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Official Warhammer Quest Card Game errata.
  WHQCG – unofcial errata1 / 8 UNRESOLVED RULESWith the Niht Cloa! cannot recei#e con$ition%&' can a hero choo%e to re%ol#e an e(ect that re)uire% ta!in a con$ition a% it% co%t* +% an e,a-.le' ith Nun!el0% ne-e%i% ailit2 $i%car$ a %ucce%% to!en OR eco-e %ic!ene$&' oul$ a .la2er ith the niht cloa! H+VE to $i%car$ a %ucce%% to!en' or coul$ the2 choo%e the other o.tion' e#en thouh the2 cannot eco-e %ic!ene$*Si-ilarl2' i3 a hero i% +LRE+D4 %ic!ene$' an$ the2 ha#e a %ucce%% to!en' can the2 choo%e the %econ$ o.tion on Nun!el0% .oer' or $o the2 ha#e to $i%car$ the %ucce%% to!en*53 a hero $ra% a leen$ar2 3ortune car$' ut $oe%n0t ant to et a leen$ar2 ear car$ or alrea$2 ha% all 6 o3 their car$%&' can the2 choo%e to $i%car$ the leen$ar2 3ortune car$' alloin another hero to $ra it 3ro- the $i%car$ .ile later* 7he ca-.ain %heet onl2 %ho% a -a,i-u- ear li-it o3 * 5% thi% a true li-it* 5% there a rea%on h2 a .la2er can0t increa%e their ear li-it to 9 $one 2 increa%in e#er2 ti-e' a3ter )ue%t% 1:&*;or $uneon car$% in the ca-.ain .ool %uch a% the ar.%tone&' $o the2 et re-o#e$ 3ro- the ca-.ain .ool i3 the2 are in the $i%car$ .ile a3ter a )ue%t i% co-.lete$*Si-ilarl2' i3 a ca-.ain .ool ne-e%i% i% $i%car$e$ ut not $e3eate$ 2 tra#elin hile the2 are 3ace$on in the %ha$o <one&' $o the2 o ac! in the ca-.ain .ool*Durin the %ettle-ent %tae' i% it .o%%ile to tra$e or $i%car$ ear that ha% een $e.lete$ or that a$$% health* Can 2ou tra$e it $urin %te. 6 o3 the %tae' hen ear i% =i..e$ o#er an$ health i% re%tore$*Can %hiel$ re%ult% e u%e$ to .re#ent oun$% cau%e$ 2 ne-e%i% re%ult%*EL;C+> ;UNGUS : When $oe% thi% i#e 2ou a 3ree action* Do 2ou nee$ to roll ONL4 a %inle %ucce%% i#in 2ou a 1/6 chance&' an2 %ucce%% ?/6 chance&' or an2 %ucce%% OR a critical 9/@ chance&*QUES7 7WO : Ho -an2 car$% are %huAe$ ith the ar.%tone* 7o .lu% the ar.%tone -a!in it 1%t to 6r$ car$ on the $ec!& or three .lu% the ar.%tone -a!in it 1%t to th on the $ec!&*SLEE>5NG W+RREN : 53 thi% i% the Br%t location re#eale$ at the einnin o3 the a-e' are the heroe% tra#elin to the location* Doe% it% .oer et acti#ate$*DELVE QUES7 : 7hi% )ue%t nee$% an errata +% it %tan$% no' there i% nothin in the a-e 3orcin the heroe% to .rore%%' unli!e e#er2 other )ue%t in the a-e + innin %trate2 i% to %ta2 at the #er2 Br%t location' $e3eat all the ene-ie%' an$ then ait 3or ne-e%e%' $e3eatin the- a% the2 %.an 4e%' the ao-ination i% touh to !ill' ut ith all the heroe% or!in toether it i%n0t too har$ e%.eciall2 ith the a2atcher ho can $o auto-atic$a-ae an$ -a!e hi- retreat& 7hi% al%o ta!e% aa2 the $aner o3 $i%car$in tier 1 an$ ? ene-ie%' ecau%e -o%t o3 the- ill %till e in the $ec!' an$ not in the $i%car$ .ile 7he %olution %ee-% to e to -a!e a 3ailure con$ition that the .eril -ar!er reache% the re$ %.ace a %econ$ ti-e We nee$ an ofcial rulin on thi%NEW53 2ou are $e3eate$' the rule% %a2 2ou et to Bni%h 2our acti#ation Can 2ou al%o u%e an ite- that or!% a3ter 2our acti#ation* Can 2ou Bre a Bnal un%hot' or u%e a .otion to heal 2our%el3 out o3 ein $e3eate$* htt.%F//oar$a-eee!co-/threa$/18?1@?/unofcial:3a)  WHQCG – unofcial errata? / 8 When i% Sna! rale% re%ilience calculate$* 53 5 $o a -ulti:taret attac!' inclu$in Sna! rale' an$ $e3eat %o-e other rea$ie$ ene-ie%' $o the2 coul$ 3or hi% re%ilience* Ia%icall2' i% the $a-ae %i-ultaneou% or $eci$e$ in the or$er 5 choo%e*G+JE SE7:U>What i% the i-.ortance o3 the ro-an nu-eral tier% on location% an$ ene-ie%*When uil$in the ene-2 an$ location $ec!' 2ou ta!e %.eciBcall2 in$icate$ ene-2 rou.% an$ location% Iut 3or an2thin that i% an Ko.enK ene-2 or location' it -u%t e $ran 3ro- the tier o3 the )ue%t So' in )ue%t 1 3or e,a-.le' hile %o-e o3 the .re:%et ene-ie% are tier ?' all o3 the o.en ene-ie% ill e ran$o- tier 1 ene-ie%DEC RESHU;;L5NGWhen are the $uneon an$ ear $ec!% re%huAe$* 7he $uneon $ec! an$ ear $ec! are ne#er re%huAe$ once 2ou run out o3 car$%' 2ou can %tille,.lore' ut 2ou on0t $ra a $uneon car$ 53 2ou run out o3 ear' 2ou can onl2 ta!e ear 3ro-the $i%car$ .ile 7hi% al%o .re#ent% 2ou 3ro- oin to the lac!%-ith ac! in the %ettle-ent i3 the ear $ec! i% e-.t2 the lac!%-ith ill not allo 2ou to $ra 3ro- the $i%car$ .ileWhat aout the ene-2 $ec!*5t i% %huAe$ i3 the $ec! i% e-.t2 hen 2ou nee$ to $ra an ene-2RESOLV5NG +C75ONS : ROLL5NG 7HE D5CEWhat ha..en% i3 5 roll a critical %ucce%%* 4ou et a %ucce%% 2ou can trac! it ith a %.are to!en&' an$ 2ou re:roll that $ie 7hi% can o on 3ore#erWhat i% the or$er 5 re%ol#e the %tu( on -2 hero0% action car$*Re%ol#e the- %tartin to.to otto-Ho -an2 lac! $ice $o 5 rollan$ ho -an2 ene-ie% attac! -e*:6 $e.en$in on the nu-er o3 RE+D5ED ene-ie% enae$ ith 4OUR HERO ;or each attac! icon cla& rolle$' one enae$ rea$ie$ ene-2 attac!% the actin hero Start ith the rea$ie$ enae$ ene-2 ith the hihe%t attac! #alue' an$ .rocee$ $on i3 2ou rolle$ -ulti.le cla%So i3 5 a- enae$ ith a  attac! %!eleton hor$e' an$ a ? attac! %.i$er' an$ the hor$e i% e,hau%te$' $oe% a cla roll cau%e -e ? $a-ae or *Onl2 RE+D5ED ene-ie% can $eal $a-ae ith a cla re%ult So in thi% ca%e' 2ou oul$ onl2 ta!e ? $a-ae the hihe%t $a-ae out o3 the rea$ie$ ene-ie% enae$ ith 2ouDo 5 onl2 roll the lac! $ice 3or attac! action%*No 4ou roll the- 3or EVER4 action 2ou ta!e' 5; une,hau%te$ ene-ie% are enae$ ith 2ouWhat i% the or$er 5 re%ol#e the lac! an$ hite $ice* 4ou re%ol#e the %ucce%%e% Br%t 7hen the -on%ter attac!% an$ %hiel$% are re%ol#e$Do %hiel$% cancel out the cla $ie entirel2 or Mu%t one $a-ae a% a re%ult o3 the cla $ie*Each %hiel$ re%ult cancel% Mu%t one $a-ae' not an entire claDoe% the $ie ith oth %hiel$  %ucce%% count a% oth or $o 5 ha#e to choo%e* 5t count% a% othCan 5 un$le a ton o3 %ucce%% to!en% on a hero0% e,.lore/attac!/ai$/re%t car$%o 5 can thro a Bre%tor- 19*No each action can hol$ a -a,i-u- o3 ? %ucce%% to!en%' althouh there i% a i<ar$ ite- to increa%e it to a -a, o3 6 htt.%F//oar$a-eee!co-/threa$/18?1@?/unofcial:3a)  WHQCG – unofcial errata6 / 8 53 an ailit2 %a2% to $i%car$ a %ucce%% to!en' here $oe% that to!en co-e 3ro-*Unle%% %.eciBcall2 in$icate$' the %ucce%% to!en can co-e 3ro- +N4 o3 2our 3our action car$%' e#en i3 that i% not the action 2ou are currentl2 re%ol#in RE+D45NG +ND EPH+US75NG +C75ONS53 an e(ect tell% -e to e,hau%t an action' can 5 choo%e to e,hau%t -2 >re.are action the one ith the circlin arro%&*No 7hi% action can ne#er e e,hau%te$' an$ cannot e u%e$ to .a2 co%t% that re)uire e,hau%tinDo 5 rea$2 all o3 -2 action car$% at the en$ o3 each turn* 4ou $o not +3ter 2ou acti#ate 2our >re.are action' 2ou ill rea$2 all o3 2our action car$% 4ou can al%o rea$2 one action car$ hen 2ou are tarete$ 2 another hero% ai$ actionENG+G5NG ENEJ5ESWho can 5 enae*+n2 ene-2' inclu$in ene-ie% in the %ha$o% or enae$ ith another hero' unle%% a .oer in$icate$ $i(erentl2 li!e the e<<ail 7ea-& Can 2ou enae an$/or attac! e,hau%te$ ene-ie%* 4e.' 2ou can in$ee$ enae an$ attac! e,hau%te$ ene-ie%5% it .o%%ile to enae -on%ter% in the %ha$o <one i3 the hero $oe%n0t ha#e a rane$ attac!* 4ou $o not nee$ to ha#e a rane$ attac! in or$er to ENG+GE ene-ie% in the %ha$o%' ut 2ou $o nee$ a rane$ action to +77+C the- hile in the %ha$o <one 53 2ou are a -elee attac!er'enae the- Br%t 2our attac! action allo% thi%&' an$ 7HEN taret the- 3or the attac!Doe% an ene-2 in the %ha$o% enae -e i3 5 %hoot or Breall& it*+ 3ace$on or 3aceu. ene-2 in the %ha$o% $oe% not enae a% a re%.on%e 3or ein tarete$ or $a-ae$+77+C +C75ONS53 5 !ill the ene-2 on -2 attac! an$ roll a lac! attac! icon cla %2-ol&' $oe% it %till $a-ae -e* 4e%' 2ou -o#e onto the co-.are $a-ae $ealt to %hiel$% %te. an$ ta!e the $a-ae 7he ene-2 et% a .artin %hotWhat i3 5 $eal $a-ae to a %!eleton hor$e* Doe% it $eal it% %tan$ar$ $a-ae or the re$uce$ a-ount*5t $eal% the re$uce$ a-ount' hich coul$ e  i3 2ou 3ull2 $e3eate$ the- Re-e-er' hero %ucce%%e% are a..lie$ Br%t So in thi% %inle ca%e' $e3eatin the- actuall2 ill .re#ent their $a-ae53 5 attac! a 3ace$on/3ace:u. ene-2 not enae$ ith the acti#e hero : $o 5 roll lac! $ie* 4ou roll lac! $ice 3or rea$ie$ ene-ie% enae$ ith 4OU 7he other hero0% ene-ie% $on0t a(ect 2ou53 5 tarete$ ? or -ore ene-ie%' $o 5 ha#e to $a-ae all o3 the-* 4ou can a%%in the $a-ae to the taret ene-ie% hoe#er 2ou li!e +ll $a-ae on one or %.lit eteen the taret%53 5 taret a 3ace$on ene-2' can 5 turn it 3ace u. e3ore a%%inin $a-ae to hel. $eci$e ho to a%%in the $a-ae*No :: Da-ae i% a%%ine$ all at once' eteen the cho%en taret% >la2er% cannot a%%in $a-ae incre-entall2 to their eneBt htt.%F//oar$a-eee!co-/threa$/18?1@?/unofcial:3a)  WHQCG – unofcial errata / 8 53 5 $eal 1 $a-ae to a 3ace$on ene-2' an$ hen 5 =i. hi- he ha% 1 re%ilience' ho -uch $a-ae $oe% he ta!e* +n$ $oe% he =i. ac! $on*He ta!e%  $a-ae' %ince hi% 1 re%ilience cancel% 2our 1 attac! Iut he %ta2% 3ace:u. ene-ie% $o not e#er =i. ac! 3ace$on unle%% otheri%e in$icate$ 2 a %.ecial .oer53 5 e,hau%t a 3ace$on ene-2 in the %ha$o%' $o 5 =i. it u.*No :: ene-ie% re#eal hen the2 are enae$' $a-ae$ or acti#ate$Can 5 rane$ attac! hile u%in a -elee ea.on ear&* 4e% Iut note that u%in the %.ecial .oer% on -elee ea.on% ill enerall2 in$icate that it -u%t e u%e$ aain%t an ene-2 2ou are enae$ ith So chec! the rule% 3or the ear care3ull2Can the Wa2atcher attac! hen there are no ene-ie%' %o %he can rea$2 her other action%* 4e% Heroe% can ala2% ta!e the rea$2 action o3 their choice 4ou can attac! ith no ene-ie%' re%t i3 2ou are not oun$e$' e,.lore e#en i3 the location i% 3ull2 e,.lore$RES5L5ENCE5% re%ilience %utracte$ 3ro- the ;5RS7 attac! in a roun$*5t i% %utracte$ 3ro- EVER4 attac! aain%t the ene-2 7heir ar-or $oe% not o aa2What aout ailitie% that %a2 to $eal a oun$' li!e the Wa2atcher0% ai$ action or the Cannon* 7he%e ailitie% inore re%ilience' %o %i-.l2 a$$ the oun$ or oun$% to the ene-2RES7 +C75ON53 5 re%t an$ roll %o-e %ucce%%e%' ut a -on%ter al%o attac!% -e' $o 5 ta!e $a-ae e3ore 5 heal*No.e See ao#e 4ou a..l2 2our %ucce%%e% an$ heal& e3ore ta!in $a-aeEP>LORE +C75ONWhat ha..en% hen the $uneon $ec! i% e,.en$e$* +% note$ ao#e' i3 the $uneon $ec! i% e,.en$e$' the .art2 cannot $ra an2 -ore $uneon car$% $urin the current )ue%t Iut 2ou can %till ta!e the e,.lore action a% nor-alENEJ4 >H+SE*Can 2ou %u--ari<e ho acti#atin ene-ie% or!%*+ll ene-ie% that are rea$2 not e,hau%te$& ill acti#ateHeroe% ta!e turn% acti#atin one ene-2' %tartin ith the torchearerHere0% a %i-.le %te.:2:%te. 3or acti#atin the%e ene-ie%: +re 2ou enae$ ith one or -ore rea$2 non:e,hau%te$& ene-ie%* 53 %o' .ic! one o3 the- to e,hau%t an$ re%ol#e their ailitie%: 53 2ou aren0t enae$ ith an2 ene-ie% or the2 are all e,hau%te$&' .ic! a rea$2 non:e,hau%te$& ene-2 in the %ha$o <one' e,hau%t hi-' an$ re%ol#e hi% ailitie% 53 he i% 3ace$on'=i. hi- 3ace:u. Br%t: 53 all o3 the ene-ie% in the %ha$o <one an$ enae$ ith 2ou are e,hau%te$' %!i. 2our turn in the acti#ation or$er: 4ou ill NEVER acti#ate an ene-2 ho i% enae$ ith another heroSo the ene-ie% attac! -e hile 50- $oin -2 action%' an$ then attac! -e aain in the ene-2 .ha%e& an$ $o unloc!ale $a-ae*Wellnot ala2% Ene-ie% Kacti#ateK $urin the ene-2 .ha%e' an$ the2 $o attac!%/ailitie%/a$#ance% a% %hon on the car$ li!e 5n=ict hich i% unloc!ale $a-ae' an$ 2e% it %uc!% Iut %o-eti-e% the -on%ter% $o not attac! on their acti#ation' %uch a% houl%' orc%What $oe% the oun$ %2-ol on the >re2 %.ecial ailit2 re3er to* htt.%F//oar$a-eee!co-/threa$/18?1@?/unofcial:3a)
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