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Virtual Tours Of Historic U.S. Places. Places to see. Plymouth. Philadelphia. Historic Boston. Jamestown. Mount Vernon. Washington D.C. Colonial Williamsburg. Monticello. Our Reflections. Our Reflections. Each group selected a site that we thought was the most interesting to us.
Virtual Tours Of HistoricU.S. Places Places to seePlymouthPhiladelphia Historic BostonJamestownMount VernonWashington D.C.Colonial WilliamsburgMonticelloOur ReflectionsOur Reflections
  • Each group selected a site that we thought was the most interesting to us.
  • We liked picking our own groups to work with this time.
  • We really enjoyed the virtual tours. They made us feel like we were really there.
  • We could have added more details/facts on some of the slides.
  • More Reflections
  • Some of us spent too much time playing with the virtual tour instead of working.
  • Some of us learned that working with friends is not too good. We did not get as good of a grade because we played around too much.
  • We thought it was difficult to talk about our work in front of our parents. We need more practice talking in public.
  • We liked the virtual tour of George Washington the best because we want to go there. We wondered… “How many Patriots or colonists lived in homes like Mount Vernon?”
  • Mount VernonBy: Yesenia and CrystalPlaces To SeeInformationPicturesWebsiteMainMenuFront View of pics/gbltbaltphilly020308/Back of habala/travpics.htmMount Vernon
  • Mount Vernon was built in the 1730’s by George Washington’s father.
  • It has 21 rooms. It is 9,000 square feet, including the back porch.
  • In 1799, George Washington had 340 people living with him.
  • District_of_Columbia/Mount Vernon George Washington was our first president (as we all know). He used to live on a plantation called Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon is in Virginia. hmuseum/rees.htmColonial WilliamsburgBrian, Rene, MichelleWhere would you like to go?SlaveryOur Little Colonial HouseThe BassetHallMainMenuVirtualTourOur Little Colonial House
  • John D. Rockefeller was the son of the richest man in America. This house was famous because his wife, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller owned it.
  • http://www.history. orgThe Bassett Hall
  • This building was built between 1753 and1766 by Philip Johnson. Later it was bought by Burwell Basset. It became Rockefeller’s house in 1936. It was then opened to the public.
  • Williamsburg had slaves. They worked for the people that were rich. Some farmers had slaves CAS/US_History/sem2.htmlHistoric BostonBy:IsabelAshleyKassandraOld see_it_now/1770.0071.htmlBoston’s ButtonsSalemInformationAboutBostonMainMenuTheOldStateHousePaul RevereBoston Massacre BostonTeaParty Salem Witch Trial Website About Historic Boston
  • Boston was ruled by the King of England in 1773.
  • Boston is located in Massachusetts which was a New England colony.
  • Massachusetts was the sixth state to join the Union.
  • Boston was where the “angry” people were during the American Revolution.
  • Boston Massacre
  • The Boston Massacre started in 1770 in Boston. It happened in front of the Old State House. The “massacre” started because the villagers were angry at the king for putting taxes on tea. Then they became angrier because the king sent soldiers to control them. The people were mean to the soldiers and that got the soldiers mad. The soldiers started shooting and killed five people.
  • RevoWar/rev_war_1.htmThis building was built in 1713 and was where the colonial and the state government met. The Declaration of Independence was first read on the east balcony in Boston. Also, the Boston Massacre happened in front of this building.The Old State House 1770, a patriot named Paul Revere bought a house in Boston. He was most famous for warning the Patriots that the British were coming during the American Revolution. He also helped during the Boston Tea Party. His house was built in 1680 and is the oldest building still standing.Paul Revere’ s House
  • Boston Tea Party
  • The Boston Tea Party started in 1773 because the king was taxing the tea. So, one night the people dressed up as Native Americans, got on a boat in the harbor and dumped a lot of tea into the water.
  • HarborNews.htmAerial view of Boston HarborSalem was a little town outside Boston. It was famous because its people believed in witchcraft. In Salem, 20 people were killed because they were found guilty of using witchcraft. In 1629 the trials were banned. ftrials/salem/SALEM.HTMHistory of JamestownBy: Emilio, Luis .G, DanielJamestownJamestown AdventureVirtual tourThe ColonistsTheir LeaderInformationMainMenuThe Colonists Of Jamestown
  • The people who decided to join this colony faced harsh times. The colony was dying. Many got diseases from the water and the insects. Not many people wanted to work and the whole colony almost died out.
  • Jamestown
  • Jamestown was a colony in 1607-1620. The colony was built on a marshy area in Virginia. The area was diseased with dirty water. The land was not good for planting. The people built a fort with a cannon at each corner. While the people worked at the fort some groups went out to find gold but they only found pyrite [fool’s gold]. The Indians were a another problem. Later they found that tobacco was very good crop and traded with the Indians.
  • Fort
  • Here is a model of what Jamestown looked like. The colonists built a triangular fort. It protected the colonists from the Algonquin Indians.
  • John Smith
  • This was Jamestown’s leader, John Smith. In December 1607, he was captured by Indians. Powhatan, the tribe leader, ordered a trial or a ritual but Pocahontas, an Indian princess, saved his life. In 1609, he was injured by a gunpowder burn and had to go back to England for medication.
  • William,Emmanuel,Gabriel Cool Places To SeeWebsiteIndependenceHallLibertyBellNational ConstitutionCenterMainMenuLiberty Bell
  • aboutus/firsts.htm
  • Every year almost 1.6million people visit theLiberty Bell. The LibertyBell weighs 2,080 pounds.The Liberty Bell is locatedat Liberty Bell Pavilion onMarket Street. It was rung on July 8, 1776, for the first public reading ofthe Declaration ofIndependence.“Independence Hall”The Constitutional Convention began on May 1787 at the Independence Hall. They decided what our government would be like. They divided it into three branches: the Legislative, the Executive and Judicial Branches. Constitution CenterOne of the original copies of the Constitution is on display here for the public to see. Vicente and Jose M.Cool Stuff About MonticelloMonticelloThomasJeffersonLewisAndClarkVirtualtourMainMenuMonticelloMonticello was built in 1768 in Charleston, Virginia. It was owned by Thomas Jefferson from 1768 to 1782. Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He also wrote the Declaration of Independence. He asked Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory that he had just bought for the U.S.
  • Lewis and Clark
  • Thomas Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the Louisiana Purchase. They began exploring near St. Louis, in May 1804 and returned in September 1806. They traveled 8,000 miles.
  • hotopics/lewis-clark/PlymouthBy:KristenJose C.JosephAreas ofPlymouthPilgrimsMayflowerVirtual TourPlymouthChurchSquantoMainMenuThe Mayflower was the ship that was used by the Pilgrims to sail to the New World. The Pilgrims couldn’t cook on the ship.When they landed, they met an Indian named Squanto, who surprised them by speaking English.Mayflower The Pilgrims went to the New World seeking religious freedom. They settled in Plymouth. When they were trying to find land they had to walk during the harsh winter. courses/reformation/ Squanto Squanto was an Indian who spoke English. He taught the colonists how to improve their crops by using fish fertilizer. Church Plymouth Church
  • The Plymouth Church was build under ground. In 1849 the church was destroyed by fire. It was used to help in the fight against slavery.
  • Washington D.C. Made by Luis A. and StevenPLACES TO SEE IN WASHINGTON D.C.Famous PlacesCollageWhite HouseMainMenuVirtual TourCapitol Building Famous Places of Washington D.C.Pictured is the Nation’s capitol, the Supreme Court, Washington’s Monument and the portfolio/photoshop.htmlU.S. Capitol The U.S. Capitol is where the Senators and the Representatives work. It was burned by the British in 1814 and had to be repaired.
  • http://
  • washingtondc.cfmWhite HouseThe White House is in Washington D.C. This is where the president lives. The White House was built in the year Cppe/images
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