Trojan Horses, because… well the story…
  • 4. • Regardless of what you use to surf the net, there are now many antivirus or protection service software for all. From smartphones to desktops and anything in between. They can help detect if there is something dangerous however sometimes it can be unexpected. Link some what seems to be harmless links in your email from a close friend but the wording of the email seems a bit weird. You could also use websites like http://scanurl.net/. They help by scanning for irregularities in the URL. • Something else to help would be scanning your up to date protection software on a timely basis.
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