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1. Robyn Gibson 2.  Colour Scheme Designer is a online colour scheme designer which helps you to pick specific colours that go well. As I was creating a modern rock…
  • 1. Robyn Gibson
  • 2.  Colour Scheme Designer is a online colour scheme designer which helps you to pick specific colours that go well. As I was creating a modern rock magazine, I wanted colours that where quite vibrant but would also have connotations of grunge and rebellion. Whilst researching for my music magazine. I came to the conclusion that very bright vibrant colours such as red and yellow worked very well with contrasting colours Colour Connotations such as white and black.• White – lightness, has positive connotations as apposed to the colour black. Contrasts well with black• Blue- Strong, importance, calmness and relaxation• Yellow – caution, danger contrasts well with black and is often I created a colour scheme collage to see what colours would fit nicely together associated with energy. and as you can see vibrant colours work well with contrasting colours.• Red- power, danger, determination, rebellion and passion Here at the final colours I• Black- denotes strength, authority, decided to use when making my darkness and grunge. music magazine.
  • 3. Dafont is an online font website where artists can allow other users to use their fonts. I found Dafont useful when creating my magazine as it allowed me to research different fonts that would fit well on my music magazine. As you can see, when researching I came up with several name ideas and decided which font would suit the name best.After looking using different fonts ideas on Within my magazine, I also used other fonts tomy front cover I came to the conclusion this help create a house style and used differentfont named Broken was my most favourite techniques to portray my chosen genre.as it gave connotations of destruction andwas similar to another popular rockmagazines such as Kerrang!
  • 4.  Prezi is an website online allowing users to create and share their ideas with the use of an animated 3D presentation. With the use of different templates, the user can adapt and create a presentation suited to them. As it is also animated users The first Prezi, I made was when I was researching what made my chosen genre modern rock. I found music, clothing, top music charts, images and other various things that connoted and demonstrated modern rock music. This helped me to really understand what the modern rock genre was about and helped me to develop my magazine with the use of these combined ideas. After researching modern rock music, I made another Prezi Presentation that helped me make clear ideas of what I wanted to call my music magazine. This was really useful as it helped me to structure what I wanted to call my music magazine and why I wanted to call it this.
  • 5.  Go! Animate is a website allowing users to make short animated videos with short speech. It allows users to add music, characters and scenarios to display information. When making my music magazine, I created a go animate to help me gain some audience feedback about my music magazine. With the use of this I was able to understand what my target audience really liked and disliked about my magazine. This helped me develop my music magazine better and find out what was really conventional of a modern rock music magazine.
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