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voopIX. Building the Educational VoIP Cloud in Croatia Branko Radojević , M.Sc . Deputy CEO September 20 1 4 . (v 2. 4 2 ). CARNet – Who we are & what we do?. Public Institution funded from National Budget NREN – National Research and Education Network
voopIXBuilding the Educational VoIPCloud in CroatiaBrankoRadojević, M.Sc.Deputy CEOSeptember 2014.(v 2.42)CARNet – Who we are & what we do?
  • Public Institution funded from National Budget
  • NREN – National ResearchandEducationNetwork
  • Over 20 years ISP for Educational Institutions in Croatia
  • (schools, universities, research institutes, ministry, agencies,
  • public hospitals, etc.) – 3000 locations in Croatia
  • Since 2004 adding more and more services for our members:
  • (National EducationalAA infrastructure, CMS for schools, LMS for schools,
  • National e-learning portal, National portal for schools, Content
  • filtering for schools, (many,many more), and voopIX )
  • All our services are free for our member institutions
  • CARNet – voopIX goals
  • To interconnect all our member institutions (3000 locations) to a single VoIP cloud and to provide to them:
  • Free telephony service between institutions
  • Interconnect different locations of the same institution
  • Let them use legacy PBXs with our system
  • Provide advanced telephony possibilities available only in VoIP PBXs
  • Provide free international calls to certain destinations for free
  • Open their eyes and let them discard legacy PBXs and move to VoIP
  • How we arrived to this idea?voopIX - Evolution
  • It all started at the University of Dubrovnik in 2004.
  • TelcoProprietary phones1x ISDN PRILegacy PBX1x ISDN PRIvoopIX – Evolution (cont’d)
  • In a matter of no time ...
  • Telco DUNDivoopIX – Next StepIn 2005 I’ve got married, moved to Zagreb and changed my employer to the current one .voopIX – Next Step (cont’d)
  • CARNet – my new employer already has ordered newVoIP PBX (normal PBX functionality + Call Center), but it’s a Cisco Call Manager
  • When it arrived, it took just few days to add an Asterisk to CCM (connected with SIP trunk), and to bring up DUNDi cloud and interconnect it with the Asterisks at theUniversityof Dubrovnik
  • It proved to be reliable solution, so why don’t expand it?
  • voopIX was born
  • voopIX – Building the core
  • We started to buildvoopIX core, based onfive servers runningAsterisk positionedin five of our largestPOPs
  • Connections shown are logical DUNDI peeringconnections
  • No clustering at this time
  • ZGOSRISTDUvoopIX – Legacy PBXs
  • Our members don’t want to throw away their working PBXs. Some of them were purchased recently 
  • We had to find a way to transparently connect them to our system.
  • Obviously, we are talking about hundreds of different combinations of PBXs, software, cards, setups, etc.
  • Telco connection is also non-unified: from R2/MFC, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI and some SIP trunks (recently).
  • We had to put our box between PBX and the Telco connection in order to intercept calls. Our solution should be reliable.
  • voopIX – Appliance (large)
  • Custom designed in CARNet
  • Runs Linux (debianlenny) + Asterisk
  • 2x or 4x ISDN PRI voice card installed
  • No hard drives
  • It has custom madefailover switch thatcan bypass the cardand connect backPBX directly to Telco.
  • PBX TelcoInterconnecting voopIX and PBXCARNetvoopIXvoopIX app.Telekom operatorOld phonesLegacy PBXBASICInterconnecting voopIX and PBX (2)CARNetvoopIXvoopIX app.Telekom operatorOld phonesLegacy PBXBASICHYBRIDInterconnecting voopIX and PBX(3)CARNetvoopIX//voopIX app.Telekom operatorOld phonesLegacy PBXBASICHYBRIDADVANCEDvoopIX - Appliance (cont’s)voopIX - Appliance (cont’s)FAILOVER SWITCHVOICE CARDNETWORKvoopIX – Appliance (small)
  • Commerciallyavailable
  • Runs Linux + Asterisk
  • 1x FXS portinstalled
  • 2 module slotsavailable for line cards:
  • 4x FXO, 4xFXS, 2xBRI, 2xGSM
  • No hard drives, USB and SD Cardreaderincluded
  • It has failover switch thatcan bypass two FXO and FXSportsdirectly to Telco.
  • voopIX – Callflows (availablenumber)DUNDivoopIX context IAX2LookupAVAILABLETelcoISDN NetworkISDN PRIISDN PRICALLLegacy PBXCDR (RADIUS)/LOGServervoopIX – Callflows (unavailablenumber)DUNDivoopIX contextNOT AVAILLookupTelcoISDN NetworkISDN PRIISDN PRICALLCALLLegacy PBXCDR (RADIUS)/LOGServervoopIX - Today1
  • Around 110locations (our first target were the institutions with larger phone installations and those considered most interestingones)
  • We expect to double thenumber until the end of2014.
  • 151124217111911106Problems we encountered - AOC
  • AOC = Advice Of Charge (D-During, E-End)
  • Telco ISDN NetworkAOC-DISDN PRICALLAOC-ELegacy PBXProblems we encountered – AOC (cont’d)
  • AOC = Advice Of Charge (D-During, E-End)
  • Telco ISDN NetworkAOC-DAOC-DISDN PRIISDN PRICALLCALLAOC-EAOC-ELegacy PBXAsterisk Implementation Overview(Technical Details)Node becomes availableTelcoISDN NetworkZG[iax-pbx-reg]exten=> _38551400[5-7]XXOSRIIAX2 peering +registrationDUNDivoopIX contextISDN PRI_38551400[5-7]XXSTLegacy PBXNumbers: (51)-400-500 to 400-799DUNode becomes unavailableTelcoISDN NetworkZG[iax-pbx-reg]exten=> _38551400[5-7]XXOSRIIAX2 peering +registrationRIPDUNDivoopIX contextISDN PRI_38551400[5-7]XXSTNAGIOSServerLegacy PBXNumbers: (51)-400-500 to 400-799DUInterconnection with TERENA NRENUM.netNRENUM.net
  • Since the two systems (ENUM and DUNDi) are incompatible, we had to build gateway service
  • Outgoing calls are easy to implement, since Asterisk has built-in ENUM support that we are using
  • Publishing our numbers to NRENUM tree were more difficult, since our system is highly dynamical, and DNS zones are more statical
  • We built on top of PowerDNS software that has ability to query not only its internal database, but also invoke script for subqueries. So, for every query that we receive through ENUM, we do subquery in DUNDi and return results.
  • AdvancedTelephonyFunctionalityprovidedbyvoopIXSkype to PBX
  • We allow calls from Skype to any number in our system
  • Often used to place calls directly from web pages
  • Users traveling around the World
  • We provide the possibility for user traveling around the World to use softphones which allows them to become extensions on their PBX
  • It is also useful to someone working from home
  • ZoIPer is a popular (and free) softphone which is beside having SIP protocol also provides IAX2 which has much lessproblems traversing NATs
  • Now available for Windows, MacOS, iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows Phone
  • CentralizedServices(logging, monitoring, configuration, …)Centralized Services
  • Generally, we tend to use Open Source software:
  • Logging: Syslog NG
  • Fault Monitoring: Nagios
  • Graphs + Performance Monitoring: Munin
  • Accounting: FreeRADIUS + mySQL
  • Configuration+UserMgmt.+ … : Puppet
  • voopIX Future ?voopIX – Future?
  • Scalability problem - not yet seen, but may become an issue
  • Web portal for members (billing, some setup, etc.)
  • Solution for smaller institutions (Schools on small islands)
  • Shown interest from other public/government institutions
  • Try to animate institutions in other countries to start up similar project and to peer with us - we’re ready to help
  • Add more advanced functions to our system
  • OpenPlatformOpenPlatform
  • The idea here is to be able to create VoIP infrastructure on the Open Platform, which doesn’t rely on a single vendor, single technology or a proprietary solution
  • At any time, if there is a technology or protocol that shows up to be superior to currently used, we can move to them without investing in new equipment or paying additional licenses
  • By using central configuration, we can switch hundreds of appliances to new system in a matter of hours
  • Thank you for your time !voopix@carnet.hrAll questions and suggestions are more then welcome.
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