William Bain-The Empirere of Security and Safety of the People (Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Pol) (2006)

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William Bain-The Empirere of Security and Safety of the People (Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Pol) (2006)
  The Empire of Security and theSafety of the People This new volume explores the meaning of security in relation to, and inthe context of, ideas that are fundamental to both international anddomestic political order. William Bain argues that the word ‘security’ is devoid of substantivecontent when divorced from ideas such as sovereignty, war, diplomacy,great power responsibility, self-determination, globalization, culturaldiversity, intervention, and trusteeship. In other words, ‘security’ cannot be made to yield a real core or an intrinsic content because it discloses noessence that awaits discovery. This clear and accessible book draws on animpressive range of history, philosophy, and law to investigate these andother questions:ãHow do norms of sovereignty inform an ethics of international security?ãIs security something that can be achieved through the recognition of identity?ãAre all states, great and small, of equal moral importance?ãDoes the enjoyment of security demand cultural homogeneity?ãIs the body of international law that addresses questions of inter- vention still relevant in a post-11 September world?ãHow might security be understood in light of wars that are fought inorder to kill rather than to win?This book will be of particular interest to those conducting empirical andnormative research on questions of security. It is also an excellent resource for students wanting to develop an understanding of security incontemporary world affairs.  William Bain is a lecturer in International Relations Theory in the Depart-ment of International Politics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK.  Routledge advances in international relations and global politics 1Foreign Policy and Discourse Analysis France, Britain and Europe Henrik Larsen  2Agency, Structure andInternational Politics From ontology to empiricalenquiry  Gil Friedman and Harvey Starr  3The Political Economy of Regional Co-operation in theMiddle East  Ali Carkoglu, Mine Eder and Kemal Kirisci  4Peace Maintenance The evolution of internationalpolitical authority   Jarat Chopra  5International Relations andHistorical Sociology  Breaking down boundaries Stephen Hobden  6Equivalence in ComparativePolitics  Edited by Jan W. van Deth  7The Politics of Central Banks Robert Elgie and Helen Thompson  8Politics and Globalisation Knowledge, ethics and agency  Martin Shaw  9History and InternationalRelations Thomas W. Smith  10Idealism and Realism inInternational Relations Robert M. A. Crawford  11National and InternationalConflicts, 1945–1995 New empirical and theoreticalapproaches  Frank Pfetsch and Christoph Rohloff  12Party Systems and Voter Alignments Revisited  Edited by Lauri Karvonen and Stein Kuhnle  13Ethics, Justice andInternational Relations Constructing an internationalcommunity  Peter Sutch  14Capturing Globalization  Edited by James H. Mittelman and Norani Othman   15Uncertain Europe Building a new Europeansecurity order?  Edited by Martin A. Smith and Graham Timmins  16Power, Postcolonialism andInternational Relations Reading race, gender and class  Edited by Geeta Chowdhry and Sheila Nair  17Constituting Human Rights Global civil society and thesociety of democratic states Mervyn Frost  18US Economic Statecraft forSurvival 1933–1991 Of sanctions, embargoes andeconomic warfare Alan P. Dobson  19The EU and NATOEnlargement  Richard McAllister and Roland Dannreuther  20Spatializing InternationalPolitics  Analysing activism on theinternet   Jayne Rodgers  21Ethnonationalism in theContemporary World  Walker Connor and the study of Nationalism  Edited by Daniele Conversi  22Meaning and InternationalRelations  Edited by Peter Mandaville and Andrew Williams  23Political Loyalty and theNation-State  Edited by Michael Waller and Andrew Linklater  24Russian Foreign Policy and theCIS Theories, debates and actions Nicole J. Jackson  25Asia and Europe Development and different dimensions of ASEM Yeo Lay Hwee  26Global Instability and StrategicCrisis Neville Brown  27Africa in International Politics External involvement on thecontinent   Edited by Ian Taylor and Paul Williams  28Global Governmentality  Governing international spaces  Edited by Wendy Larner and William Walters  29Political Learning andCitizenship Education UnderConflict  The political socialization of Israeli and Palestinian youngsters Orit Ichilov  30Gender and Civil Society  Transcending boundaries  Edited by Jude Howell and  Diane Mulligan 
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