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Welcome to Timmins…. A City with so much to offer!! This book has been put together by the STAR (Supporting Timmins Area Recruitment) Committee for the Timmins and…
Welcome to Timmins…. A City with so much to offer!! This book has been put together by the STAR (Supporting Timmins Area Recruitment) Committee for the Timmins and District Hospital. The committee is a group of physician's spouses, hospital employees and some established Timmins residents who are working together to promote the City of Timmins with its Heart of Gold and the Timmins and District Hospital. Timmins has much to offer with respect to lifestyle activities and a vibrant medical community, both professionally and socially. We want you to be part of our friendly community! City of Timmins Timmins, Ontario, Canada Motto: The City with a Heart of Gold Coordinates: 48º28’N 81º20’W Country Canada Province Ontario District Cochrane Established 1912 Government - Mayor Tom Laughren - Governing Body Timmins City Council - MPs Charlie Angus (NDP) - MPPs Gilles Bisson (ONDP) Area - Total 2,961.52 km² (1,143.4 sq mi) [1] Population (2006) - Total 42,455 - Density 14.5/km² (37.6/sq mi) Timmins is a city in northeastern Ontario, Canada on the Mattagami River. At the time of the Canada 2006 Census, Timmins’ population was 42, 455. At 2,961.52 square kilometers (1,143 sq mi), Timmins was Canada’s largest municipality in land area until 1995, when the regional municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta was created, although it remained the largest municipality in Ontario until 2001, when it was superseded by the newly amalgamated cities of Kawartha Lakes and Greater Sudbury. It is the 69 th largest metropolitan area in Canada Climate Economy Timmins’ economy is based on a boom-and bust business cycle. The city’s economic state is controlled by its major industry, mining. When gold and base-metal prices are high the city’s economy explodes, however, when those prices drop the local market historically dips with it. The city’s economy is now booming thanks to high base-metal and gold prices. Timmins’ secondary industries include: forestry, tourism, recreation, health care, education, commercial and industrial commerce, culture and telecommunications. The community has been undergoing a moderate boom in gold mining, with several new underground mining operations opening up and a large scale surface mining reclamation project currently underway in the east end and another in a more centralized location in the planning stage by Goldcorp Inc.. The Timmins and District Hospital is a major referral health care centre for northeastern Ontario, particularly the Cochrane District, but like all of Northern Ontario Timmins is still considered medically underserved. The community is serviced by the Victor M. Power Airport. It has scheduled service to numerous southern and northern Ontario locations via Air Canada Jazz, Bearskin Airlines, Thunder Airlines and Air Creebec. Timmins Transit provides regularly scheduled local bus service and Handy-Transit for those with disabilities. The city is also serviced by Ontario Northland Motor Coach Services. A retail boom has struck Timmins and big box stores are being built in the city’s west end. This includes a new Home Depot and a new larger Canadian Tire. A new Shoppers Drug Mart has been constructed near downtown. As well, a number of shops have been established in a new plaza being constructed near Highway 655 and Algonquin Blvd. East. Futureshop opened a store in 2008 at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Shirley Street. Shoppers Drug Mart opened a second new large format store on Algonquin and Highway 655 in January 2008. A&W opened its doors in December 2007. Value Village opened up February 14 th. Michaels Arts Centre opened in Summer 2008, Futureshop opened in the fall 2008, Dollarama, opened spring 2008. Boston Pizza has confirmed they will open in Timmins in the next year. Wal-mart Canada has applied to the city to convert the local Wal-mart store to a Wal-mart Supercentre. The Timmins Square is also expected to expand, adding some 77,000 square feet (7,200 m²). Recently Rona Canada opened a new big box store at the Feldman Plaza. Retail development is not slowing down for 2008 and 2009. A new, Penningtons and MXM Clothing store will be built near Home Depot and Canadian Tire. Also a new Holiday Inn Express is rumoured to begin construction later this year and be open for late 2009. Construction is slated on a new Social Services building in the City’s Central. The city is undergoing a major strategic planning effort, “Building Our Future”, and economic development endeavour “Community Improvement Plan (CIP) – Streetscape”. This initiative is a community led process that involves a variety of City Hall En Building, fo main publ partners including The City of Timmins, The Timmins Economic Development Corporation, The Timmins Chamber of Commerce, The Venture Centre/Le Centre de developpement, Le Réseau de development économique et d’employabilité de l’Ontario (RDÉE), Association canadienne-française de l’Ontario (ACFO), Ministry of Northern Development & Mines, The National Research Council, FedNor, NorthernTel, Ontera and the Government of Canada. Upon the completion of the CIP – Streetscape project the core downtown areas within the city will undergo major redesign and redevelopment changes which will encompass building upgrades and new pedestrian friendly recreational and retail options. Timmins is evolving into a regional governmental, transportation, industrial, commercial and recreational centre for much of Northeastern Ontario and the James Bay coast line, Nishnawbe Aski Nation. The city has a regular annual market draw of 120,000+ people, which has been steadily growing in recent years with the discovery of diamonds in the region. The De Beers Victor Project is located near the First Nations James Bay community of Attawapiskat, and is Ontario’s first diamond mine. In 2007, the City of Timmins began a new program called “The Lay Roots Program” The City is attracting Toronto’s skilled labour immigrants, to com North to the Community, to date nearly 100 immigrants have landed a job in the City, which is the community development plan to address the skilled Labour shortage, and fill the booming retail section. Timmins, generally known for hockey, is also home to a very competitive dance industry. There are six dance schools in the city; The Nancy Delmonte Academy of Dance, in Porcupine, Ontario was founded by Nancy Delmonte, and is home to the only competitive dance team in Timmins and is the only dance school in Timmins with a successful acrobatic program. The Lisa Ciccone School of Ballet, is in the Melrose district of the city, and serves mainly as a ballet school, but offers other styles as well, under the teachings of founder Lisa Ciccone. Mick School of Dance is also in the Melrose area, founded by Mona Mick, it is the oldest dance establishment in the city and has a very successful adult ballroom program. Pat Picard School of Dance, also in the Mountjoy area, was founded by Pat Picard and offers many styles of dancing. The Melissa Kelly Dance Academy is the newest dance establishment in the city, which is based in the downtown area, and was founded by Melissa Kelly. Lastly, Dansons La Ronde is run from the French cultural centre by Lucie Miron-Leroux. Religion 68.7% Catholic 20.2% Protestant 8.5% No Religion 1.8% Other Christian 0.8% Other Religions ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Language According to the 2006 census, 53% of the population listed English as their first language (Anglophone) and 38% listed French (Francophone), 2% were listed as learning both at the same time and 6% have neither English nor French as their first language (Allophone). Notable People from Timmins ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Shania Twain is the most internationally famous native of Timmins. Lights (born Valerie Poxleitner), vocalist, singer-songwriter Charlie Angus, musician and songwriter for the band Grievous The Timmins Daily Angels, now serving as the New Democratic Party Member of Press Building Parliament for Timmins – James Bay Paul Bellini, comedy writer and television actor Gilles Bisson, Ontario New Democratic Party Member of Provincial Parliament for Timmins – James Bay Natalie Brown, actress currently appearing on Sophie Dave Carroll and Don Carroll, country/pop/folk band Sons of Maxwell Stompin’ Tom Connors, musician and songwriter was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, but lived and worked in the mines in Timmins long enough to get his big break singing at the Maple Leaf Hotel there in 1965. Patrice Desbiens, French poet and percussionist Gordon Thiessen, Governor of the Bank of Canada from 1994 to 2001 Bruce McCaffrey, Progressive Conservative MPP Derek Edwards, Award Winning Comedian Carlo Cattarello, Award Winning Sports, Order of Canada, Queen’s Jubilee Medal recipient J. Conrad Lavigne, broadcasting pioneer Jamie Lim, current president and CEO of the Ontario Forestry Industries Association; former Timmins mayor Bill Denis Brisson, Former Canadian Diplomat Derek McGrath, actor best known as the cherubic murderer “Andy-Andy” Schroeder on Cheer, and Dr. Benjamin Marion Jeffcoate on My Secret Identity Alan Pope, former Progressive Conservative MPP Jim Prentice, Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament from Calgary, Alberta Myron Scholes, Nobel Laureate economist. Prize awarded for discovering a new way to value derivatives. ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Roy Thomson, 1st Baron Thomson of Fleet, newspaper magnate, started his empire in 1930s with the Timmins Daily Press Lola Lemire Tostevin, novelist and poet Michael Barnes, author Bruce Watson, guitarist with Scottish rock band Big Country The City of Timmins, Ontario owes its birthright to the riches of the Canadian Shield. On June 9, 1909, Harry Preston slipped on a rocky knoll and the heels of his boots stripped the moss to reveal a large vein of gold, which later became the Dome Mine. This vein was several hundred feet in length and was 150 feet wide. In 1912, Noah Timmins founded the town to house the employees of the Hollinger Mine. In 1973, the town amalgamated with it's neighbouring townships and the City of Timmins was born. The City has grown since its inception, with a residential population of approximately 50,000, we service a region of over 117,000 people. The City of Timmins is one of the North's largest regional centres. Building on its solid, industrial foundation, the City of Timmins offers a variety of natural, cultural and recreational diversions. We are a growing community that welcomes your business and presents ample opportunities. Country music superstar Shania Twain is also proud to call Timmins her hometown. It's all here, waiting for you! Take a deep breath of fresh, northern air, and get ready to experience the Incredible Hospitality of Timmins - the City with a Heart of Gold! Community Location: Timmins, Ontario, Canada is located at Latitude 48.20 degrees North and Longitude 80.44 degrees West. The City’s elevation is approximately 880-900 feet above sea level. The City is 3,210 km 2 (1,240 square miles) making Timmins the largest city in Canada by area. The City of Timmins is centrally located in Northeastern Ontario. Road, air and rail provide convenient access to and from the City. Timmins is situated minutes away from the TransCanada Highway thus providing easy access to major markets. Other highways servicing Timmins are #144, #101, #655 and #11. DISTANCES TO SELECTED PROVINCIAL URBAN CENTRES: The City is within a day’s drive to at least 7 U.S. border crossings. Sault Ste. Marie Ontario/Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, Grand Portage/ Thunder Bay, and Niagara Falls are among the closest. CITY Kilometres SUDBURY NORTH BAY SAULT STE. MARIE TORONTO HAMILTON OTTAWA KITCHENER/WATERLOO THUNDER BAY ST. CATHARINES NIAGARA FALLS KINGSTON LONDON MONTREAL WINDSOR 290 370 440 680 730 730 740 770 775 790 825 830 925 1020 Miles 180 230 273 422 454 454 460 479 482 491 513 516 575 643 * Bold cities represent U.S. border crossings. Economic Area: The City of Timmins’ main trading area encompasses a territorial market of approximately 117,000 people. It extends throughout the Cochrane District and to the James Bay coastal areas. Several other communities such as Chapleau and Kirkland Lake have also been added to our regular market draw data. Our central location has allowed the City to become a regional shopping, cultural, commerce, health, industrial supply and distribution centre for Northeastern Ontario. Timmins’ location, along with traditional business ties developed by the mining, forestry and manufacturing industries has facilitated the development of new markets on an international level. The City is centrally located on principal ground transportation routes, which enhances access to major markets. A busy regional airport services Timmins with numerous daily flights to Toronto and other major centres. General Info….Timmins at a Glance! Population: 43,686 Regular Market Draw (pop): City Area: 117,000+ Local Bus Service: Timmins Transit Province Wide Bus Service: Railway: Air: Ontario Northland passenger and cargo services 3,210 sq. Km. (1,240 sq. Mi.) Library: Ontario Northland freight and connecting passenger service Air Canada Jazz, Air Creebec, Bearskin Airlines, and cargo service 12 financial institutions with numerous branches located throughout the city Timmins Daily Press, The Timmins Times, and Les Nouvelles 4 School Boards providing French and English education, 2 Community Colleges, 1 French language University Program, 1 Private Post-Secondary educational facility Central library and branch Hotels/Motels: 10 for a total of 717 rooms Natural Gas: Serviced by Union Gas (705) 268-4000 Hydro: Serviced by Hydro One -1-(888) 664-9376 Telephone: Northern Telephone Ltd. - local service - (705) 360-8555 O.N.Telecom - long distance service - (705) 264-5859 Northern Telephone Ltd. - (705) 360-8555 O.N.Telecom - (705) 268-9535 Regional Cable Systems Inc. - (705) 264-7000 Financial Institutions: Newspapers: Schools: High Speed ATM Services: Cable: Internet Service Providers: Radio Stations: Shopping: Arenas: Golf Courses: Parks: Onlink - (800) 667-0053 Sympatico - (705) 360-8555 Vianet - (705) 264-7064 5 FM stations Downtown shopping areas, strip malls and one large shopping mall – the Timmins Square, as well as several big box stores 6 Arenas 2 Golf Courses: Hollinger Golf Club Spruce Needles Golf Club 21 - (8 of which are supervised) Newspapers: x The Daily Press, 187 Cedar St. S., 268-5050 to subscribe x The Timmins Times, free, published twice weekly, 268-6252 x Les Nouvelles, 187 Cedar St. S., 268-2955 Timmins Website: x www.city.timmins.on.ca, a very detailed website definitely worth visiting! City Hall: x 220 Algonquin Blvd. E., 264-1331, located downtown near the corner of Algonquin and Pine Emergency: x Call 911 Service Clubs: x For a detailed list of clubs and phone numbers consult the Community Information Directory published by the Timmins Volunteer Centre, 264-9765 Schools: x A complete list of schools with location can be found in the Community Information Directory School Boards: x District School Board Ontario Northeast, 153 Croatia Avenue, Schumacher, 360-111, 1-800-381-7280, www.dsb1.edu.on.ca x Northeastern Catholic District School Board, 101 Spruce St. N., Timmins, 268-7443, www.ncdsb.on.ca x Conseil Scolaire Catholique des Grandes Riviers, 896 Riverside Drive, Timmins, 267-1421, 1-800-465-9984, www.cscdgr.on.ca x Conseil Scolaire Public du Nord-Est de l’Ontario, 310 Algonquin, North Bay, 705-472-3443, 1-888-591-5656, www.csdne.edu.on.ca RESTAURANTS…. Name Address Telephone Timmins Square, 1500 Riverside Drive & Algonquin 151 Bruce Ave. South Porcupine 268-8558 Home of the Teen Burger 235-3332 Fine dining and banquets, licensed under LLBO, qualified chef on staff, snowmobile access Asia 328 205 Pine St. S 267-6616 Hot & spicy dishes, teriyaki, sushi Bentley's Kitchen 163 5 Avenue 268-4226 Home cooked meals, Canadian and Italian cuisine, catering Boogy’s Diner and Catering Boston Pizza Broadway Restaurant Burger King Timmins Airport Riverside Drive 71 Third Avenue 610 Algonquin Blvd. E 264-0077 264-3434 268-2200 Home cooking, 2 for 1 nights Home of the Whopper! Captain Submarine 101 Mall, 38 Pine St. N. 268-3811 Assorted submarines Casey's Bar & Grill 760 Algonquin Blvd. E 267-6467 Family restaurant, take out available Cedar Meadows Resort Inc. – Le Voyageur Restaurant Chez-Nous Take Out 1000 Norman 268-5800 Steak & seafood (Black Angus & wild meats) 20 Vimy 267-7297 Choy See Kam’s Cantonese Cuisine Christopher’s Coffee House Club 147 (Billiards) Colasacco’s Pasta Palace 246 Algonquin Blvd. W. 264-6200 Fast Food, take-out, Home of the Poutine Cantonese, Hong Kong, hot and spicy dishes 35 Pine St. S 57 Mountjoy St. S 248 Pine St. S 268-7274 268-7665 360-5050 Cozy Corner Restaurant 24 Mountjoy St. S 264-8383 D’Eatery Dante Club Deli 101 Desserts Please 119 Pine Street South 162 Cedar Street South 209 Third Avenue 81 Balsam St. S 267-2330 264-3185 264-4447 268-2253 Don's Pizzeria 57 Mountjoy St. S. 264-1361 East Side Mario's 1120 Riverside Drive 268-9555 Encore Chinese Restaurant Esso Truck Stop Restaurant Fishbowl Restaurant 211 Algonquin Blvd. E 2154 Riverside Drive 267-3931 268-4583 Pizza, chips, spaghetti and much more Family restaurant, Italian Food, licensed under LLBO Authentic Chinese Family Restaurant 942 Riverside Drive 267-3940 Seafood, pasta, chicken, sushi night Gallery Dining Room (Days Inn) Gino's Pizza 14 Mountjoy St. S 267-6211 43 Cedar St. S 268-4466 Pasta, steak and seafood. Prime rib nights Pizza, Italian sandwiches A & W Restaurant Airport Hotel th Specialty Pool and munchies Italian cuisine, take-out deli trays, homemade sausages, fresh pasta Seafood, Szechuan Hot & Spicy Dishes, Chinese Food, Licensed under LLBO, catering and take-out menu Lunch menu, catering available Italian Buffet, catering Lunch menu Desserts , coffee bar, grilled and cold sandwiches, home-made soup, salads, pasta Name Address Telephone Golden Dragon Restaurant Golden Mile Restaurant 268-8898 235-9314 Kentucky Fried Chicken 128 Third Avenue Highway 101 South Porcupine 95 Bruce South Porcupine 536 Alqonquin Blvd. E La Chaumiere Specialty 235-4321 Chinese and Canadian Buffet Family Restaurant, Chinese and Canadian Food Canadian and Chinese Food 268-9525 Home of the Colonel! 32 Mountjoy N 267-1101 French Canadian Cuisine Lily's Restaurant 56 Second Avenue 268-6233 London Cafe Restaurant & Tavern Lucky Star 38 Mountjoy St. S 267-7191 134 Third Ave 268-2828 McDonald's Restaurant 522 Algonquin Blvd. E 264-7323 Chinese and Canadian Menu, licensed under LLBO Canadian and Chinese Food, licensed under LLBO Canadian and Chinese Food, licensed under LLBO Home of the Big Mac McIntyre Coffee Shop 360-5225 Micky J’s Bar and Grill McIntyre Arena Schumacher Park Road Square Mike's Restaurant 355 Alqonquin Blvd. E 264-3000 Montana’s Cookhouse Timmins Square 1500 Riverside Drive 425 Alqonquin Blvd. E 360-5999 Timmins Square 1500 Riverside Drive 977 Riverside Drive 268-5534 Fries, Hot Dogs 268-0000 Pizza delivery plus eat in restaurant 194 Third Avenue Kenogamissi Lake 360-1111 360-2892 Hot and fresh pizza Dining Room 264-7849 268-2664 268-8882 Famous Quiznos subs Home Cooked Meals All day breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch buffets The Sweet Tomato Taco Villa Vanelli's Pizza 54 Waterloo Road 293 Wilson Ave. Timmins Square 1500 Riverside Drive 114 Algonquin Blvd. E 999 Riverside Drive Timmins Square 81 Balsam St. S Timmins Square Timmins Square Tim Horton’s Numerous locations! Wendy's Restaurant 40 Waterloo Road 267-4100 Burgers, fries, salads, etc. Wok Express 1500 Riverside Drive Timmins Square 360-5666 Chinese Food House of Yee Mr. Sub New York Fries Pizza Hut Pizza Pizza Post 392 Bed and Breakfast Quizno’s Sub Restaurant Nadeau Siva’s Family Restaurant Subway Sandwiches & Salads 267-3333 Home cooked meal, breakfast, buffets, cat
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