Types of solar panels for the house

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the solar panels are the primary source of the solar equipment which helps in trapping the solar energy. the performance of the solar panels vary. check the types of solar panles in these slides
  • 1. Types Of Solar Panels For The House
  • 2. Solar Power Systems • At present trend, folks are completely aware of renewable energies and they are interested in implementing such things in home. • This action is the beneficial for both the house and to the earth. • Solar is one of the most preferable choice, as they can be trapped and used with ease. • This sun power is utilized by many means like solar water heater, solar cooker, solar charger, etc…
  • 3. Solar Panels • The solar panels are otherwise called as the photovoltaic module, as they function on the photovoltaic effect. • They play a major role in the solar power construction, as they are the source to absorb the sun’s radiation. • These panels are inbuilt in the collectors(http://www.slideshare.net/leeshin12/types-of- collectors-used-in-solar-power-installation) from which the heat is transferred and the result is obtained. • The below slides shows the list of some of the types of solar panels used for the house.
  • 4. Monocrystalline solar panels • This mono crystalline type indicates that the panels are formed from the single silicon where the four sides of each silicon ingots are cut to form the spiral edge. • This is the most efficient type of panel compared to other types. • This type of panel is stronger in nature which can be recognized with its look. • They are durable and perform efficiently even in low light condition.They are very expensive and the cost deserve the performance.
  • 5. Polycrystalline solar panels • On the contrary of monocrystalline type, this type of panel is made of number of silicon which are then melted and formed as silicon wafers. • They do not have round edges, they are arranged in the linear fashion to form the perfect solar panel. • This type of solar panels are least expensive and are implemented in most of the houses. • The efficiency may be low compared to the monocrysrtalline but that doesn’t show big variation in the performance.
  • 6. Thin film solar panels • This panel does not have silicon in it, it is formed by depositing the thin PV cells into the substrate. • This type of solar panels is of many types based on the substrate to be deposited used in the construction like amorphous silicon, Cadmium telluride, Copper indium gallium selenide, Organic photovoltaic cells. • They are inexpensive, flexible for installation with enhancing look.
  • 7. Hybrid Solar Cells • This type of solar panels are used as the combination of mmonocrystalline and the thin film types. • The efficiency of this type of solar panels are even more higher than other types, as they can produce the effect of two types of solar panels. • This also very expensive type of solar panels.
  • 8. • these are the common types of solar panels used for the house hold systems. • Glazerindia (http://glazerindia.com) is one of the solar water heater producers In India. • They provide number of solar water heaters of all types like domestic solar water heater, industrial solar water heater, commercial solar water heater.
  • 9. • https://plus.google.com/b/11226705 4116946693363/ • https://www.facebook.com/Solar- energy-saver-1691155824450388 • http://solarenr.blogspot.com
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