WLE ESR Framework - What does it mean for IWMI?

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Matthew McCartney presented on WLE's ESR Framework and how this unique approach will effect how research for development projects are carried out at the IWMI Annual Research Meeting on Dec. 2, 2014. To learn more, please visit http://wle.cgiar.org/research-programs/ecosystem-services/
  • 1. Photo :David Molden/IWMI WLE-ESR framework: What does it mean for IWMI? Matthew McCartney 02 December A water-secure world www.iwmi.org ARM HQ
  • 2. Why a focus on ES&R? • Humanity is over exploiting the environment • Food production systems are now global A water-secure world www.iwmi.org with attendant benefits and risks – Diversity of farmed crops is declining – Environmental degradation from agriculture is widespread • Planetary boundaries are being approached and in some cases exceeded World production of major crops, 1961-2009 (billion tonnes) Living planet index: 1970- present
  • 3. What are ecosystem services? A water-secure world www.iwmi.org
  • 4. Ecosystem services within landscapes A water-secure world www.iwmi.org
  • 5. Three key points • Ecosystem services are provided not just by naturally pristine ecosystems but also by agricultural “socio-ecosystems”. • Many of these services go unnoticed by officialdom and so are often neglected in formal decision-making A water-secure world www.iwmi.org processes. • Although the need to feed more people is pressing, simply increasing production is not always the answer.
  • 6. Framework for Ecosystem Services and Resilience in Agriculture A water-secure world www.iwmi.org
  • 7. 1. Meeting the needs of poor people is fundamental A water-secure world www.iwmi.org
  • 8. 2. People use, modify, and care for nature which provides material and immaterial benefits to their livelihoods A water-secure world www.iwmi.org
  • 9. 3. Cross-scale and cross-level interactions of ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes can be managed to positively impact development outcomes. A water-secure world www.iwmi.org
  • 10. 4. Governance mechanisms are vital tools for achieving equitable access to and provision of ecosystem services. A water-secure world www.iwmi.org
  • 11. 5. Building resilience is about enhancing the capacity of communities to sustainably develop in an uncertain world. A water-secure world www.iwmi.org Shocks and disturbances Novelty, renewal, innovation
  • 12. What it means for WLE projects • Assessment and planning to identify priority ES, understand their flow and the options, trade-offs and synergies for their management • Valuing ES – who benefits from them and who loses if they A water-secure world www.iwmi.org are degraded. • Evaluating potential and actual impact of different management options on, not only agricultural productivity, but on the suite of connected ES • Continual engagement with decision-makers to encourage and facilitate consideration of ES context and ES-based solutions in the decisions that they make.
  • 13. A water-secure world www.iwmi.org Thank you http://wle.cgiar.org/research-programs/ecosystem-services/
  • 14. A water-secure world www.iwmi.org
  • 15. Entry points for the ESR approach • Improve farming practices to integrate flow of ES to A water-secure world www.iwmi.org and from agriculture • Landscape management for multiple services • Minimizing degradation (waste) of ES • Managing for trade-offs across and between sectors and scales • Managing for increasing variability and shocks • Scaling up farm-level ES-based approaches • Identifying effective governance approaches for creating resilient systems and managing common pool resources All require improved understanding of how to manage the stocks and flows of ES in the landscape.
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