Violet was a strong successful woman that worked very hard all her life Michele Guillemette

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Violet was a strong successful woman that worked very hard all her life Michele Guillemette
  1It was cold crisp December bright winter day, and Violet was doing her daily routine exercise. She was pondering on her three beautiful children and raised them on her own .The family had not beentogether in decades .Violet was a strong successful woman that worked ery hard all her life. .!othing was eer gien to Violet with a siler platter and a siler spoon .Violet had a slim build with big brown eyes ,and her hair was "et black .#er skin is milky white .She had lead a ery healthy lifestyle Violet was a ery independent woman .She had many friends that she adised .Violet had her kids ery young so once they left the nest she was free to do what she wanted .The kids were named $oretta ,$ily ,and $arry .The kids had gone in all direction across %anada .Violet chose to stay in a small mining town in !orthern &ntario .It was known as a gold mine town .Violet decided to go back to school and became a addictions counsellor .She succeeded in getting her degree and was 'uite proud .She became an example to her community .(lthough Violet was healthy she neer belieed in western medicine .She had seen the doctor. )or a random check*up.+our blood pressure is high, doc said.Violet neer gae it much thought she was a addictions counsellor and had a lot of stress on her plate .She had to counsel men and women, and had to help them with their addictions .She had to lead by example now .The community looked up to her .Violet neer gae it another thought .She was finally making enough money to afford a trip to &- that she always dreamed of. .She was not a religious person .She belieed in a more uniersal belief .She always thought the moon and the stars were here long before any religion.ome was the capital of Italy and It was classified as one of the most ancient cities in the world some of the most beautiful palaces and ome was known for some of the most historical authentic /asilica in that country #er dark eyes was mesmeri0ed by the beauty of the sightings she had seen She could smell from a distance away the scent of beautiful flowers ,and as she "aunted down the intricate interlocking cement sidewalk She noticed a huge monument of Saint*aul .and there was one of the most beautiful extraordinary ancient /asilica in the city of ome  2#ow I cannot explore this historical basilica, she saidShe was hoping the church doors would be open .(s she reached the gold plated handles the doors 'uietly opened .It seemed like an eternity but she walked down the aisle .#uge sturdy shiny wooden pews filled the church and against the wall the sun reflected through the colorful stained glass windows She was walking towards where the priest would read his sermon (s she seen the sanctuary lamp she decided to light three red candle and each one representing reuniting and unity and loe .ach one representing one of the three precious angels she created. .34e will reunite again3 she wished.She felt ery accomplished and proud of her actions in ome, Italy, and carried on with her daily affairs. &ne sunny day she called her middle daughter $ily and she expressed she was coming on a "et plane to -ontreal .The whole family would reunite for the first time in twenty years .eryone would synchroni0e a chosen date 5uly 12 seemed like a warm time of the year .Violet was so smittenand tears of "oy strolled down her flawless face when she finally made a decision to fly and meet with her children. The plane landed on a beautiful sunny day .(ll three kids were anxiously awaiting their mother. (s mother was coming down the escalator tears of "oy strolled down $ily face. $ily was the middle child sort of classified as the more perceptie and obserant child. $ily mom always had a soft spot for her...6oodness mother has aged, $ily thought. (s the children surrounded their mother and hugged and kissed her welcoming to -ontreal %ity. (sh788 -other was still so dainty although mother had aged but $ily could still see the young woman in her but there was something that was not sitting well with $ily. .3#ow life is short 9$ily thought.  :That whole week the family had gone to different eents and outings , and picnics caroused to some of the biggest scenic areas in the city of -ontreal .$ily noticed her mother had continuous cough and was low in energy as she was walking. $ily mentioned to her siblings but eeryone  "ustified it was the humid -ontreal air.It is her allergies, $arry said. $ily pleaded with her mother to go and get a physical. $ily was a nurse andhad finally coninced her mother to go and get checked at a hospital.Violet had flown back to her home town in northern &ntario feeling ery content that she had seen all her children together .It was a dismal day and Violet and her friend Dorcas was on their way to the city hospital as she promised $ily. (n x ray was ordered and Violet was astounded to hear the results .#ow would a mother explain to her children that she had cancer .The x ray of her chest diagnosed that she had nodes in her chest .( %T scan was ordered and the cancer had spread to her kidneys and lier..3-y kids3 she said .To her friend. 3#onesty is the best policy3Dorcas said. .Violet took a few hours to digest the trauma to her mind, body and soul .3 I am going to die3she though.t.I do not want to be a burden to my children .I am a strong woman, and I will be weak and die. I must call $ily, she said  ;$ily was feeding her dog and the phone rang , and it was her mother telling her the news that her health had deteriorated. Time would tell what the next step would be for her mother treatment .$ily remembered being paralysed in fear .$ily thought nothing is permanent.Its true3 do not form attachments< 9her mother had told her.3!othing is foreer 9she remembered her mother saying.Violet was not feeling ery well after telling the news to all her kid<s .Violet had not been taking her blood pressure pills .The doctor 34as it my marriage 3Violet thought.She was so angry .She neer had a father for her children .She felt so guilty .Did all of this animosity manifest into illness in my body .Time passed .It had been two weeks , and $ily was taking time off of work for compassionate leae. Dorcas had informed her that her mother had takena turn for the worse. 4hat appeared to be a routine check*up turned out that her mother was hospitali0ed= The cancer had spread all through her body and her brain and lier .The cancer had beaten her strong beautiful mother .The pick of morphine was in place when $ily got to the hospital bed to keep her mother comfortable .-other laid there with the sunlight beaming on her warm her flawless face.3$ily , Is that you= 3mother said.3+es mother 3, $ily said (lways remember lie your life to the fullest and be happy!eer compromise your happiness for no one. (lways remember no one will eer create your happiness.+ou may hae support but at the end the only person you can depend on is oneself.  >It took all of Violet energy to tell her daughter these powerful words of wisdomViolet closed her eyes and held $ily hand , and took her last breath .$ily will neer forget her mother words of wisdom. The morale of the story is life is a challenge. &ne the things you cannot buy is your health .Try to be present and mindful and lie in the moment ./e grateful for what you hae andtry not to form attachments because nothing is eer permanent in life.
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